Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The Summer of the Car(Windshield More Specifically)

This Summer is turning out to be all about the Cars here at Chez Sluggy.

Since May we've spent $1,153.01 on car repair and maintenance.
May-new tires, belts, tune-up and oil change on Hubs car.
June-windshield repair, new windshield on Hub's car.  Mystery problem on College Boy's car.
July-another windshield repair on Hub's car.
Can I say Ugh here?

The one that irks me the most is the windshield issues.

While passing through Pascagoula MS on our Louisiana road trip in May on I-10 a truck through up a rock(pebble sized)that hit our windshield and put a nice hole into it near the driver's side edge.

When we returned to PA Hubs went and had the glass place fix it but they thought it just needed filling.
We have $100 deductible for glass replacement on the cars so we paid $79.50 OOP for that repair.
Two weeks later we get into the car to take Hubs to his favorite brewpub during Father's Day weekend.
I mentioned that it looked like the crack had gotten a bit bigger.....maybe 1/2 and inch on one of the lines emanating from the hole that was filled.
Hubs said I was hallucinationg.

So we go to the brewpub and when we went out to the car 2 hours later the crack, that Hubs said was NOT betting worse/longer, is now snaking halfway across the windshield........

I know it's difficult to see in this photo under those fluffy cloud reflections but it is there nonetheless.

So Hubs takes it back to the glass place and we pay another $25 to get the windshield replaced this time.  Same "repair event" so they only charge us the difference between what we paid for the fill and the balance of our deductible......except they charged us $25 instead off the actual difference which was $20.50.

The windshield replacement was on June 22nd.
Not even two weeks later Hubs is going down the mountain to get to the Interstate here to go to work on July 5th and another pebble hits his windshield and puts a hole into it.

So as of this past Monday we have another filled hole and we are out another $79.50.
And don't even mention that he should have bought a kit and fixed it himself.
I mentioned that both times the glass company were just going to fill the hole and he REFUSES to even consider doing it.
Can't live with them,
Can't kill them.

CB's car is going to be the death of me.  It keeps throwing Check Engine codes.  The dealership had the car last month for almost a week running diagnostics on it and driving it around and pulling things apart and putting them back together.  After a bill of $551+ they still can't figure it out!  They even called Corporate or whatever.  This car is now famous(or should that be infamous?)at this dealership.  They "think" it's a bad oxygen sensor.  I told Hubs if he takes it back in there will be no more extended "look see"by the dealership, just replace the sensor and we are DONE!  I am not putting that kind of money into this POS car again only to have no solution or fix to the problem.

It kills me that Hubs is so eager to throw money at a car problem(because he knows nothing about them when it makes no sense to dump good money after bad.

Have I ever said how much I detest cars and the $ they suck out of my wallet?



  1. I think I would have to just go get a repair kit and repair it myself! It makes me so mad when a car shop keeps my tied up while they look. Just put in what you think it is, which it usually is. Hopefully, all the car stuff will settle down. The way to assure no more windshield damage is to got get the glass repair kit and keep it around the house.

  2. We have spent a fortune on car issues this spring too. What is the DEAL???!!! I just hope they stay calm until 2018.

  3. $10-$15 cost to fill it yourself. Belinda on Frugal worksop did just that, at my recommendation.

    1. Like I said, Hubs refuses to consider the fill it yourself kits. Believe me, I tried to persuade him.

  4. It could be worse. My hubs regularly fixes things he has no business fixing, and then we are out the cost of what he put in the repairs, I have to listen to the bitching, and then we have the real repair expenses. when he does have DIY success, I never stop hearing how much he saved the family.

  5. We are trying to sell one of our vehicles - sitting unused makes no sense to keep paying upkeep and insurance on it. The rock chip thing would drive me crazy too. In Alberta we could exclude the front windshield and self-insure so we babied our windshields for years even with a small crack. Here in BC you can't do that - they make you claim for the smallest thing. Seems kind of wasteful. Just about got another rock in the windshield on the weekend although in the end it pinged off the side - damn big trucks

  6. Ugh. Car problems are so frustrating and can be so expensive. I feel your pain. :(

  7. Hubby drove my 10 year old car the other day and proclaimed that he doesn't think it's going to last much longer. He hears some kind of clicking in the transmission. Oh great.

  8. Yes, you can kill them.;p
    I hate when it becomes the year of the car. Never a fun road.

  9. We do not replace windshields unless they are cracked across our line of vision. We get so many rock chips driving the mountain roads. We just fill (which is free) and then wait. As for check engine lights they should be removed as soon as you purchase the car:)

  10. My own college boy repaired my last windshield chip and it has been over a year. Try that for the next one!


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