Tuesday, May 24, 2016

I'm Back.....yaaaay!

We got back late Friday night.

It's Tuesday and I am still digging out!

I've spent more time in my laundry room than in any other room so far this week.
Not only do I have Hubs and my laundry from the trip but even though College Boy has been home 2+ weeks now, all his laundry is clogging up the works.  Plus all his bedding from school.
The boy couldn't find time to do his laundry but he found plenty of time to practice(which is good), have his buddies over to eat/drink a ton of my goodies/mess up my house/break shit, and sleep late.  He did also go to work so there's that to balance all the negatives.

I also think he let friends sleep over here the last 2 weeks and they dirtied every sheet and blanket in the house.  I couldn't even get INTO the laundry room on Saturday there was so much crap piled up in there! lolz

So basically I've been washing every cloth item in the house the last few days.
And unpacking.
And putting shit away.
And starting to rearrange the whole house in preparation for Daughter to move back in.
Can I just leave again and come stay with one of y'all?

And to top my exciting life off, I have to cook and meal plan and buy groceries again.
I tell ya, life is just so not fair.......

There are various musical instruments filling the spare room and the living room still from various jams sessions/band rehearsals......from guitars, to drum sets to a doumbek.(That's a Middle Eastern drum is you really need to know.)

The money I gave College Boy for groceries while we were gone is no more.  However, none of it was spent on groceries but on gas for the car and take-out pizza.
It's a good thing we won't be making these long trips to Louisiana in spring anymore and leaving him home alone, huh? ;-)

And to top it all off I brought home a lovely lady parts infection from Louisiana with me.
Oh joy.........pass the anti-itch cream please!!

So dealing with the house, that is a wreck and needs to be organized asap, dealing with medical stuff(more on that later) and dealing with massive amounts of money leaving the accounts(May has about done me in financially)is where my world is right now.
The yard is also a disaster but I can't even.......

I am confident that Life will all sort itself out in due time but for now, it is kicking my large pasty white ass.

I hope things are better in your world.  If not, tell us all about it and make me feel a bit better that I am not alone in the "Land of WTF?!".



  1. I have a permanent address in the land of WTF!!! Honestly, you described what is going on here to a T. When I was driving DJ back and Donna was in the hospital, we unloaded the entire van(cuz the van doors now open at will and we didn't want to stop and have DJ's stuff stolen) in the kitchen and then cuz so much was going on, I let Den adn DJ handle it. I have stuff piled to the ceiling in the spare room. I haven't even started washing it yet. I SAW DJ take a hand towel out of the closet, wipe his hair and toss it in the basket. I have mounds of laundry.
    The door is always open for you and I am really hoping that you can make a trip out here but it more of the same here.

  2. Come to Canada! I have a spare fold-out couch!

  3. You are not alone there sluggy. My world is always crazy! Dealing/helping with an older brother who had a very intensive 11 hr neck surgery a month ago (the doc cut him open from the base of his skull straight down his back a ft) took out every disc & put in spacers (as he called them) so yeah he can't move his neck anymore & a full yr recovery time. So besides helping him with stuff we've also had to help him move out of his rental & move back in with our parents bc he cannot do anything for himself & needs the help. He's just thrilled to move back in with the parents at 51 yrs old lol But it won't be for forever like I tell him :)

    Then on top of that we're trying to get ready for a huge town wide garage sale that we're part of every yr that's the 1st weekend in June. I have so much stuff I'm getting rid of you'd think I had a store lol

    Then I deal with a mother in law that has dementia (she's only going to be 65 it's really very sad) as in I take care of all her meds, doc appts ect...

    Then we have a son that has a girlfriend that no one likes but of course at 22 he thinks he knows it all. We keep praying he sees her for who she really is!!!

    And in the midst of all that fun we're remodeling 1/2 our house. Which my husband as a contractor is doing himself so right there tells you it's taking forever bc of his normal work. We own our own construction company. Oh yeah I also get the joy of keeping up with the company books in all my spare time lol

    I'm sure there's more that I could write but that's a small part of my crazy world & tells you that other ppl have crazy lives too lmbo

  4. Your posts always make me smile. Thanks Sluggy!

  5. You can come here. Of course I have mother, no kitchen with water, no dining room, everything from the kitchen is in the front room. The deck is covered with crap. I'm sure you would love it here. Leave those crotch critters at your house, hee,hee

  6. Oh I'm so there in the land of WTF. It says "You Are here" right on my forehead. I got fired by a dumbass lady that wrote "Does not cook" on my final evaluation. WTF have I been doing all year?

  7. Is May just a crappy month that beats the crap out of everyone, because it is kicking my BFWDA* (pronounced "bifwada") to the curb

    *big fat white dimply ass

  8. I thought things were rough here, but after your post and all the comments, my place is easy. Daughter moving back in? Am I so behind, or is this your first mention? Yeah, I know you don't answer questions here.

    Coming home after vacation or, in my case a trip to my mother's? It was the laundry that got to me. Daddy smoked, so I dumped all clothing into the floor and sorted and washed for about three days. Then, I had to calm down three children!

    You will leave the subtropics forever, now.

  9. We could all colinize the land of WTF,I think. I do have my spare room back now and it has clean sheets. My woes are similar and different. Money sucks all around draining my check book.


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