Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Happenings at Chez Sluggy the Last Month or So

A few not-so boring things happened around here the last month or so.
Grab a cold one and have a sit-down, this may take awhile. ;-)

* Let's start with some crime drama stuff.  At the end of June the Daughter and the BF came into the house after being out shopping or something and said there were two police cars with lights flashing in our cul-de-sac, having pulled over two people in a car.
So we went out to the front porch to "observe" know, in case the cops decided to pull some tazer shenanigans or something.
Seems some of our neighbors on the cul de sac also wanted to watch from their porches. ;-)

From what we could hear and see from the porch the car got pulled over for a moving vehicle violation.  The woman driver appeared intoxicated so they did a field sobriety test on her.  While that was being done the other officer saw drug paraphernalia in the car.  At that point they cuffed her and put her into the back of one of the police cars.  They then took the male passenger out and sobriety checked him while the cuffed driver kept screaming from the cruiser, "Stop lying!  Tell them it's your shit!!".
Evidently the passenger was not going to fess up to being the owner of the "shit".
After cuffing the passenger and lots of yadda yadda between the cops and driver, the tow truck arrived to haul the car away and the police took the two to booking(I am assuming.).

Darn it!  I had my camera ready but there was to be no disturbing video to go viral on FB.
This sort of thing has never happened in our neighborhood.  I hope this isn't a portent of things to come around here.

I have been perusing the local newspaper's police blotter and nothing ever showed up on this arrest. But let me tell you, if you need a good laugh, go look at your local paper's crime blotter.  Some of the things people do and get into trouble for are pretty weird and/or stupid.  It's a good thing many of the criminal element in this country are not too bright.....lolz

* Daughter and I decided one day to use one of my restaurant gift cards to go to lunch at Longhorn Steakhouse.
We ordered an appetizer of Fried Green Tomatoes to share.
The photo from their website........

"Hand breaded and topped with goat cheese and red chili ranch."

Here is what we were served..........

Even before I cut into them you could see through the breading that these were RED TOMATOES!
Ok, to be fair 1 of the 5 slices were from a green tomato......

We called the waitress over and told her this dish was not correct and to send it back.  When I explained that the tomatoes were red not green she tried to give me a line about how cooking the tomatoes makes them turn red.

That's total bullshit as anybody with half a brain knows, even a Yankee up here in PA.

If you have an idiot prepping in your kitchen or you don't have enough green tomatoes just take that dish off the menu.....geez!

The "chef" came out to apologize and offer to remake the dish but I declined.

Then our steaks arrived..........

You can tell from the scale of the knife behind it that I got a micro-steak.  No way that baby was 6 oz unless it was some super dense beef.
But the bigger problem is the broccoli behind the knife.
It was RAW!
The kitchen help had at the most dunked my broccoli into boiling water for 10 seconds(but I am guessing it was even less than that).
Totally raw and crunchy.

The waitress was taking orders at a large talk of Senior Citizens next to us.
I may have proclaimed in a rather loud voice, "What the F**k!  My Broccoli is raw!!!"
Though the elderly guests next to us didn't hear me(8 of them were wearing hearing aids)the waitress sure did.
She gave me a look that said, "I hear you and I can't believe the kitchen screwed up again.".
A few minutes later the chef brought me out some cooked broccoli(which was still on the crunchy side but at least you could tell it had seen some cooking action)with another apology and a card good for a free appetizer on our next visit.
Yah, I don't think there will be a next visit as we have another steak place here that doesn't screw up the basics.

* Daughter has a new job.  She got hired the same day she applied at her first job she got here working at a franchised sub shop.  The pay was crap but it was convenient and something she could do in her sleep basically.
But the manager there was a disaster.  I believe she was just a worker and the manager left so they made her the manager without any experience, training or the skill set for the position.  The owner has 2 other stores south of here and this shop for some reason can't keep employees so they are constantly having assistant managers from those store come to the local one here to cover shifts.  These employees aren't happy with the arrangement(having to drive 1 hour+ one way), the manager can't manage and employees keep leaving.
As my Daughter described it, "It's a Shit Storm.".
Procedures aren't followed, other employees talk trash and ignore customers and refuse to clean the dining area and lots of other problems but here is the kicker.......

Twice in the span of a week she reported to work on time(and she is ALWAYS on time)and there was no manager there to open the door.  She sat in her car for half an hour the first time it happened waiting to clock in and work.
The second time it happened she was in her car(had waited 15 minutes at this point)and saw the substitute manager go into the store.  When Daughter went up to the door and banged on it to be let in nobody came.  She banged on the door for 10 minutes and the manager never opened the door.

So she got in her car and came home.
6 hours or so later she gets a text asking if she is coming to work today, to which she said, "I came to work.  Nobody let me in so I left.  My shift ends in 1 hour and I am not driving all the way back for that."

What followed was lots of texting between Daughter, substitute manager-of-the-day and her boss(who was on vacation)for the rest of the day.
The owner's wive got involved texting Daughter to call her but neglected to provide a phone number so she couldn't call her.
Daughter texted the boss to ask for owner's wife's cell number and her boss ignored her request and started talking crap to her.
The boss texted her 5 days later before Daughter's next shift asking if she was coming in to work.
They weren't going to fire her for "not coming in" that day they wouldn't open the door but write her up instead.
Daughter said no, this store is a disaster and I won't be returning.
She had already gone out and gotten another job at that point that paid $2 more an hour.

