Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Random Stuff from Chez Sluggy

*  First a weather report from Teeny Tiny Town..........

It was 1F in the car this morning.

Weather dotcom says it's going to climb to a balmy 19F today before diving to -5F tonight.
Yay! *snort*

*  If you want to know why we were out in the insanely cold weather this morning, I had to go get my driver's license renewed.  Well I had to go have my photo taken for the license.  I was going to do it earlier in the month except our DMV was closed until Jan. 24th for renovations.  Um, other than moving a kiosk I didn't see any improvements in the building. lolz   So I am forced to go out in this yuck because it has to get done before Feb. 1st or there will be complications like Hubs having to drive me around everywhere and that's not happening. ;-)

*  Last week we had a deathly cold day, so cold that Chester refused to go outside.  Poor baby was trying to lift all 4 paws off the ground at the same time it was so cold on his feet.
Hubs ran right out and got him a pair of booties...........

They didn't have straps so we had to use rubber bands to keep them on his feet.  He kept them on long enough to do his business and then tried to tear them off. lolz

*  About Linda......I had a call from her earlier this week.  She got the money together to get a new laptop but what she wanted was out of stock so it's been ordered.  Linda should be back online in a week or two?  I am just guessing on this but it sounds plausible.  ;-)

*  About Sonya Ann.....she is finally divorced and all the martial assets have been untangled so she has no ties to the Asshole(as we call him)anymore.  She moved last Spring out West, in with her daughter.  The house daughter bought was a clusterf*ck so it's been a whole different kind of stress living there but.........Sonya has moved to a place of her own as of last week and is enjoying the peace and quiet.  She's now at a place where she can heal emotionally and physically.  It's been a very long, rough journey since October 2017 but she is on the mend now.  I know she is in a better place in her own head because she tortured me yesterday with a text that it was 65F where she is living...the stinker!! ;-)

*  I finally jumped through all the hoops to sent for that P&G Beauty $15 Rebate Visa that ran from late Oct. until Dec. 31st of 2018(Your envie has to be postmarked by Jan 31st 2019).
Man, the crap you need to do and send to qualify for the rebate is such a hassle!!  It's hardly worth doing them anymore.  I have backed up my submission with copies in case they deny the rebate(which they did once to me a few years back which made me stop even submitting for these rebates).  If this one gets denied I am so over P&G!

*  Here one of the more innane ads I got in the mail end of 2018........

A handbag with my initials in a Louis Vuitton pattern.  Done is genuine imitation leather *snort*.  The purse if 14" wide and 10" tall and comes with a goldtone keychain with my name on it.
Only $139 + shipping and handling of gosh knows how much.  I rarely spent more than $20 for a purse......
What a bargain!  How can I refuse. 8-)))

*  Neither of my $20 Rite-Aid cards I sent for have arrived yet from the "Spend $50/Get a $20 R-A card Deal" earlier this month.  Anybody else get them yet??

*  I was looking at the fridge magnet Kim sent me for Xmas.  It's one of those vintage women scenes with a sarcastic caption...........

I think I am offended..........Kim called me a ham face!?!?

*  I am getting ready to do our end of the month finances.  I don't think my piggy bank will be happy when it's all written out......
There is always next month, right?

*  Strange fortune cookie fortune I got recently........

*  I have so much to do before Friday and it's not all going to get done.  I just can't seem to get my brain organized lately.
It might have something to do with weening myself off the crazy pill I take.  I need to get off this one for awhile to see if these tremors are related or not and have some testing done.

*  We got the reimbursement from the medical account(that pays our healthcare premiums)and it was $12.60 short.  Another phone call to those idiots and some one didn't included the vision part that we paid.  I just wish people could do their job and not cause issues for customers. ugh.

*  I got a lovely spam comment on my Birthday.  Letting me know all about a great moneymaking opportunity if I work for live girls dotcom doing webcam porn I could make up to $5K a month in my spare time.
Seriously?!  Nobody wants to look at this 60 year old body nekkid.......

*  I'll close with a gratuitous photo of Chester........

He has three beds....well 2 beds and a piece of fabric we call the Ex-Bed because he tore it up and pulled all the stuffing out.
Anyway, the brown fuzzy bed we call "the Girlfriend" because that's the bed he humps.  The grey bed is the one he got for Xmas this year.  He will carry the "Girlfriend" and try to put it into the grey bed and then have sex with the "Girlfriend".  It's hysterical to watch.  Kim's sister enjoyed watching Chester try to do this, especially since he didn't get the Girlfriend in correctly and his leg was on the laminate flooring while he was "going at it" so he had no traction.  Oh, it's just a three ring circus around here sometimes..........lolz

What's been happening at your place?



  1. Omg! too much to laugh with (at?) in this post :) I was wondering what the heck you were doing out in 1 degree weather!

  2. Bahahah...the lady we pet sit for has a dog with a stuffed turtle he humps. It's hilarious.

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  4. Thanks for the updates on Linda and Sonya Ann. :)

  5. Awwwwww, Chester! So cute. Your post brightened my day. It is only in the teens down here. Stay warm!

  6. The Chester story was a great laugh for this cruddy day!!

  7. Glad to hear Sonja is finally divorced and getting her life back on track. Geez this post has so much....humping Chester, web porn, rebates lol

  8. One thing about you Sluggy. We can always count on a good laugh!

  9. Woke up to -31degrees here this morning. Warmed all the way up to -20 degrees. I think one more day of this and then maybe on Friday we may make it up to 0 degrees. Heatwave!!!!

  10. Thank You for the update about Linda I am so relieved to hear what was going on. I suspected it was something like that.I sent her a card But did not hear back. I'll admit I checked her town's newspaper for any "news"

  11. I have it, we will put Chester on a web cam.

  12. OMG! This post was hysterical! 🤣🤣🤣

  13. OH MY GRAVY.... Classic post! Love you Sluggy!! PS.. what breed is Mr. Chester???

  14. Please give SonyaAnn our love and hugs. I'm sure this "life event" felt like an eternity to get through.

    Thanks for sharing all the fun tidbits that are sprinkled though your day. The laughs are so needed!!

  15. The last time I went to get my picture taken at the DMV. The computer that takes the pictures was down. Instead of saying that when I got my number, they gave me a number. Then told me after going up to the picture taking booth. It had been down for 2 hours. I wasn't angry and I am not complaining, but your story reminded me of how illogical they are.


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