Wednesday, January 23, 2019

That Was The Weekend That......What?!?!? Part One

Friday started out like any other Friday............a trip to Rite-Aid and a trip to Weis.

Since we were expecting up to a foot of snow over the weekend I went up to Rite-Aid to do my deals on Friday since I figured I wouldn't be going anywhere on Saturday.

I got this one my son's card.........

5 Kimberley-Clark brand paper products.  I had $1/1 Qs for each plus a $5 Catalina from buying Huggies the week before to use.
I paid $24.95 OOP using Bonus Cash.
I earned another $5 Cat and $10 in BC for spending $30+ on K-C products meaning all 5 "cost" me $9.95 spending down the BC.

Then I bought all this coffee on a different card.........

4 x Folger's 1850 coffee on sale for $5.99 each plus a box of candy for $1 to get over $24 threshold=$24.96
4 x $1.50/1 IPQs made this all $17.96 to spend down all the BC on that card/account.
I earned back $6 in new BC(2 x $3BC wyspend $12 on select food/drink items)making all this cost me $11.96(no tax).  Not a bad price-$2.99 per container and a bonus box of candy.  8-)

Then I went to Weis(PMITA)Markets for the Friday Freebie and a few deals which I'll talk about this Friday.
The cashier f**ked up the order so I had to go back to the customer service desk twice!(She manually put in 4 Qs and didn't double them.........)

And then I noticed the 2 cans of organic pear halves rang up reg. price of $1.97 and not the clearance price of .98¢ the shelf tag indicated..........

So I got 1 for free and .99¢ back on what I paid for the second can(and had her put it as a credit on the cc this time).

Things were looking up and then I spied .02¢ on the ground as I left the store..........

We were slated to go out for my Birthday meal on Friday night.  I suspected something was going on at this point since we make it a habit NEVER to go out to eat here on the weekends.

People here are NUTS for going out to eat and everything is so crowded and the place I wanted to eat out-Texas Roadhouse doesn't take reservations per se so I knew it would be a clusterf**k of a night.

But Hubs said we had to do it on Friday because ex-college boy's last night off was Friday and otherwise we'd have to wait until next Wednesday to go.
Ok, sounded reasonable, right?

So I get dressed and we head down the mountain to the steakhouse.  Our daughter met us there as she had just come from school/work.
We go in at 4:30 pm and it's already jammed full.

We walked and walked and walked to the very back of the dining areas and then I saw purple balloons at a table.
And two people wearing masks sitting there.
It took me a minute to connect the dots but then I recognized one of these masked marauders from her hair and her pallid skin tone framing that mask....another one of the whitest white women on the planet like me!
And the matching masked bookend was Kim's twin, Sissie!!!

               Kim, Sluggy, Sissie

I tell ya, you could have knocked me over with a herring!  Kim had flown to her sister's house out East(she did go to Spokane-to get a flight AND her teeth cleaned)and they drove up to PA to surprise me for my birthday.

Just gobsmacked, I was!

My eyes are closed in this photo because I had had a VERY large alcoholic drink....that's my story and I'm sticking to it.
I love that Kim has a halo above her head....yah, riiiight!

So the 6 of us had dinner and a great many laughs.
Kim's sister brought me gifts too.....

A purple kitchen glove, a purple fancy pie plate and a sheet of funny fortune cookie magnets.

This one is now the header of my Facebook page.........

I laughed until the tears rolled down my legs at this one. lolz

After dinner Kim dropped her Sissie at the motel and then came to the house for cake...........

                     My half price birthday cake!

So I blew out the candles after everybody sang and Hubs didn't catch the "moment" so I had to pose and pretend to blow them out and Chester helped.   That's why it looks like I am trying to not laugh while blowing.........lolz

Kim visited for a bit then headed back to the motel for the night. (I won't mention that she got lost going back and saw a bit of Wilkes-Barre that night before finally making it back to the motel.)
A big snowstorm was predicted for Saturday(followed by an ice storm on Sunday)so we weren't sure if they'd be able to hang out on Saturday before heading back.

Part Two tomorrow..........



  1. What a great surprise for your special day!

  2. Oh how fun! Those are the best surprises!

  3. Best surprise ever! A picture of the two of you together just made me smile - I can imagine the antics that went on!


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