Sunday, April 1, 2018

Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone!



  1. Is there a coconut cream in that bowl? Children and candy, the two sweetest things around!

  2. I saw you said something about deleting your blog. DO NOT ever do that. I hope you were kidding. How else would I keep up with you and your family?

    I fell behind in reading everyone's blog, but I've done some catching up on yours now.

    I've started my blog back up (it was dormant for more than a year, I think), but it is TRULY boring (not just boring as in the title of your blog, because your blog is full of travel adventures, cute doggies etc. and is NOT boring.) But I'll do what I can do, and maybe it'll get better with time. Better than being silent indefinitely.

  3. Happy Easter to you too dearie !

  4. Happy Easter to you too, Sluggy. :)

  5. The fruits of your bargains-three beautiful offspring and a bowl of Russell Stover.

  6. Happy belated Easter Slugs. I miss you.


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