Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Stuff Lately

* I haven't left the house much lately.  I've been enjoying the cooler temps around here since last Friday though and not having the a/c running.  I need to pick tomatoes again today if the rain holds off too.

My hermit time will end tonight when  I go to Weis, use the $5 off Q, and get gas with my points(they expire Labor Day I think).

* We spent the weekend putting Hubs' room back together mostly(plus I've been working in the garage too).  He's dragging his ass a bit stopping to do other things so not everything is back where it needs to be and out of the way and still in my room or our bedroom.
I hope to have everything in the upstairs relocated and where it needs to be before this coming weekend is over.  Then I can share photos of it all.
Really, it's not that great of a change or a beautiful makeover or anything.  But I just want it done so I can move on to other issues.

* Tomorrow I go to the Chronic Pain Clinic.
Oh joy!

I need to stay out of ERs.  This last time was quite pricey, even with insurance because they ran a bunch of tests I didn't need.  I knew what was wrong with me but they had to rule out stuff in their minds because not being my doctor they don't know my history personally and gawd forbid they miss something, I die and they get sued. ;-)

I got two bills, the first one totaled $13,987.35 before insurance.

I added the second bill and it all came to $15,513.35 before insurance.
And I had to pay just under $750 in co-pays. ick

And they didn't actually "do" anything to help me at the ER other than give me a valium(and the ER doc wouldn't write me a script for it either, just for a drug that didn't help and he KNEW it didn't help....so worthless).

So let's hope the CPC(Chronic Pain Clinic)is a little more helpful.  I suspect it will be A LOT less expensive than the ER. lolz

* I've almost gotten the garage cleaned up enough to hold a stockpile sale in September(depending on the weather).  I have filled the living room up with toiletries and a few yard sale type items.

Then after that happens I'll relist my diaper stash on the local tag sale site and start listing stuff on eBay for the Holiday season buying time.

*  I went and joined a Dave Ramsey group on Facebook.  Stupidest thing I ever did in hindsight!  I thought I could help some folks there with questions/issues about money and debt.  But really some of these folks are clueless and nothing but a good ass kicking will get them to see the light. lolz
This group is a bunch of prodigious posters and I have to scroll through so many posts to see anything not this group related.  As a wise woman once remarked......

* We have decided to drive to LA for Daughter's wedding instead of flying.  We ran the numbers and renting a car, gas, motels, food for the trip, extra days to kennel the dogs vs flying is cheaper than plane tickets and cabs/Uber to and from airports, etc.  The only problem may be weather in early January on our end(and would also be a problem if we fly out of and into PA).  It will be a mad dash halfway across the country and then back in the middle of Winter.
Oh fun.

* Our wedding anniversary is tomorrow, Wednesday.  37 years married.....where does the time go? ;-)

Hubs actually had HAIR back then and I had a very very bad perm. lolz



  1. LOVE the pic - we just had our 36th a couple of weeks ago - isn't it amazing we don't look ANY different, lolz???

    Sue L.

  2. Happy Anniversary! We are heading towards 21 yrs in October. He's a keeper. Damn, did I get lucky!!
    Good luck with your pain management. I also had PM for back pain. It did help some, but what really helped was exercising/stretching (I know, I know, I hate it as much as you probably do!). But the secret is to keep moving. I had injections for about 5 years. Not truly "over" it 15 years later, but have managed to adapt. Also doc gave me Cymbalta for chronic pain - I have to say, it has been helping, too. I can feel the sensation of the pain, but not the actual pain (if that makes any sense!). I tried so many things - acupuncture, chiropractor, PT, bought a hot tub (only relief was floating in it!), a Tens Unit. They never were able to pin-point what exactly was causing me so much pain (that I prayed to die in my sleep at one time!). So I know how miserable it can be. Take care & keep us posted!

  3. Happy Wedding Anniversary to you and the Hubs!!!

  4. I love the picture. Especially the gentleman in the plaid pants. What were we thinking with those perms? I remember getting one every 3 months at $60. Wow

  5. Happy Anniversary to the tow of you!
    If you are driving and need a place to stay en route I have lots of room.

  6. Happy anniversary! I hope the visit to the pain clinic helps you.

  7. Happy anniversary! Quite a fashion statement from back in the day! Trust me, you weren't the only one with a bad perm. Big hair was where it was at back in the 80s!
    I'm in a few of those Dave Ramsey FB groups and you are right, many people are clueless. Check out the one for the 40 and over crowd. That group seems to have a much different mindset, and are for the most part, truly determined to change their ways. Just don't give up on the rest of us over some of these less desireable groups! I welcome all the good advice/encouragement I can get!

  8. Hi Sluggy, this is Chris. Happy anniversary to you and Hubs a day late. We are 37 years this year also. I had the big perm back in the '80s also. LOL!

    Agree with you about the DR groups on FB. I ended up not following the one anymore, too many posts and nobody has time for that. I agree with Lucy about the DR over 40 group. I joined that one and think it is good. I have commented a few times on it if I have something to add. I think Andrew, the moderator, is good about keeping things on topic.

  9. Have a happy anniversary. Here's to many more.

  10. Happy Anniversary you two. Hubs looks tall next to you....

  11. I know what you mean about crazy medical bills. Nevada is known to be higher than most of the other states. My son went to ER with a severe infection due to a spider bite. Ended up in the hospital (this month) for 5 days with round the clock antibiotics. Then had surgery to get the infection out. A few weeks before that his insurance dropped him for no reason and he was fighting with them about that already. Hospital only bill came and it was 86,000.00 but they would give him an uninsured rate of only 35,000.00 if he paid now. We were laughing so hard. Yeah, if he had that kind of money don't you think he would have gone to the doctor earlier? He does work but not eligible for insurance there because they won't take him off part time status even though he works 40- -50 hours a week. Needless to say he is looking for a new job in the near future. I have been doing all his wound care (like packing the wound and dressings) since there was no insurance and he can't see or reach the wound. Oh, but if he had insurance they would send a nurse out 2 times a week but daily dressing changes were ordered. Figure that one out. He spent his last two days off down at the office of the insurance he had arguing with them and finally got reinstated. Since he did it in the same month as the hospital stay and surgery they will cover most of that thank God! And that is just a snapshot of what is wrong with healthcare in Nevada. Take care.


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