Wednesday, January 2, 2019

What I Got for Xmas.....Such a Boring Post!

Sorry I was MIA today...between real life here and spending waaaay too much time in Rite-Aid(it was Wellness Wednesday and there were oodles of deals to be had with the one day coupons this month!!!)there wasn't a lot of chance to be online.
Such is life some days.

I've got a few moments now before bed so I'll show you what Santa(and his assorted helpers)brought me for Christmas.

I already showed of pic of my garden snail stepping stone but above is the rest of my loot.

A pine-scented candle, a good book(well, we'll SEE if it's a good book once I commence to reading it lol), a bottle of sangria, an Ollie's gift card(all these were from Santa/Hubs), a tin of loose tea and local honey from Elder son, a Rite-Aid gift card from my Secret Santa person(which was Hubs), a mug and a mini bottle of liquor from brother and sister in-law(the steaks they ordered still haven't arrived)and a vintage '50s style photo/snarky magnet and luggage tag from Kim(along with the MOUNTAIN of Xmas cookies she sent....I think she's trying to fatten me up but the jokes on you Kim because I'm already fat!lolz).
The other stuff-kiddie scissors, a car air freshener, 2 peanut bars and the silicone tipped tongs were in my stocking.
Not a lot of stuff but then again, I don't NEED a lot of stuff, but it was all picked out just for me so it's all good and appreciated. 8-)))

I still need to do my To-Do List for December outcome post, my Christmas Spending Autopsy and something else I can't remember right now before I can wrap up 2018 and move on into 2019.
And of course like most of y'all it will be 3 months before I stop writing 2018 on my checks! I right?!?  lolz

I'll be back on Thursday to yak at y'all some more.



  1. I got some of those tongs last year for Christmas. I love them and use them every day. Not only are they great kitchen tools but they are excellent grabbers for my colander which is in the very top of the cabinet about 1 inch from my fully stretched reach.

  2. Sometimes the best gifts are the less extravagant ones. And I need to get a pair or two of those silicon tongs myself, so I'm actually kinda jealous ;)

    I successfully wrote 2019 on a deposit slip on January 1, but I'm not trying to brag or anything lol

  3. I need nothing also and then when you do get stuff you have to find a place to put it.


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