Friday, January 2, 2015

It's That Time of Year Again

It's January and that time of year when the retailers haul out that BIG LIE.
You know, the one about how you need to spend gobs of $$$ on shiny new plastic containers to organize your life/stuff.
Or the one where you need to join a gym and pay for the honor of losing weight/getting fit.
Or the one where you need to start a diet which usually involves paying some company to eat their nasty tasteless foods.

Don't buy into the BIG LIE this year!

You can organize your life/paperwork/stuff/etc. by spending ZERO $.
Just get rid of crap you don't need/use.
Reduce the stuff in your life and then you won't need to buy storage containers to contain it all and keep it out of sight.

You can get fit by getting off your ass(me included!)and taking a walk/run and by exercising in your home.  Just move!

You can eat well by just saying NO! to crap food and not eating so much, even if it's good for you food.
Diets don't work anyway once you go off of them and WHO amongst us can stay on a diet indefinitely?
You need to make permanent changes in the way you eat/what you eat/when you eat/et cetera instead.

You can achieve success at any/all of these areas in your life and you can do it without spending $$$!

So stop right now and step away from those Rubbermaid Tubs, Gym Contracts and prepackaged Diet Foods.
You can have a better life WITHOUT putting more money into someone else's pocket in 2015!



  1. It's true - we were in the store, I think it was December 31, around 8PM, and they had already started moving the "low-fat, low-carb" or some other such diet foods to the front. It was funny - all the debauchery had been replaced by stark boxes of "no anything" food and promises of instant weight loss. I think those displays stay out for about three weeks every January.

  2. Well said. Now I just need to do it.

  3. I joined a gym to get fit/toned/improve my strength/help with my arthritis 4 years ago. I will not do it on my own cause I am a lazy bum; signing up made me accountable to someone (my trainers). AND IT WORKS!

    I eat whatever I please; I'mma gonna die anyway, so I may as well enjoy myself.

    and I have begun to purge my junk.

  4. that word "debauchery."
    The plastic storage boxes really is a big lie that many people buy into. Instead of getting rid of their crap, they hide it in those bins and put it on a shelf and forget what they have. That being said, in the south, cardboard turns to mush, so anything you store has to be in plastic containers to protect against moisture and bugs too. Even my sheets and towels are in plastic bins. Prices are good this time of year to change out cardboard for plastic, so I may buy a few. I like the rolling drawer carts the best though. And there's only one diet. Eat less, exercise more. The hard part is keeping the weight you lose off. That's the real challenge. (one I lost a couple of years ago unfortunately). :-/

  5. So true, I LOVE all the different color totes and organization goodies! But we just moved to a smaller house, soooo all I do is look. You are so spot on about getting rid of stuff. Even though, I got rid of alot before we moved, I'm finding I'm still getting rid of stuff… never ends…LOL. Really enjoyed this post! Happy New Year.

  6. But I need my plastic tubs!
    Hubby and his gma store everything in cardboard....antiques, family photos, old crocheted blankets. Nope. time for plastic and thus protection from the elements.
    Though I did discover I can fit 3 cardboard into 1 plastic. Yay, space saving!

  7. I was waiting for this post. You are so right.

  8. I was astounded at the space and signage dedicated to decluttering in Lowe's. Of course, the idea was to buy more stuff.

    However, I did buy some diet food this last week. Oranges and lots of other fruit.

  9. Preach Sluggy! Preach! I see commercials now for gyms and WW and all I think in my head is this voice saying "I want your money! I want your money!" I have my plans to declutter but that means I will be storing less, not more. Therefore I have no need for those plastic bins, on the contrary if you drive by my house over the next few months you might find them as freebees on the curb!!

    Posts like this inspire me! I have huge college expenses coming up for the next 4 years so I am living with a Great Depression era mindset to make every nickle squeak before it is completely spent. I'll be tuning in often to get more inspiration.

    Happy New Year Sluggy!!

  10. Ha, I just emptied a few containers here the other day and donated donated donated. No new shiny bins for us :) Stuff needs to GO!

  11. Absolutely!! Great post - if you need to get organized likely you have exactly what you need already in your home - pretend you are out of gas and cannot leave your home until it is done.

  12. Big lie?! Heaven forbid gyms should advertise their services. How terrible. Fact is most people need it

  13. I always love this post!

    And it's good timing too. I'm trying to declutter around here and its so tempting to want to buy storage containers to put all the stuff I don't get rid of away in an organized fashion. Nope. Stop. Step away. No storage bins needed! no, no, no

  14. YUP, YUP and YUP!! I am shortly headed to my workroom to declutter. I have 3 hikes (FREE) booked for the coming week and if I may add to your DIET LIE make YOUR OWN FOOD!! Much healthier and way cheaper!! Just say NO to processed food!

  15. youtube has TONS of free workouts - can even find some leslie sansone in-home walking sometimes...and Jessica Smith has a variety(some are beginner-ish and others are tough so have to hunt)


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