Friday, May 27, 2016

Still in the Weeds in PA

Tonight will mark a full week that we've been home.
And I am still "in the weeds" as they say in the restaurant biz.

While I was gone PA went from late Winter temps to Summer temps.
What the heck happened to Spring temps?!?!  I done missed Spring here.
It's hot and muggy here already.  It just makes me want to leave and head North or hide in my bedroom in the a/c. ugh.

The yard is sad and neglected.  The gardens are overgrown with actual weeds and the beds have not been worked nor anything planted.  Bags of mulch still sit on the side of the house waiting to be used in the flower bed out front......the flower bed without flowers to this point.

I have so much to contend with inside the house that I can't even THINK about the yard.  As long as the lawn gets mowed we are all good out there as far as I am concerned.
So much for having to decide whether to have a garden this season.......

Add in that the deck needs de-molding, cleaning and sealing again this season and it's all too much to think about.

I have finally caught up on the laundry.
Go me.

I came home to a stack of this.......

Bills and more bills!
Another 4 bills arrived and were paid this week in addition to these seven bills.

I've also been tallying up the expenses for May and I can tell it won't be pretty. 8-(  Our c/c bill will be very high for June(but I'll still pay it off in full).

The labs came back from my dr. visit on Monday and I also have a bacterial infection so an antibiotic prescription to clear that up.....which will probably cause the other infection to return so I'll be doing more drugs for that one too.

Plus my blood work is all kinds of out of whack which has me stressing out, which in turn has my HS acting up.
Oh, the fun just never ends, does it? ha!

Have I mentioned that Daughter will be arriving in 12 days?
The house is nowhere near ready for that either.
And this makes me stress out even more and makes my body turn on me even more.

We've begun the furniture moving in the house.  College Boy's bed, a day bed affair has been moved down into the den.

That was the first item moved and it got done last weekend.
It can be used as a sofa-like item down there and probably a place for Daughter's large dog to recline.

This week we've moved the stockpile of TP out from under the bed in the Daughter's room.......

The TP along with tubs of toiletries and tubs of fabric are temporarily living in Hub's man cave room.

Saturday will see the bed in Daughter's room move to College Boy's room.  Then CB's room can be put back together.  As this bed is higher off the ground, we can store all his college supplies(things he doesn't need to use while home)neatly under that bed and out of the way.

On Tuesday as we started the "Big Reorg", I made CB take everything out of his room, since he said he was incapable of putting it all away.  It became clear as we dug the room out why he had no room to put stuff away.  Since high school this child has thrown nothing away.  As long as his room contents didn't spill out into the hall I didn't worry about it.  He was gone most of the year at college so I could just shut the door and ignore the growing menace contained without his room's walls.

The child couldn't put any of this currently wearing clothes away because his closet and dresser were crammed full of old clothes and shoes that either no longer fit him or were worn out. sigh.

So I sat there and personally supervised as he pulled everything out and decided which pile to toss it all into-the keep or the get rid of pile.

An hour later and this is what came out of his room......

There was also a garbage bag full of trash as well.

Now all his clothes/shoes fit neatly into his room.

And here is a neat-ish pile of cast-offs to take to Salvation Army.

As I went through this discard pile of clothing I put aside a few things that CB threw brand new pairs of Levis and shorts he has never taken the tags off of and that still are the correct size.  I've tucked these things away for once what he is wearing wears out.....

That bag is a brand new pair of black dress slacks he's never worn as well.  He'll need all this later and I really don't want to have to re-buy all this when he does. sigh.  It can all get stored under his bed once we move it.
The backpack was also uncovered.  It is brand new with tags.  He's also got another one identical to this one that has plenty of life left in it, as well as the backpack he is currently using that I bought last Fall.  I have told him I am done buying backpacks so he'd better make these last for the next 2 years.
If this one is still not needed before he graduates college it will head to eBay as Vans backpacks bring a pretty penny.  ;-)

And another 3 bags of stained, ripped or just worn out clothes headed for the garbage.....

