Friday, August 23, 2019

Frugal Friday....the August 23rd Edition


Here's the frugal goodness we experienced here this past week.............

*  I found money!

A penny at Rite-Aid.

*  I brought all this home(plus 4 x 12-packs of soda)from Rite-Aid for free.......

* I earned $6.20 in Ibotta rebates from Rite-Aid purchases.  Not only did the stuff bought at Rite-Aid cost me nothing OOP but I got another $6.20 in cash rebates for taking it home.

*  I hit Malacari's produce this past week and found some deals...........

Minute Maid OJ in shelf stable boxes for .99¢.  Not a "stock up for a year price" because they were short dated, but a good deal nonetheless.

They also have these 3 lb. packs of nitrite-free bacon for $5.99.  They are a Canadian made brand and it's divided into 2-1.5 lb. packs and have a sell by date in late Oct.
That makes this $2 lb. for bacon which is a rock bottom/stock the freezer price!  But I only bought one.....for now.  Explanation after showing the next item.

I got 2 packs of these fancy pants meatballs.  Each pack is 1 lb.(12 balls).  This brand runs $4.99 a package at Walmart and even higher at my Weis(PMITA)Markets.

They were 2 packs for $3 at the produce market so $1.50 each.
I can't even buy ground beef for $1.50 a lb. so these were an awesome find!!!

Having made some room in the chest freezer the last few weeks, when Hubs and I were nearby running other errands on Wednesday we picked up more...........

10 more packages! lolz
I've removed all the meatballs from this bulky packaging and snuggled them into freezer Ziploc bags now(except for 2 packs I am using in the next few days).  They have refilled the room made in the freezer.

I will go back in a couple of weeks for more of that $2 lb. bacon once I've made more room in the freezer.  I figured the meatballs would go quickly at that price(and considering how many packages of meatballs they had)but the bacon will be around for awhile, especially since they also have 1 lb. packs of Hatfield bacon for $2.99 there.  Folks(mostly older shoppers)are more apt to go for the Hatfield 1 lb. packs rather than the 3 lb. Canadian "strange" brand(even if that's the better deal).

So it's our secret.....shhhhh....don't tell anyone about the bacon deal there until I can go back and get more bacon.  ;-)

*  Last week it was a movie and this week's splurge is that Hubs' and I went out for Lunch to Bob Evans on Wednesday.  I used a $5 off $25 Q from the Sunday Q inserts. 8-)

*  As part of cleaning Hubs' man cave room out he found these among his crap..........

3 gift cards he didn't finish using the balance of that I had given him when he made the "Rescue Mission Trip" in Nov. 2017 to move his sister.
Those 2 pictured haven't been used at all.  I let him keep the Dunkin' Donuts one for coffee emergencies. lolz
That's $30 in fast food script I thought was gone/used.  It was a nice surprise to have it back in the box o' gift cards. ;-)

That's about it for Chez Sluggy this week.

What frugal wins did y'all experience this past week?
Tell us all about it!



  1. Well done on the meatballs. I am curious if Orange Juice freezes, or would it not work to freeze in the cartons? Of course, room to store would be the issue.

  2. See you found money also and gift cards, isn't it fun!

  3. I always enjoy reading your posts, besides seeing your savings you have a great sense of humor. No Rite-aid here but a CVS. Today my daughter used her Extra Buck c/o and bought me my makeup. So, that was my deal.


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