Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Random Bits and Bobs

Lots of stuff to talk about but mostly no common thread and nothing worth an entire post so let's get crackin' with it! ;-)

*   First off an unexpected package arrived last week.  It was from one of the folks I sent a Xmas card to in Anne's card swap, "Treaders" who blogs at Random Thoughts.

Anyway the package was addressed to me but the back said it was for Hubs.
I had mentioned in my card to "Treaders" that Hubs' father's family was from Sicily and we hoped to travel there during out retirement.

Imagine the surprise when Hubs unwrapped a 2019 calendar from Sicily!  I think it made his holiday........  8-)))
Hubs is a big one for calendars. So thank you "Treaders" for your kind gift.  It is now hanging in a place of honor in the kitchen and Hubs has transferred all his important dates onto it.

*  Here is all the WAM(aka Walking Around Money)I ended the year with.....

Just short of $600.  At $100 per month that almost half of my WAM for the year.

*  And speaking of spending money(or not), I did buy myself a couple of things during the after Xmas sales.........

Rite-Aid had these two different Vera Wang fragrance sets.  I got a couple for real cheap during the Black Friday sale.  I figured I'd have one to give if I needed a last mintue "Oh crap! Someone's coming over and I didn't buy them anything gift".  I opened the other one and man, do I LOVE these scents!
So I decided to keep both for myself since they were practically free after sale/rebate/BC.
My R-A had 2 more left when they went to 75% off so I scooped those up too at $5.49 each.  There's where $11 of my leftover WAM went before 2018 ended.

*   Loved this fortune cookie..........

So true that!

*  Hubs and I have been taking advantage of no snow so far in January and just going out to stores to walk around and poke around in the clearance stuff.
Walmart was a boon for fun crap to check out...........

I have threatened all my family/friends on Facebook with these fuzzy/long john pajamas.  They are tacky cats and Xmas themed pjs.  That green panel is the back flap so you can do your bathroom business w/out disrobing.

*  My daughter loves a good ugly sweater.

I got her this one in 2017 for her December birthday......

Got that one because I couldn't find the one with the unicorn vomiting glitter..........

Anyway, Walmart has been a treasure trove of ugly Xmas sweaters this month.......

Mooory Christmas!

And who wouldn't want a Santa riding a Unicorn, ALL DONE IN SEQUINS!lolz

Or this one that lights up in case you get lost in a snowstorm.......

Or this one with tinsel and half a stuffed unicorn sewn onto the front.
Yes, I believe, I believe this sweater is butt ugly!!!

Hey, I even found a matching fuzzy hat for this sweater....

Though I did like THIS HAT much, much better.......

A different Walmart had these lovelies...........

Beer Mug Hats

And this one where I looked like a demented Christmastime Mad Hatter.........

And then there was this Star Wars hat, there was........

Why do I always screw my face up like that for photos??

*  I had some salad bits and pieces to use up, some almost expired grilled chicken strips and frozen cranberries to get out of the freezer so I tried my hand at making the Bob Evans Cranberry Pecan Salad.  Except I didn't use pecans and we had feta not blue cheese.
I found a copycat Colonial Dressing recipe(though they LIED obviously because it called for ACV and not white vinegar and celery seeds instead of poppy seeds)and made a batch.

Though not quite on point it was tasty and used up some stuff lying around the fridge/freezer.

*   I saw this unusual word on FB and am embracing the concept.

My whole life seems to be a coddiwomple.

*  Speaking of traveling I went to the Weis(PMITA)Markets in the town West of here.  They are a much larger store than mine and sometimes they have better meat sticker deals.
As I got back in the car I noticed all the trash lying around my car in the parking lot.  Usually at this time of year there is a permanent layer of snow covering the ground so it doesn't look at run down and nasty as the parking lot looked that day.

Lots of the usual sort of litter......cigarette butts, food wrappers, bits of plastic....

Is it me does anyone else see dental floss picks all over the place!?!  Everywhere I go I spy them on the ground...bleck!

And the worst thing......

Do you see what's in the center of this photo???
A condom.
A "used" condom.
I guess I should be happy someone is practicing safe sex but really?  Who has sex in a grocery store parking lot???  Such a romantic place to park and do the nasty with your honey, yes?

*  They are predicting we are going to get hit with two snowstorms this weekend.  Oh goody.  I can't wait! hahaha
At least it shouldn't be anywhere near like this one from the '90s....

Ok, that's about it from me.
Hubs and I have our 2019 financial meeting soon.  We'll wrap up 2018 and see how it went and plan out a few things going into 2019.
I'll report in on that after we have it.

What's everyone else up to lately?



  1. I see those flossers everywhere. I'm glad people have good dental hygiene but could they please throw them in a garbage can. I love the Yoda hat.

  2. Love the hats and sweaters!! I. too, see all kinds of gross trash in parking lots. People don't seem to care about trash all over the place anymore. And, coddiwomple--so funny!!!!! As an English teacher, I think that is a great word.

  3. Since days after Christmas, I haven't ventured back into the stores for clearance. I thought I got 75% off truffles for DD2's birthday, but they didn't ring up, and the store guy said, they weren't supposed to sell them. What?

  4. Love all the hats, but my favorite is the flamingo hat. Teddie

  5. Ah, the blizzard of 96. I remember it well. It came on my daughter's first birthday. Hope you don't get too much this weekend.

  6. Hi Sluggy, this is Chris. I was cracking up at all the funny pictures of you and hubs in the stores, and the commentary too. LOLOLOL!!!!!

  7. I was laughing at the hat pictures also. What fun to go and look at the odd clearance. If they asked me in advance I could probably tell them those would not be big hits at Christmas.
    Littler pisses me off. It is just as easy to put it in a garbage can as it is to toss it on the ground.
    Sex in a parking lot? Nothing says true affection like hot monkey love surrounded by grocery carts, I guess.

  8. love the hats & the christmas jumpers! thats so lovely to get the calendar of Sicily. We spent on day there and its beautiful, I hope you get to go and see it. That snow looks really good to me- we're in the middle of a record breaking heatwave here, can't wait for it to be winter.

  9. I'm LOVING the tinsel unicorn sweater. Now that is truly ugly.

  10. THat salad looks so good. And I love that your hubby got the calendar. THat was very thoughtful of the sender. :)

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    deal more attention. I'll probably be returning to read through more, thanks
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  12. Hi Sluggy, glad the calendar made it ok (I was afraid it would get all bent up in the post). I took myself off to Sicily in September for my 60th birthday (loved it) and accidentally picked up 2 calendars instead of one, so when you mentioned Sicily and your hubs I thought "voilà" and off to a good home! I'm really glad he liked it. Cheers. Anna

  13. The beer hat is perfect for St Patty's day!

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