Monday, January 7, 2019

Last of the Rite-Aid Shops for Last Week

Other than Wellness Wednesday I only made 1 more trip to Rite-Aid last week.

I did the "Spend $30/Get $10 Bonus Cash" Deal on select P&G items...........

2 x Pampers=$19.98
2 x Secret/Gillette spray deo BOGO50%=$11.05

I had 2 x $3/1 Pampers CatQs and $1/1 Secret and $1/1 Gillette deo Qs, so $8 off, but the Secret Q didn't come off so I got $1 back in a "post coupon" situation.

$31.03-$7=$24.03 paid with Bonus Cash.
I earned $10 in new BC back(the $1 for post Q)and submitted for a $5 Ibotta rebate(wyb both Secret and Gillette-or Old Spice-in a single transaction).
I can also sell those diapers, giving back $10 cash in my pocket so after all the chips have fallen this will be a $1.97 moneymaker(even with the tax).  ;-)

Then I spied a bunch of candy bars on sale for .69¢ last week with .50¢ off instant discount stickers on them.....these same bars also were part of a "Spend $12 o select food items/Get $3 BC" Deal.
Hmmmm.......Ex-College Boy's birthday is coming up next month and this would be lovely to stick in his gift box............

18 x candy bars on sale=$12.42
18 x .50¢ stickers=$9.00

Total of $3.42 paid with BC.
$3 in new BC earned meaning all these cost .42¢ total.

I am still on the fence whether to get anything at Rite-Aid this week since I have no BC expiring in the next 2 weeks.

It's being reported that the $5 Catalina for buying Huggies this week isn't working and that would have been the main thing I would have brought home.

We also didn't get either of the RetailMeNot inserts(aka Red Plum inserts)in our Sunday paper which means I didn't get any of  the make-up, fancy shampoo, etc. Qs that were in them.
The only other thing I can cobble together to qualify for the "Spend $50/Get $20 GC" Deal is a 4 cold/flu items(which I have L2CQs for), 2 Visines, 2 Finish dish tabs, 2 Aleve and a couple of the cheap new Snickers bars.
That would "cost" me $50.03(before tax)-$26 in Qs=$24.03 in BC and earn me the $20 GC and $12 in SavingStar cash rebates and there is a $2 rebate for the Advil cold symptom on a moneymaker after the cash rebates back.

I'll let y'all know if I do go to R-A later this week.  Maybe they'll get that Catalina issue fixed.....


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