Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Stockpile Sale Outcome

I am getting where I get anxious when I have to deal with the public.  As I get older I just want to stay home and not interact with people I don't know.  This was my frame of mind going into this adventure.

I advertised the stockpile sale on craigslist(which also automatically put it on the yard sale app)and I posted on 3 local FB sales sites on Friday.
The dingbat comments started shortly after. lolz

Then the ones who wanted to show up on Friday because blah, blah, blah.
Read the ad.....it's Saturday for this hour until that hour.

Then the ones who wanted prices and a list of EVERY SINGLE ITEM I WAS SELLING!
You have to show up on Saturday.....my event my rules.

I opened the garage promptly at 8 am.

Except for the first guy and his wife everyone was lovely who showed up.
The first guy was such a jackass that the other folks who were there while he was were rolling their eyes and making comments to me.

After he left there were no problems and no stress.
Things were steady, busy for the first two hours.  Then a few stragglers the next one and 3/4 hours and I started breaking things down about 45 minutes early due to nobody showing up and closed the garage door 15 minutes before I posted I'd end it.

If you happened to be here at quarter of ten you would have seen the "show".....me fall straight back out of my chair, flat on my back on the ground.  It was a silly little chair that folded up when I bent over to grab a bag for a customer to put stuff in and when I went to sit back up I just kept going back onto the ground. lolz
Fun times.
Sore as hell and bruised still from that but no damage was done.

Some of what's left........

What sold?
Spaghetti Sauce and liquid laundry detergent sold out.
Salsa, cereal, lotions, shaving cream, ladies deo, toothbrushes, toothpaste, body wash, razors, soap and baby products nearly sold out.
Feminine paper products, shampoo, cold meds, pain relievers, laundry pods and "some" make-up sold well.

I still have TONS of shampoo.  The low end stuff($1 a bottle)didn't sell. It was mostly the $2 and $2.50 bottle stuff that went but not enough of it sold.

I'll take some 'poo down to my brother/sister in-law, to son and GF and to Kim and her Sissie next month when I see all of them.  I am in the process of giving away things to people I know around here who can use them.  Another load of shampoos will go to the Food Bank not to mention into the Giveaway boxes.

I made a wad of cash, more than I thought I'd make which was nice!
But I am not telling y'all how much I made yet.

You'll have to wait until I post the September Giveaway tomorrow and you'll see why then.  ;-)

I started with 7 Rubbermaid tubs of stuff to sell and now have 3+ left.
All this is in excess of what I kept for family use.  Since I had to move the toiletries tubs out of  Hubs' man cave room I now only have space for 2 Rubbermaid tubs plus 2 unused bedroom dressers I have filled with toiletries.

Had I done another flea market with this stuff it would have meant more work(and compressed into a short window of time),traveling and hassle which I wanted to avoid.

Overall, the sale was a success--it lightened the amount of toiletries sitting around here AND gave me a little "fun" money. ;-)
And it was beautiful weather to sit in the garage and have people give me money for stuff they wanted and I got for free or almost free.  8-)))



  1. I don't get anxious when I have to interact with the public, I just regularly choose not to do it. I am gregarious by nature, but also an introvert, (though it took me a long time to figure out the latter.) I find it exhausting to be in constant company of others, including my own family. Lord knows I love them, but I need a lot of quiet and solitude. What's really become exacerbated as I've gotten older, is that I have come to loathe noise for the sake of noise. I can't even bear to hear the radio on in the background, especially in the car. And, woe betide he who turns on the t.v. and then picks up a book or laptop!

  2. I too am a homebody by nature. Always a jackass to spoil the pot though. So glad you made some money and didn't get hurt worse

  3. I'm glad your sale went so well expect for the first customer, SLuggy. Looks like you moved a lot of stuff!

  4. Looks like it was a great sale! I most definitely would have gone shopping there if I were closer.

  5. Wow, sounds like the sale went well. Glad most of the customers were not like the first!!

    Take care and hope the bruises heal quickly, Janie

  6. You are an angel helping the food bank. So many people will benefit from your work. Whenever I see items that I can get for free or pennies and I won't use then I drop it right off to the food bank.

  7. Okay I am kinda, well maybe laughing about your fall.... I told Hubs he did not laugh. Anyway I am glad you are okay, and that you had a good sale. I am also happy about the extra shampoo. You are so good to donate to others less fortunate. Can't wait to see you I am getting so excited.

  8. Yay, good for you! I am with you on the dealing with people comment. I am so fed up with people that I cannot even write a blog entry today...I am still slowly detoxing. I came SO close to deleting my facebook this morning. Nothing specific, just does not bring my much joy. I am going to consider it though.

  9. The first customer is always the worst. Glad the rest were fine. One of the main reasons I prefer working in a school is not having to deal with the general public.

  10. I like being around new and different people, so I would be fine having something like this on a regular basis, if it were not against the city garage sale laws. They will only allow 2 per year and you have to get a permit for them beforehand. I just hate getting things organized to sell because I am a really crappy organizer.
    Glad you made money and sorry you fell. (But like Kim, if I had seen it and knew you were not really hurt I would have laughed too. Of course when you see me fall I will expect you to laugh at me)

  11. Well this post ought to piss off your troll! 😂😂😂😂
    Glad it was a success. People can be such asshats. It's just a part of life. I'm like you, though, as I get older the more of a homebody I'm becoming. Glad to hear you didn't break anything in the "great chair smash-up!" You must have fallen gracefully ;-) (which is what my 87 yr old mom tells me whenever she falls, because she's never broken a bone in her life,! - knock on wood!!)

  12. Just checking to see if there were any more snarky comments. Last one was funny so kind of disappointed. 😁

    Jen G.

  13. A cliffhanger?

    The fall is my move, but it hurts so I will share it. I really like having yard sales. Well, I did earlier in my life. Now, I would have to have so much help.

  14. Awesome job! Just the thought of the empty tubs is satisfying and then cash in hand is like the cherry on top :) I work in retail. Some of the customers are lovely, some are evil lol. There are many that make me very glad to be me-and not them, with their nasty, rude, horrible behavior. I enjoy the wacky ones or the rough around the edges ones. Gives my day some flavor. Some people just leave me shaking my head though. JoAnn

  15. Nice job! And am so glad that you weren't seriously hurt!


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