Saturday, November 2, 2019

Frugal Friday......the November 1st Edition

Sorry to be a day late on the Frugal Friday posting.
I do have a good excuse--Halloween night a tree fell on a power line down the road from us so we were without electricity for 18+ hours until almost 6 pm last evening. ugh.

A quick look around here to see what frugal stuff went on at Chez Sluggy this past week........

*  I ran Ibotta deals........
Finished off some Bonuses and regular Ibotta rebates this past week.
$32.14 in Ibotta rebates and $1 in SavingStar rebates so a total of $33.14 in cash rebates earned this past week.

* Remember that refund the Hospital sent me awhile back in July?

A medical co-pay overpayment I made.  the refund was in the form of a prepaid Visa card.
If you wanted the actual CASH back you had to request a check and then it would be another 4-6 weeks before seeing that.
So I dug the card out finally and took the card to my bank and did a cash advance and emptied that prepaid card.

* I had a $5 chit for Kohl's about to expire on Oct. 31st.  I went into my local Kohl''s last week but didn't seen anything worth buying that wouldn't have made me spend much actual monies out of pocket.  I went back this week and an item I eyed on the last trip in that was on the clearance table was marked down about.........

This tabletop fountain was marked down to $20 last week........

Now it was marked down again to $13.39.  I don't usually buy things for myself there but I had a 20% off Q+$5 chit so I got this.

It cost me $7.41 w/tax out of my WAM.
A $66.99 fountain? No thanks.
A $7.41 fountain?  Yes please! 8-)))

* I found money!

I found this slightly groddy quarter at the Weis in the town West of here last Friday.

I also found a change purse in that Weis.  Turned it into the Customer Service and the owner was standing there conducting some business and hadn't even noticed she dropped it.  The purse had her rent money in it and she couldn't thank me enough times to have it back. ;-)

And I found this quarter at Rite-Aid on Thursday right near the register.  Who drops a quarter and doesn't pick it up?!?! lolz

*  Some freebies at Rite-Aid..........

Pantene Shampoos and Conditioners, Olay body wash, Toothpaste and Dental Floss.
I'll pick up some more of this sort of thing today before the sale ends and finish out some of the various deals that stacked this week on P&G stuff.

* A new bank opened up in my town and they had an Open House last weekend.  I went in to look around, get some free food and maybe win a BMW they were giving away..............

Didn't win the car but I won this nifty coffee mug! lolz  I brought this chocolate covered rice krispies treat home along with a bottled water, a slice of nasty pizza(which Hubs ate, of course!lol)and a small container of bbq from a local bbq joint that opened up here.
The cue was good which is nice because we won a gift certificate for there at the church auction last month. ;-)

*  I sold something on eBay!

This throw blanket went for $32.  Better to sell it than have it sitting around my house for another ten years, right?  I made $22 gross on this sale(haven't figured out the net yet after fees, stupid fees).

That's about it for this week in my world.

What frugal wins did y'all come up with this week?
Tell us all about it!



  1. How rare for someone to return a purse and for you to actually be able to thank them for it - you probably saved her month

  2. You got some really nice deals this week. That fountain looks really nice on the pot.

    Kim N.

  3. Love the fountain deal!! Not much frugalness here, but at my favorite store they had buy one get one free for my favorite eggs. They also had a great sale on chicken. I got three chicken breasts for just under $6. They also had a sale on frozen food, so I picked up a few frozen pizzas. I am pretty set for a few weeks.

  4. Stopped at Fresh Thyme for the onion and potato sale. 3 pounds for $.99 so purchased the 8 good bags of onions and a few bags of potatoes. The rest looked semi rotten.

    Car is in the shop for repairs and the cost will be $1015 which kinda sucks. But it’s a 2012 with 31k miles and this is my first major repair. And I drive 40 miles per week max so I’ll probably have this for freaking ever! 😁

    Jen G.

  5. Looks like another good week for you! I like the Raggedy Ann blanket you sold on ebay. I sell a little here and there, not enough to be rich, but it's fun to watch the paypal account balance grow.

  6. I have found purses and always return them. I cannot imagine keeping one. Good for you. I like the fountain and that Raggedy Ann Blanket is so cute!

  7. We lost power too sought but this time it affected our 25 year old refrigerator,off to look for a new one chaching

  8. No power outages and I didn't even both with a Thrifty Thursday for the week. Well done that a decent person found the coin purse. How heart breaking to think someone that would look at it as a good find might have picked it up.

  9. Woo Hoo on the found money! Yuck on the power going our for 18 hours. That is way too long. I hope this week is a good one for you.

    1. Good week? Prolly not as I have a dr. appt. and I am working the polls on Tuesday. But there is Wellness Wednesday this week so it all balances out. lol


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