Friday, October 26, 2018

Frugal Friday......the October 26th Edition

Here's the frugal stuff I did this past week........

*  We had a short vacation down in NC at the beach with my brother and his wife.  We rented an oceanfront suite of rooms in the OBX. 

The location couldn't have been better and we got a deal going in the off season(though it was still warm)and we split the cost of the lodging as well as shared a car down to NC(used our car, brother paid for the gas).

*  I found money!

A dime at the bbq place in VA we had lunch at and a nickel at a Dollar Tree in NC, both happened last Friday.

*  My sister in-law wanted to stop at thrift/consignment stores on the way back from the beach so I was forced to go look at stuff. lol
I did find 2 things to buy and spent $2 whole dollars on two potential birthday/Xmas gifts.  Sorry no photos of that stuff in case someone is snooping on my blog. lolz
 Next month I get to drag out my gift box and see what I still need to buy for Xmas gifting.

*  No Weis freebie last week as we were not here but I did find all this for 50% or 75% off......

*  My best Weis deals were these......

The pasta was .89¢ per box this past week and I used a store .50¢/2 Q so .64¢ per box.
The YQ yogurt was reg. price of $1.49(for 1 little cup!!)but I had a .30¢/1 IPQ that doubled to .60¢ off and a $1/1 store Q that came off and then a digital .30¢/1 attached to my card which doubled to .60¢ off came off as well so I "made" .71¢ buying this yogurt(the overage went toward everything else in my order that I bought that wasn't free.  ;-) ).

I also bought a pound bag of shelled walnuts for Holiday baking.  This was $5.99, a full $4 off the reg. price.

*  On the way back from the beach in NC when we all stopped for lunch Hubs and I shared a plate of bbq..........

Beef brisket, burnt ends, cole slaw, hush puppies and sweet potato casserole.  1/2 a plate was plenty to eat for each of us(especially those burnt ends!!!).

*  We stopped to see our elder son on the way home since it was right along the way.  We took him out to lunch and I used a gift card I'd had for ages hanging around which covered the whole meal and tip.

*  I thought my camera battery had died which would mean spending $$ to buy a new one.
But I figured out it wasn't the battery but the battery charger that bit the dust.  I tried my extra battery charger and it worked!  So glad I thought to try the second charger before I went and bought a new battery that I didn't need.

*  Since getting home last Saturday we've done a lot of sticking close to home, doing chores and relaxing and not going out or spending money(I did go to Rite-Aid but I didn't spend actual money there as usual.).  I've cooked all our meals(or we've had leftovers)and no eating out.
Go us! lolz

What frugal wins have you had this past week?



  1. You had a really great buy on the nuts! Around here they 2ould be $10 a bag. I usually end up purchasing three bags during the holiday season for goodies.Penny S.

  2. I posted yesterday, bur nothing too huge. My second hand parent show choir jacket was my splurge but also deal.

  3. My frugal wins were related to food - made a slow cooker full of chili which we ate for 3 meals as a taco salad and load baked potates. Leftovers into the freezer for when we need a quick meal. That was the only meat I used all week. I also made a pot of Greek lentil soup and a pot of mashed cauliflower and potatoes. Yum!


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