Thursday, April 26, 2018

More Rite-Aid Shopping This Week

While I was in the town NW of mine scooping up some discounted meat deals at Weis I hit a different Rite-Aid.
I had 4 $3/1 Rimmel face item Qs and wanted to see if this store carried any of these items as my R-A doesn't.

I also needed to buy 1 more Visine to reach the $75 mark to earn a $20 Allergy BC Reward on my card.  I also had $2.41 tracking toward a second $6 Rimmel BC.

1 x Visine allergy 20% Wellness discount=$4.63
1 x Rimmel sculpting face kit BOGO50%=$6.49
1 x Rimmel insta flawless skin BOGO50%=$3.24

Coupons Used
1 x $2.50/1 Visine CatalinaQ=$2.50
1 x $2/1 Visine In-Ad R-AQ=$2.00
2 x $3/1 Rimmel face item IPQ=$6.00
Coupon Total......$10.50

$14.36 + .26¢ tax=$14.62-$10.50=$4.12

$4.12 in Plenti Points was used to pay the OOP.
I earned back $26 in BC($6 wyb $12 Rimmel, $20 wyb $75 allergy items).
This receipt shows I earned the $26 in BC and I have $25.72 available in BC Reward.
The receipt also shows I now have $17.92 in Plenti Points left on this card.

I have to tell you that this transaction did NOT go off without a hitch.

The cashier insisted on scanning my Wellness card first, then scanned the 3 items, then scanned the 4 coupons(1 Visine, 1 Visine in-adQ, 2 Rimmel Qs).  Before she got to the last Rimmel Q($3)my total showed $1.92.  She then said I had a choice of either A-not using that $3Q or B-she would "adjust" it down to $1.92.
Some days I should never leave the house and interact with the human race as I nearly let slip from my lips, "What planet where YOU raised on?!?" ;-)

I kept that little gem internally and said to her, "It's illegal to adjust a Q price so no you're not doing that and why would I buy this item if I can't use a Q on it....that makes no sense.".

So I told her to take my Wellness card off the transaction, use the last $3 Q and then we'd scan my card again.
Did all that and my total ended up being $4.12 which the Plenti Points attached to this card absorbed.
I earned $26 in new BC for this transaction($6 for the Rimmel, $20 Allergy Reward as my tracking hit $75 on this transaction).

You'll notice that on the receipt were it says "Available BonusCash Reward" I have $25.72.
That's actually correct as I have 2 x $5, $6 from Rimmel purchase on Monday,  2 x $4 from Burt Bees purchase on Monday and the $1.72 leftover on Monday when the computer took $2 in PPs and used .28¢of it and 'converted' the balance of the $2 to BC.
Add all that up and it's $25.72.
The next time I used this Wellness card/account my receipt should show I have $51.72 in Available BC Rewards.  We'll see if that holds up.

Then since I still had 2 Rimmel $3/1 Qs I bought this on my son's card...........

1 x Rimmel palette BOGO50%=$6.49
1 x Rimmel instant flawless skin=$3.24
1 x Rimmel stay matte finish 20% Wellness disc.=$3.99
1 x R-A flonase on sale=$13.99

Coupons Used
2 x $3/1 Rimmel face product IPQ=$6.00


2 x $5 BC came off and I was left with a balance of $11.71 + 30¢ tax=$12.01.

Then I had her scan my card after ringing up everything and applying the Qs again.
The $12.01 was absorbed by $12.01 in Plenti Points.
I earned back $10 in new BC($6 wyb $12 Rimmel, $4 wyb R-A flonase).

This receipt shows I earned the $10 in BC and I have $2 available in BC Reward(from the $2 I earned on candy bars last week-the 2 x $5 I used don't show as they were earned before last week when all your BC started going into a "wallet" whatever that is. lol).
The receipt also shows I now have $54.75 in Plenti Points left on this card.
The next time I use this Wellness card/account my receipt should show I have $12 in Available BC Rewards.

But again, this part of my receipt is incorrrect.  It shows I was awarded BC for the purchase of Rimmel(yes)AND I was awarded BC for the purchase of Allergy medicine(no).
Yes, I earned tracking toward the Allergy Reward but didn't earn a "reward" yet.

It is SO misleading by NOT HAVING THE AMOUNT OF BC YOU HAVE BEEN AWARDED FOR EACH  ITEM ON THE BOTTOM OF THE RECEIPT!  Someone who wasn't "with it" would look at this and think Hey! I've got an extra $20 in BC on this card because the receipt SAYS I do!  But they'd find out the next time they bought something that no, they don't have an extra $20 in BC.

Rite-Aid needs to go back to including the $ amount of the BC Award earned on this blurb on the receipt, especially until the Transitional phase from PPs to full on BC is over with!
Mike drop.

Your customers are really, really TRYING to stay with you Rite-Aid but you are making it very, very difficult!


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