Thursday, September 13, 2018

Shit Show at the Rite-Aid Downtown

Monday was a heck of a day at Rite-Aid......and I mean that in a BAD way.

But not at MY Rite-Aid.  My Rite-Aid was out of products I wanted to get so I ventured to the downtown store.
It was reported that there were a bunch of clearance items in the pet care section at R-A so I printed off some Qs and went downtown.  I figured people who live downtown were less apt to have pets so there may still be pet clearance items left there.

I don't usually go there but when I did in the past it hasn't been too bad.  The people who work there are well known to have shitty attitudes and be unfriendly toward customers.

Now that's all in the past however because this trip was a major shit show.  It reminded me of the trip to Acme back in 2009 where the manager took the $45 in OYNO Catalinas that rightly printed out for my transaction from my cashier and refused to give them to me.  Story HERE if you don't remember that one.

So I went to the downtown R-A and attempted to buy this stuff..........

4 bags of cat/dog food.
1 Garnier shampoo
2 small household items on 75% clearance.
Also attempted were 2 Rimmel make-up products*not pictured*.

If you shop at R-A you know the drill at the register.  Present your Wellness card and then you choose yes or no to use any BC on your card to pay.  Cashier rings up items, you hand over any coupons, cashier rings those in and then cashier totals you out and you pay w/BC(or not).

Cashier asks for Wellness card, I choose use my BC on the screen, cashier rings up items and she totals the transaction out.
I am standing there holding out my coupons to use and she totals the transaction out!

Then I say, "You didn't take my coupons", continuing to hold them out to her.
Cashier says, "You didn't spend any 'money', your BC paid for it all so what's the problem?" and she tries to hand me the receipt.
I say, "NO, I want to use my coupons BEFORE the BC."
Cashier gets an attitude, "Well you pressed use your BC on the screen....why did you do that?"
Me, "Because I WANT to use my BC AFTER my coupons are taken off.  And you made me scan my Wellness card before you'd ring anything up. So now I want to return everything please and we can redo this transaction the right way."

*Cashier eye rolls big time and sighs.*

Then the Cashier attempted to do a return and had no clue what she was doing.  The manager(or I like to think she was an acting manager because she was almost as CLUELESS as the cashier about doing a return/refund)comes over and tries to help the cashier.

Every other time I do a refund/return, the cashier gives me the refund receipt and I can see that my BC is credited back to my card.

Well this cashier and manager wouldn't give me the return receipt or even let me see it, probably because it was such a clusterf**k so I had no proof that my BC was returned to the card and basically seeing these two nimrods,  I had no confidence that it was.

All I can figure is that instead of returning everything(I've seen my store's cashier do this a bazillion times.....they scan the items UPC, hit a key on the register, then scan the bar code on the receipt, then imput the refund price), she scanned each item then hit 2 keys on the register and scanned the item again-never scanning the receipt barcode.  It appeared like she was ringing each item up again then scanning it again to "return" it which basically took it off this "new" transaction and didn't have anything to do with the old transaction, so she ended up with a receipt 4 feet long that made no sense.

Anyway, cashier finished that nonsense and then started a new transaction to rering my items and with the manager standing over her she took "some" of my coupons this time-$8 worth.  She didn't ring up the $4/$20 transaction R-A Q I had first so my total was below $20 at that point(a second cashier standing nearby and listening in, at this point, chimed in that you can't use a $X off $XX transaction CatalinaQ with other coupons and then she said, "You aren't suppose to use coupons in a transaction where you use BC to pay.".

What planet are these people from!???!

And the Rimmel Qs always beep and have to be pushed through as they aren't coded correctly(a long time known problem among couponers)so cashier and manager wouldn't take them and the cashier "flung" them back at me.
At this point I just wanted to get the Freak out of there(because in my head the little voice was screaming "Bitch PLEASE!" and a few choice other things)so I didn't say a word and let them finish this transaction.
Total was $12.87(should have been $2.87 total if they had taken ALL my valid coupons)but now I couldn't use the card I had originally used because it only had $2.79 in BC left on it so I had to use son's card.  That's ok because it meant I got $8 in new BC on daughter's card for buying the Rimmel and 2 bags of dog food(the first card I had used)and another $8 of BC on son's card for rebuying everything.  $8 in BC I really didn't earn was the LEAST they could give me for enduring these morons.

