Wednesday, April 11, 2018

March To-Do List.....Update

I have pared down my monthly To-Do Lists.  Between being ill for 2 months this Winter and not feeling much energy to "do" I felt it was better to have a smaller list and actually feel like I was accomplishing something rather than facing a long list of items I didn't get to when the month was over.

With that said, here's what I wanted to get done in March.........

*  Pay Bills  DONE  If nothing else gets done, this does.  I paid two irregular bills early/for the year and earned a small discount off the price of each bill.  Every little bit helps, right?

*  Read 1 Book  DONE
"Twain's End" by Lynn Cullen

This author is making a career of writing historical novels(taking famous folks and writing about their lives in a part historical/part fictional way).

Cullen is a very astute writer and this tome was interesting and enjoyable and dare I say-a page turner.  Having studied Samuel Clemens life a bit myself it follows pretty closely to whom he actually insecure, narcissist borderline megalomaniac in his later life  as reported from first hand accounts of the people who knew and/or loved him.
This tale is told from the perspective of his personal secretary(Isabel van Kleek)and her relationship with Mark Twain.  It's apparent after reading this book that one of the most beloved popular American authors of the 19th century was a personally tortured man who made those around him miserable.
I recommend this book.

I wanted to read two books and had the time to but after I got started on the second book in March I lost interest in that one temporarily and picked up a third book to read.  Then this month I took a different book to see our eldest son so now have three books started but not finished yet for April. lol
I forsee lots of reading this month.  ;-)

*  Purge Coupon Inserts  DONE   

 I went through my inserts and pulled ones that were 1 to 4 months old and had mostly expired Qs in them.

I clipped any non-expired Qs but only if they were for items I might use before their time was up.

And I tossed what was left.

On the last day of the month I also make a habit of purging the coupon envelope that I take to the stores when I go grocery shopping so that got gone through on the 31st.

I try to purge the inserts every third month or the things just pile up badly.
It's a good habit to get into, to purge the old paper on a regular basis.

*  Sell Stuff  DONE  I sold 2 items on eBay in wasn't much, but I'll take it!  I need to get things going on the local F/B sale site now that the weather is better.  I have shampoo and diapers to get sold. 8-)

*  Relist House in LA  DONE  The house went back on the market in early March.

*  Sell House in LA  IN PROGRESS  If everything goes as it should we will no longer own this house before April is done. 8-)))))

*  Hold Giveaway  DONE

*  Mail Giveaway  DONE  Marie won the box and I am sure the chocolate is all gone by now. lolz

*  Redo Passwords Book  IN PROGRESS  I did start on this but didn't get too far into the process.  It's just a tedious chore but long overdue.  Cross my fingers I get it completed in April!

*  Do Taxes  DONE  Actually Hubs did most of this.  He's taken over this chore since he's retired now.  He insists that we file electronically as he thinks that filing a paper return now sends up a red flag(as most people file electronically nowadays).  Not that we have anything to fear from an audit but you don't want to stick out like a sore thumb and get smacked with one if you can help it. lolz
Anyway, the taxes are done, filed and we've received a refund from the Feds.  Had to pay local taxes and state taxes in PA AND LA plus the cost of the software and filing fees(UGH)but even after these costs we came out ahead for 2017 $5K and change.  I was shocked it was so much but I'll take it. lolz 

*  Plan possible 2018 Travel  IN PROGRESS  Well we went into 2018 wanting to do a couple of trips(big ones)but they involved other people's plans/lives and things haven't worked out to allow us all to travel/see each other at this point.  So we are making alternative plans.  I have been in a funk this Winter and not much wanting to go anywhere far away.  We are working on a trip to the Canadian Maritimes(already been to New Brunswick)but I am still not "feeling it" as they say.  We'll see what we figure out.......

*  Work on 2018 Goals  IN PROGRESS  You would think that by now(a quarter of the way through 2018)we'd have our goals set for the year.
Ummm, no. ;-)
It's still a work in progress.  We've got lots of balls in the air around here.  Selling that LA house, College Boy graduating next month and what is plans are, Daughter still here for another year, where to live in retirement, etc.  We are still at a crossroads of sorts and still figuring stuff out.  Maybe I'll sit down with Hubs this week and narrow down some "life stuff" so I can make some plans or nix other plans.

That's about it for March so let's put that month in the books and forge ahead into April and all the possibilities in store.

What things did you get to in March that were on your To-Do List?



  1. I am just getting started blogging and just had my onemonthaversery. I am just looking at other blogs and stumbled across yours. Love the picture at the top!

    1. Thanks frugaldribble. I've put you on my blog roll as well so here's hoping your readership grows bigger!

  2. I get rid of the inserts as soon as I have cut what I want each week. Now, that is the plan, but with being ill, I have not done this weekly. After I cut the coupons from the inserts, the "getting rid" part is giving them to someone else. This last Sunday paper had coupons good until Dec. 2018. That was a big shock to me and the woman to whom I gave them. Have you found this yet?

    1. No, I didn't notice any Dec. 2018 expiring Qs in last Sunday's inserts. Of course, my region doesn't get a fair number of certain branded Qs.

  3. I really hope selling the house in LA goes through, I know it has been a pain in your backside and would leave your plate much cleaner with it gone. On to a healthier April!

    1. I am sure that getting this house GONE will improve my outlook greatly. I HATE selling houses and the fewer I have to do that will in my lifetime the better! lolz
      Once the weather gets better here I know I'll feel better too.
      Have fun on your adventure to Europe!

  4. We hardly get any coupon insets in our papers, so aggravating.

    1. There are certain brands we NEVER get in our inserts. I find a rarely use insert Qs, mostly it's the printed Qs that I use/need. When I realized it was going to be printing more Qs out, when our old printer died I bought a printer that takes black toner cartridges as they are much cheaper than real inkjet or laser cartridges.

  5. I don't really have monthly goals but I have been challenging myself to read more. I always loved reading but sometimes Moms forget about things they like to do. Lol. I read The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton and LOVED it and just finished To Kill a Mockingbird for the nth time. Kids had to read them for school, so I did too.

    1. There are some really awesome YA novels/books out there. I am not adverse to cracking one of those open even though my youngest is not 22. lolz
      Good on you for getting back to reading!

  6. I just started cutting coupons again. I cut what I use, and pitch the rest. I just get one set of coupons or whatever the Sunday paper has that week.

    1. I find it easier to mark the date on the outside of the insert and stack them on a shelf by my desk. I then go to a coupon database site(afullcup dotcom)after seeing what is on sale that week so I can pair a coupon with the sale price and then cut out what I need. That way I only actually cut out what I use from the inserts. Storing a few months of inserts isn't so bad and beats cutting out Qs I don't end up using. 8-)

  7. Glad you got your list done and really glad about the LA house. Now on to April and feeling better!

  8. I really need to do the coupon purge as well. I need to go thru the rest of Oldest Daughter's stuff and either box it up for her or give it away. I will hopefully be starting my veggie garden this weekend. Our taxes are done and we are waiting for our second check.

    1. We're suppose to get 70's this weekend so we might get manure down and the soil turned here but still too cold for planting.

    2. It is cold here too at night. I will be doing my snap peas and kale. Sorry should have explained better. Also starting seeds indoors and transferring into bigger pots. Its a start.


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