Sunday, May 1, 2016

Happenings Lately at Chez Sluggy

Here's what's been going on here at Chez Sluggy lately........

*  Well the cardiologist has cleared me for surgery in June.   My heart is a rock sign of heart disease at all.  But I will always have that right-sided heart failure thing on my medical record now....stupid family doctor who tried to kill me!
(I see that the state finally suspended his medical license indefinitely in 2014.  About time!)

Anyway, if I decide to go through with this surgery for my HS condition I have been given the green light.  Now I just have to make 500 phone calls between the hospital business office and my insurance provider to see what this surgery will cost us out of pocket.  Then I'll weigh that factor along with the whether this surgery will actually give me any long term relief and see if I want to go through with the operation. I currently have a place on my right armpit that is paining me and the spot they were going to operate on is not flaring so WTF?!?
I don't know.  I am thinking more and more this is just not the right time to do this with all the other stuff going on here.

*  The cardiologist made a small change to my BP meds at this visit so I had to go to Rite-Aid to pick-up a new rx.
While I was there I bought this.......

Centrum vitamins(mints variety)were on sale last week at Rite-Aid for $6.99.  I had a $4/1 Vitamints IPQ so they were $2.99 using my Plenti Points.
No new PPs were generated but I had activated an offer in my Saving Star account for $4 cash back when I bought 1 Vitamints and the rebate has already hit my acount.
$2.99-$4=$1.03 moneymaker!

We needed this box of vitamins but seeing as I have to move all my stockpile of toiletries before my daughter returns home(it's looking like the end of May now is when she will come home)I have put myself on a Rite-Aid moratorium.  Unless it's something we are out of I am NOT buying anything at Rite-Aid for the foreseeable future!
Sorry if some of you will miss my Rite-Aid pillaging trips but this gal has got to do what this gal needs to! 8-)

*  And with that said this weekend Hubs and I have been moving crap around the house.  Fabric and toiletries have been put into tubs or shelves and relocated to other places in the house.  I am feeling my age about now and Mr. Tylenol is my special friend today.  It sucks to get old and have to do physically taxing work for pay OR no pay. 8-(

*  I went to a different Dollar Tree last week and bought this to finish off my bathroom redo....

3 rolls of vinyl liner to put under the new vanity/sink unit before I pile things under there.

All finished with 1 roll leftover.  This is the cheapest purchase in that whole renovating project. lolz

Then I finished putting all the bathroom stuff away and I am calling it done(except for hanging a painting back up in there and buying/hanging new blinds for the window.

Perhaps I'll buy another roll of vinyl in a matching pattern and put it down in the hall bathroom's cabinet too.

*  In the realm of "repurposing", I emptied an under bed storage container that use to hold gift wrap and gift bags.

I really never have occasion to use any of this stuff anymore, so it's all waiting on the sofa now to be taken to Sallie's Army.

And now that container is filled with "my" toiletries.....things I will use......

I also sold another $24 worth of toiletries on my town's FB selling page.
Go me! ;-)

*  I got this sample of Dove Body Wash in the mail from Rite-Aid last week along with a $3 off 1 Bottle coupon.
Curse you Rite-Aid!  Tempting me when I have no room to bring anymore free stuff home.

The Coupon is good until the end of July though so maybe by them I can lift my moratorium on R-A shopping.

*  Other than cooking, shlepping crap around and making piles of stuff to send to Sallie's, and figuring out how much $ we have left over from April's income, this is all that's been going on here.

*  This coming week I need to take my car in for it's last free service appointment(had it been 2 years since I bought that car already!?), take a load to Sallie's, buy some more storage tubs(maybe 3 will finish it off)and figure out where to put those three tubs, and finish relocating my fabric stash to the shelving we put up in the bedroom.
And then I get to go through all my clothes and pack for our trip to Louisiana.
Fun times, fun times.......
Add in a trip to the grocery store as I didn't go last week at all.
And then renting a cargo van to haul College Boy and all his crap home on Saturday.
This week is going to be just a load of laughs, ain't it? ;-)

By the time we climb into the car to go on our "vacation"(which had morphed into an anxiety ridden trip to take care of business rather than to have fun and relax)I will be spent already.

If I am MIA the next week or so I am just buried with things to get done here and am stressing out over it.

I hope your week goes well or at the very least you get through it unscathed.



  1. thank you for the medical update as well as the shopping report.

  2. Good luck with it all. I hope the your daughter and BF moving in goes well. is that why you're moving things out of the garage. ? Is she going to sell the mobile home you bought her? Don't stress too much, take care of your health.....

  3. Sorry-HS condition? what is that, if I may ask?

    1. Hidradenitis Supprativa. A chronic condition that has no cure and they really aren't positive what causes it and they are equally baffled by how to treat it.

  4. What is the old saying? "Want to make God laugh? Make a plan!" I am one of those who does not mind times changing as long as it is later rather than sooner. Yikes! Having someone move in 2 months earlier than I expected them would have me in fits. Wow, just wow!

    1. Add in that we will be away from home half the time between now and when she moves back in.
      I figure I can only do what I can do given the time frame so I am trying not to stress too much.

  5. I think you have to put you first on deciding the surgery. Good questions to ask-will it provide you relief? Well done on toiletry resale-College Boy returning will make the groceries skyrocket.

    1. I'm leaning toward postponing deciding on the surgery. It may not actually help but I can't make a decision right now.

      3 more in the house by June means my grocery budget will be in shreds. ugh.

    2. Will the newcomers look to you to feed them? Or are they covering g their own groceries? I would hope the couple would at least!

  6. Pace yourself and rest often! I'm stressed out just reading this post. I think I need to go lie down.

    1. Pacing is key......and drinking. lolz

  7. Let me add to this weeks list, sell stock in RA, though I doubt they make a lot of money on you.

    1. Actually with me restraining myself from RA NOW is the time to buy their stock as they will actually make some money if I am not around. lolz

  8. Take time with your decision. Hope it all goes well.

  9. It's good to know your ticker is ticking away :) Is there any way to find out the odds of surgery helping your condition? I know surgery is a pain (haha) but if it will help then it's worth it isn't it?

    1. Docs have no clue.....parting words to me where, "having this cut out doesn't mean it won't come back". ugh

  10. Life is crazy here too. And I think that I am going to have RA withdrawals.
    Hang in there and drink more.

  11. H Sluggy,
    I read often but don't comment much. Sounds like
    you have a busy season going on. I love that you call Salvation Army Sallie's. People used to ask me were did you get that cute outfit and I would say Sallie's.
    That was when I was younger. Before I would boldly proclaim. I shop at thrift stores.
    Hope all goes well.


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