So as the cashier bagged my items up, again!, I turned to the manager and said I need a copy of that return receipt in case my BC isn't back on my card tomorrow am.(BC refunds don't appear on your account until the following morning.)and I have to contact Corporate.  Manager again refused to give me a copy of the receipt saying, "I can't give you this, it goes in the daily paperwork."  I tell her I have NEVER NOT been given a copy of my refund receipt before and this is highly irregular!
Again she refuses so I take their names and tell them if I don't get my BC back and since I have no proof when I call Corporate I'll be coming back here to get a copy of that receipt and escalating this matter to your district manager.
The looks on their faces told me that didn't give two shitlets about any of this.

But the manager, believing herself to be ever helpful, took a green marker and hilighted what I was suppose to get back off my Bonus Cash.......

Wasn't that just nice of her?
No shit Sherlock.....I am not a moron like the rest of you.......

So I just KNEW my BC wouldn't be back on my account the next am. and guess what? wasn't.

So I called Corporate at 8 am, ready for a fight.  Explained to the CS person on the phone the problem and gave her the Store #/Date/Transaction numbers for both receipts and said they refused to give me the Refund Receipt as well.
CS person seemed very blasé about the whole thing, didn't ask any questions or anything and just asked for the Wellness card number then said your $21.00 would be back on the card tomorrow.  To which I said, "It was $21.35 specifically."  CS person said they can only credit in whole dollars so it would be $22 put back on my card.  I said fine and thanked her and hung up.
And yesterday morning my $22 did appear back on my card.

But when I got into the car and looked at my receipt I saw that the "Bitch Please! Cashier" didn't scan the $1 off peelie R-A coupon on that bag of Dog Chow(see it in the photo on the bag?).  So I went back into the store(UGH!!!)with the new receipt and that bag of dog food and told her she forgot to take off that $1.  BPCashier immediately calls for the manager to handle this $1 problem.  Manager plays around on the register for about 3 minutes(I am assuming she is trying to figure out what to do)and then just opens the register and hands me $1.
I take it and leave, shaking my head.

And yesterday I went and returned the 2 Rimmel items which the "Bitch Please! Cashier wouldn't take the coupons for as well(returned at MY store, no way I was going back downtown!), so what is pictured above it what I got and kept making my total BC spent $6.45 instead of $12.87 plus I earned $8 back in new BC AND $8 on a second card.
Was it worth it?  Yes and no.  I have to look at the upside.....I got 4 bags of dog food for nothing to take to the animal shelter.

Luckily there are 8 other Rite-Aids in my area(within a 30 min. drive)so I never have to deal with these imbeciles in that store again(unless I am feeling masochistic).



  1. I love your blog entry title. I also would avoid this place in the future. I think that someone unhappy likes to make others miserable too. Why do they care, just do it. UGGGGGGhhhhh

  2. 'Bitch Please' - Laughing my butt off!

  3. I used to shop at CVS all the time. After about the 8th time of having a problem like yours I stopped going. It would piss me off so much it wasn't worth it to me. 2 different managers from 2 different store were just jerks. I have a store near work that is ok. I should try it out again one day. Se if they got better.

  4. Ugh, that sounds like my Walgreens cashiers. Dealing with stupid people is one thing, but when they have an attitude too, it makes my blood boil. Glad you got the free dog food though.

    I didn't go to RA this week, because I've read that many RA wouldn't accept the Rimmel qs from customers.

  5. Walgreen's is the store with bitches. They are all young and talk to me like I am the village idiot.

  6. Oh my goodness!! You kept your cool much longer than I ever would have.

  7. We are going to have so much fun when we travel. knocking heads trying to race to the change on the ground. Tag teaming the rude clerks. We might even get a reality show out of this. You're going down "B".

  8. That is why I suck at the drug store buying game - I haven't got the patience for their convoluted ways...kohls is becoming almost as bad too....


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