Saturday, September 7, 2019

I Survived the Stockpile Sale

Yep, survived sitting in the sun for 4 hours and dealing with the public even though Sonya Ann didn't take me up on my offer to come over and sit with me. ;-)

Closed up an hour early as traffic fell off swiftly after 10 am.

It was nice to have it ALL inside the garage so I just took myself in the house and closed the garage door behind me.

I am tired.
The mess can all wait for tomorrow for me to go out there and put it all away.
I'll talk later about what sold, what didn't and what a PITA some people are. lolz

Like I've said before about stockpile sales in the garage vs. going to a flea market to sell, if I can just sit in my garage for awhile and have people come and hand me money, it's a good thing. lolz

More on Sunday. 
I've got to clean the dining room and living room today so I can put the table back, etc.

I'll be napping and self-medicating later after I enjoy some of this beautiful weather we are having here.

What is everyone else up to today?



  1. Going to get a new fluorescent bulb to shed some light in kitchen cave. Putting color on my hair is the biggie.

  2. Hope it was a huge success. I am going to be swimming today. I figure slapping the water will be some much needed stress relief.

  3. What do you call someone who shops sales endlessly for stuff they don't need nor want, brags about it only to give it away or sell it at some useless garage sale? You don't save any money. You just keep on spending money. It's a sickness.

  4. I always spent my half an hour to read this web site's articles daily along with
    a mug of coffee.

  5. I always liked it when I had a sale in the garage for the same reasons. When I had a sale in the carport and had an infant, I would look out the window and see people digging through things that had been covered up, and it was almost light. So no matter my signs and plans, people just wanted to paw the merchandise.

  6. I worked today at the side job, and now I have to finish up some homework.

  7. Running a garage or stockpile sale is exhausting. I could sleep for days Some people want everything for nothing, no matter how low you price things. My sister (younger and more ambitious than I!) tossed out the idea of having a garage sale at my house this month..I have more traffic on my road. I kinda picked a fight with her a few weeks ago, she got mad at me and garage sale! Yippee! I should have thought of that tactic years ago! lol!

  8. We had company to watch the Bills game. The rest of the day I worked on genealogy. I am glad that you had a good sale.


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