Thursday, January 29, 2015

And the Winner Is.......

I numbered all the valid entries(there were 68--someone didn't give themselves that second entry for posting it on her blog, so I put one extra in for her) then used Random Dot Org to draw a number and the winning entry is.............

Well lets hope you can win with only one entry!
So yes, you can win on the last day and with one entry. lolz
Congratulations to Anonymous Barbara!!
Please email me privately from that email addy info is Blogger Profile(see side bar for "View my complete profile" link)within the next 48 hours with your mailing information to claim your prize.
If I don't hear from the winner within that time frame I'll have to draw another number.
Thank you to everyone who plays along with these little giveaways.
I'll have another one coming up in February.
Here's hint to the contents.........Pamper Yourself!


  1. Congrats to Barbara! But I thought that it was decided that I would win every giveaway!

  2. D.ang!!! I was just AFTER that woman!!!
    Well, congrats to the anonymous lady... and I'm with Sonya.

  3. No, I wanted to win every giveaway! Some people get lucky like getting pregnant the first time...but I guess that is really not the same. Congratulations, Barbara!

  4. Congrats to Barbara. Next time I am going to enter one time on the last day.


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