I guess we taught her well to find a new position before you quit the shit storm job. 8-)
She is now a line cook at Cracker Barrel.  A company with some organization and they seem to know what they are doing.  Daughter is happy as a clam there.

* Our July 4th cook-out went well.  Just us and the brother in-law and nephew.  Basic cook-out foods....burgers, dogs, macaroni salad, corn on the cob and an apple pie.

* I smoked those 3 small pork roasts I got on a Buy 1/Get 2 Free Deal the day before the cook-out....

I smoked them 6 hours and threw them into the fridge to rest until later that week.  I finished cooking them off in the crockpot, adding a homemade sauce near the end.  That was some good bbq that we ate off of for 3 days.
I'll probably smoke another bigger pork shoulder in August.

* We took advantage of having Daughter's BF here earlier this month.  We finally bought a new ceiling fan/light and had BF help Hubs install it a couple of weeks ago.....well, really BF installed it and Hubs held the ladder and such.


After a mere 5 months I finally have light over the kitchen table again.
Now we need to change the other kitchen light to match this one. lolz

* While Daughter and I were in Virginia last week I noticed I was developing a sore on my breast.  By Sunday it had turned into an abscess.  Three days of hot compresses didn't help(and it was getting red and hot and spreading)so I was off to the doctor.
When I called to make the appointment the person on the phone asked what the problem was, ti which I replied, "It's an abscess on my left breast.".
She responded, "So it's a lump?".

Did she think I couldn't tell the difference between a lump and an abscess?
Lump hard......abscess soft.
I almost responded to that comment with, "It's not a Tumor", done in my best Arnold Schwarzenegger voice. ;-)

As suspected it was a full blown abscess and needed to be drained.  This is something that can happen if you have HS though I've never gotten one there before.
My boob got cut open, drained and packed.  Luckily for you my camera is dead so you don't get to see any gory photos.
It hurts like a son of a bitch but I have nice painkillers for a few days while this thing heals. ;-)
And hopefully it wouldn't keep us from going to Maine soon.

I guess that's about all the highlights from here.  I'll blog about the trip to Virginia at another time.
I need to go take an antibiotic now with a pain pill chaser.



  1. So glad your daughter left the shit storm job. Too many of these fast food places have managers and assistant managers that don't know what they're doing. It's really sad. employees need to be treated with dignity, especially the ones that are paid crap.

  2. Glad the abscess is gone and hope you get to feeling bettr soon.

    How terrible for your daughter at the sub shop. Just for fun, she should have billed them for her gas to get there when they wouldn't open the door for her. hehehe ;)

  3. "Lump hard......abscess soft."-Damn woman, I laughed hard at your misery. All said with love though. And we often say, "it's not a tumor!"

  4. I know this is a litany of the things that have gone wrong, but thanks for the lunchtime laughs! I could just imagine being right there with you :) Can you send BF here to install a couple ceiling fans? I don't even trust DH to hold the ladder ...

  5. Sorry about your breast. Hope it heals quickly. We have a Longhorn steak house not far from us and the food is always good. When you pay that much, your food should be right. Cheryl

  6. It is sort of unbelievable they did not open on time or let her in. I wonder how they plan to succeed this way. This little chain sounds on the way down.

    I would get out all the jobs bf can help with. It is good for you and your daughter he is handy.

    Police drama never happens in my either, so I have to drive across town to find any.

    HS sounds annoying, to say the least. I had to look it up.

  7. WTH! Fried green tomatoes are always green!
    Hope the breast feels better soon.
    We had some false alarm crime action the other day. THe police came screaming down the street, jumped out with guns drawn only to find the resident's daughter had left her house key in the house and was jiggling the doors setting off the silent alarm. We started laughing because Cedric The Entertainer was right about what caucasians do when guns are drawn. We were all out in the middle of the street wondering what was going on. I saw more of my neighbors that day than I have in years. #suburbandumbasses

  8. I do not want to agree with the nurse. But, when I was bathing about 25 years ago, I felt something on the underside of my breast and my mind jumped to "breast cancer." It was hard and about 2.5 inches long and a bit tender, inflamed. I was crying when I spoke to the nurse who immediately got the doctor on the phone. I described it to him and then realized it could not be cancer. He offered to have me come in right then, and he could send me to a surgeon to lance it or he could refer me to a surgeon who could see me that afternoon. I was still shaking and my voice was trembly. I asked if antibiotics could fix it. Yes. I took three weeks of antiobiotics and was left with a three inch scar on the underside of my breast. It was not where the breast meets chest, but about half way on breast. The scar still remains but is not the least bothersome cosmetically. So, my lump was an abscess and no one knows why it came. Mine did not involve pain pills, so was minor compared to yours.

  9. Boob problems are not for the faint hearted. Daughter was right to walk away from that mess. I also hate spending money on crappy food. I like to spend money on chocolate.

  10. Sorry to hear about your chest booboo, that truly sucks, cannot even imagine. Glad your daughter knows how to get a job and get rid of the crappy one. It sometimes shocks me how people stay in business. Obviously, the restaurant you went to for steak has no clue about quality control. You definitely need to let their head office know. Enjoy your pills!

  11. Nothing dull happens at Chez Sluggy! Hope you feel better! :)


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