Friday, May 25, 2018

Frugal Friday.....the May 25th Edition

Let's see what frugal wins we had this past week......

*  Got the Weis(PMITA)Markets Friday Freebie last Friday........

Of course the digital Q didn't come off so I paid .50¢ for this.  I made Hubs get my money back when he had to go up to Weis later that day.  Hubs seems to have a way with the Customer Service lady....lolz

*  I already recounted the Rite-Aid porn.......

I spent down $5.38 in BC and earned back $1.25 in cash rebates from Ibotta for all this.

*  Here are my best grocery deals this week.....

8 cans of small size pineapple products.  On sale at Weis earlier this week for $1 each so $8 subtotal.  I had .65¢/2 Qs that were set to expire next week, which doubled to $1.30 off on 2 cans, making them .35¢ per can after sale/Q.  Nice.

I also made a rare trip to Dollar General this past week as I had a "$5 off $25 spent" Q that was good until Monday.  We needed a few household type things(drink pitcher, grill brush, coffee filters, camp chair though I didn't get the chair)so I combined those needs with a 12 pack of wet dog food for Chester $5.21(+ a $2 off Q for that one too), a bottle of  Gator-Ade for CB .48¢(+ a digital Q for that), 3 bottles of Snapple for CB to take to work($2.17)and 2 bags of candy for him for .86¢ ea., 2 cans of baked beans($2.58), 4 cans of canned spaghetti products($2.60), and 3 cans of Hormel chili($3.44).  I saved $11.75 on this $24.18 trip.
Even without a Q the Hormel was a very good deal at $1.15 a can. That's even cheaper than the Weis brand chili on Tuesdays when I get the 10% senior discount on it.  I may go back Saturday with another $5/$25 Q and load up.......the guys here go through a ridiculous amount of chili. lolz

*  I earned $2.00 back in Ibotta cash rebates for various items bought this week.....not the bigger rebates for buying certain name brands but just the little .25¢ here, .25¢ there type of cash back and $1 for the light bulb I got at Rite-Aid.

*  We finally got a chance to do Hubs birthday meal out.  We combined it with a Graduation dinner out for ex-College Boy. We've been trying to get this done since April but nobody's schedules aligned just right on a weeknight until now.
Ex-College Boy started his new job last Monday and he was tired(sure looks tired in this photo)but that didn't keep him from scarfing down his meal. lol
We went to Red Lobster....some place I rarely go to these days.  I bought gift cards for there last Fall on a Rite-Aid deal so the $ was already accounted for in last year's spending.
I printed off and used a Q for $4 off 2 adult dinners(like that hardly paid the sales tax on this meal!lol).
After the Q was applied the bill came to $80.71 for the 4 of us.

Gift Cards applied and I've got $19.29 left to spent there.
Of course I had to pay the tip out of my WAM but hey!, I hardly spend any of that so I had plenty left to cover it.

*  And finally...........

This was the best thing this week.  We received a bill for another year of insurance on the LA house.
I guess the billing department didn't get word in time that we don't own that house anymore.

$900+ I don't have to pay ever again!  WOOhoooo!!!

What good frugal things happened in your week?



  1. Not as frugal like you, BUT, my favorite store has some decent deals on meats. So I picked up 2 lbs of hamburger, boneless chicken thighs, and 2 packs of beef hot dogs. This is enough meat for almost all of next month for me. Ding ding ding...

    1. Good going Rhitter! I don't even want to talk about my grocery budget for May, it isn't pretty.....

  2. You did great. Your son looks like he could use a nap.

    1. Thanks for reading Marybeth C. It wasn't a stellar week for frugality(see my grocery spending. lolz)but it was decent.
      Ex-College Boy is a night owl but has had to work days lately so if it's daylight and he's up, he's sleepy. 8-))

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  4. Your son is so handsome I wish I had a daughter left to throw around, then we could be outlaws. Good savings!

  5. Since insurance is paid a year ahead to put into escrow account, you may be due a refund on last year's insurance. That was the way mine worked when i had a mortgage payment. Well, unless you gave that to buyers. I would check anyway.

    1. No, we paid cash for the house in LA, no mortgage or escrow. And yes we've already inquired about a pro-rated refund for about 8 weeks worth of insurance paid for already for 2018. thanks.

  6. HAH - I thought that chilli was called HORMONE Chilli and was going to ask you to send me a case!!


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