Friday, July 13, 2018

Frugal Friday.....the July 13th Edition

It's been a slow week here at Chez Sluggy.
Not a lot going on other than some food and toiletries shopping.

Here are the frugal wins this past week.........

* Weis last Friday's Freebie

A bottle of ketchup(or catsup).  We can always use this, if not as is, then in making some sauces.

*  We finally got the balance of the water service deposit from Louisiana this past week.  They charged us a $2.50 late fee for one month of service out of it.....late fee for a bill they NEVER SENT US!!  And they also sent the refund to the LA house and not here and those morons who bought the house sent it back to the water company even though they have our PA address and could have forwarded to us.  Hubs is so over everything having to do with that house and LA so we aren't going to fight them for that $2.50.  Washing my hands of that whole episode of my life. ;-)

* Getting paid in Bonus Cash to bring stuff home from Rite-Aid........

*  Big Lots haul plus 20% off prices, restocking some staples plus a splurge on clearance of hot cocoa mix and a sleeve of cookies..........

* Weis haul.............

Cheap meats(steak, good hot dogs, stuffed chicken and bacon)and a cuke, almost free yogurts, plus 6 containers of ice cream(not shown).

* I earned back $1.75 in cash rebates this week on the yogurts(Saving Star), Halo top ice cream(Ibotta) and the Ice drinks(Checkout51).  The Ice drinks rebate was especially sweet since they were free already.  ;-)

* The Wegman's haul which I didn't photograph.  The 6+ lbs. of ground beef became burgers on Day One, then I made 42 meatballs and a small meatloaf.  We had half the meatballs on Day Two.  The meatloaf and other half of the meatballs went into the freezer for future meals.  The pork butt I got will be smoked this week and be turned into a LOT of pork bbq by next weekend when eldest son is slated to come visit.

*  Gardening.........

I picked more lettuce this week as well as basil.  I also gave Brother in-law and Nephew some of both when they stopped by on Thursday.

Been staying home otherwise and enjoying the yard and doing a bit of gardening.  Here's the front bed with our jungle of tomato plants.  The flowers haven't done much filling in this season yet.

We planted petunias and coleus.  The only petunias that are really blooming are the magenta/purple ones though.  These striped ones we put in this year are pretty fabulous.

*  Already paid for food........

Tonight we'll use these gift certificates for food from a local restaurant.  These were won at a Church auction last fall so I paid well under what they are worth and it doesn't add to this year's spending.

That's about it for us this week.

What frugal wins did you have this week?



  1. I wouldn't try and get the $2.50 from the water company either, ugh. What a pain! We had a quiet week in our home too. I didn't even go out except to go to the post office. Only spending I did was to pay the auto ins and I did that online. I love online bill pay. Greatest thing since sliced bread. LOL

  2. Our power board that handles water payments has a notice on the bill that states the bill is due on due date even if you do not receive it. So, no fighting that!

    1. Well we set up "service" last Aug. and never got a bill. When Hubs stayed in the house in Feb. the water wasn't even turned on yet!!! It's run out a trailer by one woman....totally incompetent.

  3. I always put in for food GC when I enter raffles. I don't need stuff. I would rather have free food. You did really well shopping this week. And your tomato plants are looking good. I have a ton of baby tomatoes on my plants. I can't wait for them to turn red.

    1. Our won't start turning until well into Aug.

  4. I have never seen/heard of this sort of catsup. Is it any good?

    1. It's a house brand made for Weis Markets. Don't know who actually makes it. It's fine as ketchups go.

  5. Odd situation at RA. DH has my reward card on my key chain, and he's making his way back from our east coast place. I went to RA earlier, used my phone number with a cashier I typically avoid. DD distracted me, so I wasn't vigilant. Got my BC, but when I went back the next day to roll them over, I realized that I have TWO accounts, one bronze, one gold, and she put them on my bronze account. (Bronze account was from years ago, lost my wallet, switched everything, manager attached a new card to my home phone.) UGH! It was a good amount of BC--$12.00. Sure, I can roll it over on that card, but I don't get the gold discount. Even the assistant manager asked why this cashier would not have noticed this, as I am a frequent customer, and they all know I am gold. I told the assistant that I typically avoid this cashier, because she is fine for simple scans, perfectly pleasant, but beyond the basics, there's bound to be a problem, like THIS! Oh well.

    1. I have cashiers I avoid too. Just try to roll it on sale item greater than discount price items on that Bonus level card and I'll be ok.
      Have fun juggling multiple cards with BC tho....welcome to my world!lol

      I've got my own problems with two accounts that I can no longer access the L2C coupons even using three different browsers and nada. sigh


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