Saturday, December 22, 2018

A Little More Rite-Aid & My Trip to the Surplus Outlet

I had 2 more $3/1 Cover Girl Qs so I went out yesterday and used them........

1 x Axe body wash 20% Wellness disc.=$4.63
1 x Axe body wash clearance=$1.44
1 x CG mascara clearance=$1.49
1 x CG eyebrow pencil 20% Wellness disc.=$3.83

Coupons Used
2 x $3//1 CoverGirl IPQ=$6.00

I also had the $1/2 Axe RA In-Ad Q but it's a beeper and the cashier decided that it beeped because one of my Axe items was on clearance so she wouldn't accept it.  WTF???
I know she was WRONG! but I didn't press the matter because this wasn't "my" store and some of these other stores have irrational "rules" and make shit up and I was just, "whatever, I don't care" at this point in my day.  I "could" go up to my store and show them the Q and my receipt(the fact that it was forgotten)and get a $1 post coupon.

Anyway, at this point my total after the $6 in Qs used was $5.39 +.33¢ tax=$5.72 paid for with Bonus Cash.

I earned back $9.00 in new BC($4 wyb2 Axe, $5 wyb2 CoverGirl)so even with the $1Q kerfuffle this was a $3.28 moneymaker.

So I wanted to talk about my Surplus Outlet from last Saturday.
If you have one of these types of stores(salvage/overstock/overruns/etc.)for food and household items it would behoove you to get it a look.
They are much like a treasure hunt since they have no regular inventory so you never know what types of items and what brands you will find.
Some of the items in these stores will be nearing their shelf life expiration(this won't apply for non-food items)so be aware of the difference of  "sell by" dates, "best if used by" dates and "expiration" dates.  Go HERE for some information on the difference and links to more FAQs.
I always use my own common sense and judgement(knowing the difference between all these labels)and always check the dates on anything I buy here.

I had a short list of items I specifically was looking for-tomato paste, a special cream cheese spread, panko and coffee for Hubs.  The kids have pretty much used up his coffee supplies and now are under orders not to use his coffee but to buy their own.  I am tired of the pressure of hunting deals on coffee and paying for their coffee in my grocery budget. lolz

This is what we picked up.........

Colavita Greek EVOO, 25.5 oz bottles for $2.99  This brand is reg. price of $10 or more for this size in the grocery stores around here.

I already talked about this deal-boxes of Knorr sides and meal starters for $1 per box(8 packets per box).  A tremendous deal!

A large bag of Martha White brand Corn Meal Mix for .89¢.  You don't often find this brand here up North but I grew up using it.

2 x 4 lb. bags of Yuban brand whole bean coffee for $8.99 per bag.  That comes out to $2.25+/- per lb.  Yuban is a brand Hubs knows and likes and being whole bean rather than ground the freshness will be better.

6 x Jet-Puffed marshmallow creme @ .50¢ per jar.  Still in date too.  I use this stuff in my Xmas fudge(well, one of the recipes I used)and it retails in the $1.69 range around here, rarely going on sale.

3 x Panko bread crumbs @ .79¢ each.
I prefer using Panko over reg. bread crumbs for breading meats/fish over regular bread crumbs(that is still the preference in meatloaf filler or corn flakes).  Panko can be ridiculously if not on sale for something that is just bread crumbs.

6 x small cans of tomato paste @ .15¢ per can.  In hindsight, I should have bought more than 6. 8-(
Tomato paste is ubiquitous in much of what I cook here.  I prefer small cans over large ones.

A 2 lb. bag of Jasmine rice for .89¢. This goes for at least double that at the grocery stores here.
And my "best" find was that 3 lb. tub of Philly cream cheese spread w/veggies for $2.99.

I have a favorite cream cheese spread made by John F. Martin(a Lancaster PA company)with roasted red peppers in it.  LOVE to eat this with celery as a snack or as a meal replacement.  The only place I can find it is at the Surplus Food Outlet and then, only infrequently.  I had hoped they'd have some on this trip but they didn't. 8-(((

The only other place I've seen this is at a Shursave Markets in Wilkes-Barre but they charge waaaay too much for it at their deli counter.

So I had a flash of brilliance LOLZ, got the 3 lb. tub of Philly and found a jar of roasted Italian style red peppers for $1.49 on the shelf at the Outlet.  Brought them home, put the peppers in the blender, then mixed that up with the Philly and voila!.....Cream Cheese w/Roasted Red Peppers, 3+ lbs. of it for a grand total of $4.48. 8-)))

I am off to make some cookies now. 
The Holiday Spirit is sloooooowly returning to me.  Thanks for everyone's comments the other day about my missing mojo and the crazy pill issues.

I went to the beer distributor yesterday while  I was out using up those Qs at Rite-Aid and bought a bunch of craft beers for the family and that seems to have picked up my "spirits"....pun intended.

I was standing in the store contemplating how I ever got to the point that I was Christmas shopping for my family(kids included)in a liquor store.  I didn't know whether this was s sad commentary on our life or funny as hell, picturing what my parents would have thought of this.

 Heck, from now on I'll just load the Xmas tree up with beer and wine for gifts as the family seems to appreciate that more than most anything else I give them plus it's easier on me. lolz

Have a great day even if you have to venture out on "Panic Saturday" as they are calling it.

Me?  I hope to stay home for the duration except for our traditional Christmas Eve Chinese Food dinner out.



  1. Wow, more great deals and prices, Sluggy. We are heading out to a family event tonight otherwise I would be staying in like you.

  2. Those are some great deals! Glad the Christmas spirit is making an appearance. We had talked about going out today to do something with the kids but decided due to everyone being sick this week and me being behind on everything to just chill at home. I managed to get all my wrapping done today so I call that a win!

  3. Chinese food on Christmas Eve is 'big' these parts. The chinese restaurant owners (no fools) make this a big hype to get in and book early.

  4. Hi Sluggy, Merry Christmas! I love reading your blog, especially your rite aid deals. After reading your post, I had to share about my coupon fiasco this week. Went to my not usual rite aid and was going to use 2 of the $3 IP for the covergirl brow pens. The cashier wouldn't take the second coupon because it had "one per purchase" in the fine print. I tried to explain I did purchase 2. Argh..... Then she thought she was doing me a favor because she would permit me to use one coupon. But as you know, then I wouldnt get my bonuscash. I took my coupons and went to another rite aid store. I just knew you would understand my pain. All couponers are not criminals and we do follow the rules! And coupons don't come out of their checks. LOL
    Well, anyways, Merry Christmas, enjoy your cheap pepper spread.
    Mary L. in Buffalo.

  5. I'm glad you're back in a groove that suits your spirit. The Knorr deal would have my hubs ecstatic.


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