I whittled down the fabric stash and am sending 2 garbage bags of fabric to charity(McVal, look away!!!).........

Now I can fit the fabric I want to use soon onto one shelving unit, which was moved into the corner of my bedroom............sort of fit it all....lolz......

The empty identical shelving unit will go into College Boy's room after we get the bed moved into there.

CB needs places to set stuff other than the floor, which has been his "go to" place for stuff the last 2 years.

I also took a bit of time out to go to Weis(PMITA)Markets on Wednesday.  I picked up 6 different Instant Discount Stickered Meats.......

After discounts I paid.....1 package of Italian Sausage patties($2.62), 1 package of Salmon($3.74), 1 packages of Chicken Thighs($1.90), 1 package of 2 small steaks($2.31), and 2 packages of Cubed Steaks($2.13 and $2.68).

Back to the house and by Wednesday I've got both dressers in Daughter's room emptied(save for the tops of both dressers which still have toiletries on them).  Still to come out of that room are a small rolltop desk, the recumbent exercise bike and a small rickety shelving unit which will be put on the trash pile when it is removed.

So this weekend while everyone else is cooking out and partying, here at Chez Sluggy, we'll be moving furniture, organizing crap and storing it away.  And making multiple trips to Salvation Army with discarded stuff.
And hauling out the 2 room window a/c units for the s bedrooms upstairs.  It's already in the 90 degree range here now and muggy as heck!

Once we get the house put back together I'll be tackling the garage to make some space in there too.
The fun just never ends here.......... 8-)



  1. Wow, you are really working hard at this. I sure hope your daughter appreciates what you're doing for her. Be careful though ,to not over do... or well....just be careful. Its great you helped CB , who probably would never gone thru that stuff. Yeah, for decluttering.

    1. My soul feels lighter when I get rid of stuff.

  2. What a lot of work! CB sounds just like my son.

    1. Yeah, CB sounds like lots of folks sons! lolz

  3. I need to do this with closets in my own CB's bedroom as well as the bedroom of the 25-year-old who no longer lives here ... but I decided I could no longer stand the weeds and empty flower pots so that's what I will be tackling this weekend. :)

    1. It's too hot here now to worry about the yard.....not that I worry much about it anyway. lolz

      Have fun in the yard!

  4. You made me tired. Maybe all your company can help in the yard. Regular chores for guests might make them eager to move away. What will a large dog do to your new floors?

    I have had my ac unit on non-stop since March 1.

    1. I missed Spring while we were away...rats!
      Oh, those who are moving in WILL be doing chores since neither will have a job for awhile. Lists are being written up as I type. hehe

  5. I'm feeling stress just reading all that. Take care of yourself!

    1. Don't worry, I plan to take care of me, but thanks. 8-)

  6. Good luck on getting everything done! My house looks like yours, except it is a result of all 3 kiddos being home from elementary school for the summer. The amount of stuff they bring home at the end of the year is crazy. Add in a crazy schedule and I HAVE to get things done this weekend. I didn't get anything done yesterday as it was 85 in the house and I really didn't want to turn the air on on the main level. This morning it was 80 in the house at 10:30, so I bit the bullet and turned the air on. Now I just need to get motivated to at least get our kitchen and dining room cleaned. My busy tutoring season starts Tuesday so I HAVE to get something done!

    1. Oh, the joys of having little ones....lolz
      I gave in and cranked up the a/c here on Friday. It makes getting things done so much better.

  7. It seems to me a great way for your daughter, her boyfriend and college boy to contribute would be to pitch in on getting your yard/lawn/deck and garden in shape (while you supervise with a cocktail).

    1. Daughter has a bad back but the other two will be pressed into service. They will be arriving too late for me to have them plant anything tho. sigh.

  8. TOOOOOO much HARD work. I sure can empathize with you. Been there and still there.

  9. North won't help you with temps. Been in the 90's in CT for several days. I went through the same thing with brand new item s not only with my DD but my DH too!

    1. By North I mean the woods of MAINE! CT/NY/RI/MA is the same weather as we get here, except maybe more coastal storms.


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