Wednesday, September 26, 2018

A Little Rite-Aid Shop

Last Friday I did a small Rite-Aid shop on my card.

2 x Cremo body wash on sale=$9.98
2 x Cremo shave cream on sale=$9.98
2 x Snickers bars on sale=.98¢

Coupons Used
4 x $1/1 Cremo product IPQ=$4.00
1 x .50¢/2 Snickers bars IPQ=.50¢
Coupon Total.....$4.50

$20.94-$4.50=$16.44+$1.05 tax=$17.49 paid with Bonus Cash.

I earned back $10 in new BC and $4 in cash rebates($2 Ibotta for 1 of the body wash, 2 x $1 SavingStar for 2 Cremo shave creams), making this transaction a $3.49 "spend down".    Unfortunately the cashier didn't have any spare $4 wys $20 Catalina Qs so I'll have to settle for this instead of a "moneymaker" transaction after Qs/Rebates. sigh  8-)

I could have put the candy bars back since I didn't need them to get to $20 in spending(to use a $4 off Catalina the cashier didn't have)but I didn't.   I am sure Kim will take care of those chocolate bars when she gets here.  ;-)



  1. Love your explaination of your shopping. I have begun dabbling at rite aid. Your savings star how do yo redeem your rebates I just sign up for it. Have a good day


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