Saturday, April 14, 2018

Using Up some Plenti Points at Rite-Aid

Since I got that Gold Member Cat about getting $5 in BC for every $25 spent at Rite-Aid this Friday and Saturday and this week any Rite-Aid brand is 30% off,  I went up with my Daughter's card and bought all this.........

1 x Arizona drink 20% off=.80¢
1 x Starbucks ground coffee 20% off=$8.63
2 x Special K snack bars on sale=$5.00
1 x Nescafe instant coffee on sale=$5.99
1 x Purex on sale=$1.62 **
1 x Similisan allergy eye drops 20% off=$9.43
4 x R-A freezer bags 30% off=$9.76
2 x R-A flonase BOGOF=$19.99
1 x R-A benadryl 30% off=$5.45
1 x R-A maloxx 30% off=$4.40
1 x 3 pack R-A baby aspirin 30% off=$4.40
1 x R-A Jordan almonds 30% off=$2.09
1 x R-A peach rings candy 30% off=$1.39
2 x Underwood chicken spread clearance=$1.24
4 x R-A cotton balls 30% off=$6.96
1 x Craisins clearance=$1.59
2 x R-A scouring pads 30% off=$4.18
1 x HP ink cartridge 20% off=$23.99
2 x cases of H20 on sale=$4.88 *not pictured*

** For some reason the Purex which was suppose to be on sale for $1.99 rang up $1.62. Hmmm.

Coupons Used
1 x $2/1 Starbucks storeQ on package=$2.00
1 x $1/1 Nescafe IPQ=$1.00
1 x $1/1 Purex R-A snail mail Q=$1.00
1 x $5/1 Similisan ManuQ=$5.00
1 x $5/1 R-A flonase snail mail Q=$5.00
1 x $2/1 R-A benadryl snail mail Q=$2.00
1 x $2/1 R-A maloxx snail mail Q=$2.00
Coupon Total........$18.00

$27 BC came off so.....
$103.79-$27.00=$76.79+$1.64 tax=$78.43
I used $75.57 in Plenti Points so....
$78.43-$75.57=$2.86 OOP which was put on m R-A gift card.

I earned back $32 in new Bonus Cash(4 x $5 wyb $25 on anything in store, 2 x $3 wyb 2 RA cotton balls, $3 Similisan, $2 wyb2 Cleaning items, $1 wyb2 SpecialK).

The Special K snack bars have a free EOS lip balm offer on them so I'll send for that freebie as well.

Hubs wanted some instant coffee, I had a Q and it was on sale, so I bought that(and got a rain check for another jar since I have one more Q for it).
The Starbucks coffee was a no-brainer around here, $6.63 after instant Q on the packages and 20% off.
I am always on the look out for eye drops for College Boy and after sale/Q/BC the Similisan were $1.49(would have been a moneymaker if I still had the $3 rebate Similisan offer in my Ibotta).
All R-A branded items are 30% off this week(ends Saturday)plus R-A had sent me Qs in the mail for some items so these were all a good deal and the R-A flonase was BOGO on sale so paired with a $5/1 Q they sent me that was a GREAT deal. lol
College Boy is always looking for cotton balls to use in his vape tank so I got him stocked up for an OOP cost of .96¢ for all 4 bags after 30% off sale and $6 in BC back.
We needed new scouring pads so at 30% off + $2 back in BC I bought them.
My baggies supply was running low and these R-A ones were a great price at 30% off.
We always need bottled water around here.
The Purex will get donated to the food bank(they can always use laundry detergent).
I bought Hubs a printer ink cartridge for his printer as I use it often to print coupons and the price wasn't bad at 20% off.
I threw in a few clearanced food items we can use, a couple candies the kids like and I got the Arizona drink because I wanted to try that variety and I was thirsty(verdict-the watermelon is "meh".)

So I have $21.79 tracking toward another $5 wyb $25 BC reward so I'll go back today and "spend" another $3.21 to get that.
I also now have $65.88 tracking toward a $20 BC reward on this car/account.  I've got a load of BC on this card now to use before 6/12/18 so I'll hold off buying any more allergy tracking stuff on this card for a month or two(if I need something that tracks I'll use a different card and get the credit toward an Allergy Reward on that one instead).

The goal was achieved-use up my Plenti Points on this card.
One down, two more cards with PPs on them to go.  8-))



  1. You did amazing. I don't have a rite aid near me but if I did I would love them. I used to be able to do similar at CVS but they changed things around last year and now I only get a few things free or almost free. It was fun while it lasted. Have fun spending the points on the other cards. Hubby and I are off to work and play at a cancer fundraiser that his office is sponsoring. Hope we win some prizes. I'll let you know.

    1. Ooo! Good luck winning some prizes!

    2. We won a door prize, a Nespresso machine and 4 concert tickets! All the details are at

  2. My living in austerity means I can't have any fun. I only buy if I need it now. Blah!

  3. I bow to your Rite Aid prowess. The only thing I have done at Rite Aid is take advantage of the Purex offer, and peruse the 75% off Easter candy section, which was quite large in our store! I restrained myself, though, as we have a big adventure coming up, so I am in use-it-up mode.

    1. Ooo! Do tell what the adventure is!

    2. I think I made it sound more exotic than it really is. We are building a new house on acreage we own. It's a one-story floor plan, wheelchair accessible doorways, etc, with the thought that if we want to stay there forever, we can. In any case, it's a good reason to use up our stores of consumables, and free myself of unwanted items. Most of the family is on board with the latter, but that daughter of mine likes her stuff!

  4. What is amazing to me is not only can you figure this out to DO it, you can figure it out again to EXPLAIN it.....I honestly don't know how you can keep all that information in your head - I am in awe!!!

    1. I don't keep it all in my head tho....I have to write stuff down and plan and have alternate options sometimes too. I keep a paper with my BC and PPs listed(and when the BC expire)to keep trace of that.

  5. Cool that so many deals were specific to your needs. I'm sure you'll figure out their new scheme.

  6. Sam, I have figured out the "new" scheme as sit started Jan. 1. The problem was they made you use BC before PPs and usually I couldn't use the PPs as my totals were so low. sigh.
    Once they go to just BC it will be a lot easier for people to keep track though I don't like the BC scheme as much as the PPs one. Oh well....nobody at corporate asked my opinion. lolz

  7. Amazing! If we ever move closer to a Rite Aid, you could give lessons. We don’t get many coupons, either, which doesn’t help. (I used to dumpster dive for coupons, back in the day. My husband was not amused!)

  8. That is amazing! I am in awe of you and your Rite Aid deals, Sluggy. :)


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