Thursday, September 27, 2018

My Shops at Rite-Aid This Week

I went over to R-A on Sunday and bought this.........

I did the Weekly Rimmel Deal, the Weekly Chobani Deal and the Hello Toothpaste Monthly Deal.

4 x Chobani yogurt on sale=$4.00
2 x Hello Toothpaste 20% Wellness disc.=$11.66
1 x Rimmel mascara 40% off=$3.47
1 x Rimmel foundation 40% off=$3.17
1 x Rimmel bronzer 40% off=$3.95
1 x Rimmel eye shadow 75% off(clearance)=.92¢

Coupons Used
1 x $1/4 Chobani singles ManuQ=$1.00
4 x $3/1 Rimmel any product IPQ=$12.00
Coupon Total.......$13.00

$27.33-$13.00=$14.33 paid with Bonus Cash.
I earned back $12 in new BC(2 x $1 Chobani, 2 x $5 Hello).

Now I didn't know the Rimmel eye shadow was a clearance item, I expected it to ring up $2.21 or 40% off.

If it had I would have earned another $6 in BC as I would have hit the $12 purchase mark, so it was a surprise that I didn't earn $18 in BC for this transaction.

I needed to spend .49¢ more on Rimmel so I bought this..........

2 x Hello toothpaste 20% Wellness disc.=$11.66
2 x Rimmel eye shadow 75% clearance=$1.84
Total........$13.50+.09¢ tax=$13.59

Coupons Used
2 x $3/1 Rimmel IPQ=$6.00

$13.59-$6.00=$7.59 paid with Bonus Cash.

Except......the cashier didn't ring up one of my $3 Qs so I paid $10.59 w/Bonus Cash and she did a post coupon and I got $3 back in cash.

I earned $16 in new BC(2 x $5 Hello, $6 wyspend $12 on Rimmel).

On Wednesday I went back and did this transaction.............

I did more Hello toothpaste and Tums Deal on daughter's card/account......

3 x Hello toothpaste 20% Wellness disc.(1 on raincheck, so 1 was free)=$11.66
2 x Tums sugar-free on sale=$7.98
2 x candy bars on sale=$1.54

Coupons Used
1 x $4 wyspend $20 CatalinaQ=$4.00
2 x $1/1 Hello item IPA=$2.00
1 x $2/1 Tums sugar-free Load2CardQ=$2.00
1 x .75¢/1 Tums item IPQ=.75¢
2 x $2/1 Tums sugar-free receiptQ=$4.00
1 x .50¢/2 Snickers bars IPQ=.50¢
Coupon Total.......$13.25

Except I forgot that the L2CQ comes off automatically so my subtotal after that was $19.18, under the $20 threshold so I had to add 2 more candy bars to my total($1.54)bringing it to $22.72, then the $2 L2CQ coming off made the subtotal $20.72 and the rest of the Qs could come off my total.

Except.....the register wouldn't take the second $2/1 Tums receiptQ(even though I bought 2 of those)and it also wouldn't take the second Hello $1/1 any item IPQ(these Qs seem to be coded in such a way only 1 Q will come off a transaction even if you buy more than 1 of that product).
I had a new cashier who wouldn't push through those 2 Qs so she did a post coupon for them.

So my total was $12.47 paid for with Bonus Cash and I got back $3 cash for the 2 Qs.
I earned $17 in new BC(3 x $5 Hello, 2 x $1 Tums).

So the totals this week....
$37.39 spent in Bonus Cash
$45 in new Bonus Cash earned
$6 in cash received "Post Coupon"


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