Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Cracker Deal at Weis

There is a good deal this week at Weis(PMITA)Markets on Nabisco crackers thanks to a coupon and a Checkout 51 rebate.

Weis has various Nabisco crackers and cookies on sale for 3 for $6(Must buy in multiples of 3).

Pair that sale price with a Buy Two/Get One Free coupon for some of these varieties of Nabisco products at SmartSource dotcom.  Print 2 coupons and buy 6 boxes.
*Pay attention because some of the varieties on sale for $2 aren't valid for the B2G1Free coupon though.

And then apply for a Checkout 51 Rebate of $2.50 off when you buy 2 Nabisco products(no size specified).  Apply for 3 of these rebates(there is a limit of 5 rebates)to earn $7.50 back.

Here's what the deal looks like.....

Buy 6 boxes of crackers and/or cookies=$12.00
Use 2 B2G1Free Coupons $12-$4=$8.00
Upload your receipt and claim 3 Checkout 51 Rebates for $7.50

6 boxes of crackers/cookies after sale/coupon/rebates will cost you .50¢ OOP.

And that's what I did........

Only the cashier put the regular price of the crackers on the coupons, so she took $3.69 off for each coupon instead of the sale price of $2.00.
This meant after all is said and done Weis(PMITA)Markets actually paid me $2.88 to bring 6 boxes of crackers home.
Go me. 8-)))

This sale at Weis ends on Wednesday so you have 1+ day to get there and do it.



  1. Go you! The Nabisco "Hint of Salt" Wheat Thins are my favorite. Besides being low in sodium, they are delicious.

  2. Hey PP, I was going to say go you! ;p
    Are you having luck with Checkout 51? I have thought about doing it but it is just another thing to try and work a deal at. Everything is so complicated!

  3. No deals like that here, at least none I know of. You are the queen of deals!


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