Thursday, January 16, 2020

This Past Week's Shopping

Not much to report in with.

Here is the total take from Rite-Aid the week of 1/5-1/11/2020

2 x Oral-B toothbrushes on sale $3=$6.00
I used 2 x $1/1 Oral-B ManuQs from the P&G inserts so $6.00-$2.00=$4.00 paid with BC
I earned $4 in new BC(2 x $2 Oral-B)back so free toothbrushes!

I got a couple of good deals at Weis the past 2 weeks too.........

These 2 packs of pork chops were BOGO Free and had $3 off instant discount stickers on them, making 1 pack $1.01 and the other .52¢.

We needed cottage cheese so I did a Mix and Match/Buy 6, Get $3 off Deal.  I had no additional Qs to use so OOP was $8.94 for all 6 items.

I did a Lysol/Finish deal too--Spend $15 Get $5 Off(this worked off reg. retail price, not sale prices.

The 3 items on sale cost $13, I used $5 in Qs and got $5 off instantly so OOP was $3. 8-)

I also found this pack of thin sliced chops with a $2 off discount sticker and they were part of a BOGO Free deal.  Half price was $3.66-$2 sticker=$1.66 for the pack.

I also hit the Bread Outlet and stocked up on 3 loaves of Arnold bread and 3 packs of hamburger/steak rolls.  Price paid for all was $6.67. *no photo though*

Not much to report.

Now I am off to puttering around the house as the snow swirls around outside.
Any good deals to report in on where you live?



  1. There are no bread outlets around anymore, but we eat so little bread now since my husband has discovered wraps, and with Aldi, I am good. I don't have good luck freezing unless it is a good seeded bread.

  2. I have been navigating Walgreens rewards and in store coupons etc, for the last couple of weeks. They have a lot of rules, and it takes time to get with the program. I am pretty sure I have enough make up for the year now... :-)

  3. I did a meat stock up of about $50.00 all 1/2 price meat at Albertsons,yesterday, mostly beef, it will keep us going for about 6 weeks I think.


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