Saturday, April 7, 2018

Frugal Friday....the Day After, April 7th Edition

A bit late on this due to traveling and computer issues(mouse issues really thankfully)but here goes my Frugal Friday week wrap-up........

*  I paid the real estate taxes early so I got a $ discount on that bill.

*  On Thursday I found money!

A dime on the floor at Hardee's in Fredericksburg.
Of course I picked it up and kept it. ;-)

* Last Friday(Mar 30)I brought home the Weis Freebie on Friday item........

A carton of Chicken Broth(low sodium variety).  The digital coupon actually worked that week!

* I also got back the $1.50 I was overcharged for the previous week's Freebie item, a bag of shredded coconut on that trip.  There were 2 digital coupons attached to my loyalty card for this item and the $1 off one came off, not the one that made it free.

* I paid the sewage bill.  This was frugal in two ways....1-I paid it in full for the year and saved a bit of money doing that and 2-I dropped the payment off at a local bank where the sewage company has their account so saved a stamp/envelope.  These may be small ways to save a bit but it all adds up, doesn't it?

* Hubs' birthday was on Thursday.  Instead of buying him "stuff" I gave him my half of the gift cards our eldest gave us for a Xmas present a couple of years ago to a beer store and a liquor store in Virginia.  While we were visiting our eldest son there for a couple of days this past week Hubs got to go pick out $100 worth of alcoholic beverages he wanted.....and it didn't cost me/him anything. lolz
This meant no "stuff" in the house to contend with/declutter in the future since this was all consumables.

*  I also sold something on eBay last week. 
3 tubes of discontinued Nexxus shampoo that cost me nothing.
I sold another thing the week before.............
....a small discontinued Lego set but forgot to include in on that week's Frugal Friday post.  So 2 items out of the house and $29.14 in my pocket after selling fees and what the items cost me to buy.
I also got a lowball offer on some Star Wars lego sets but I'll wait for Xmas time to sell them for full price since they are small and I have room to store them until then. ;-)

*  I also made a few trips to Weis(PMITA)Markets this past week and spent money, including on all this........

I'll write up a post about all my Weis deals later today.  This was just the tip of the iceberg and I don't want this Frugal Friday/Saturday post to be consumed by my Weis adventures. ;-)

So what did you do that was frugal lately?



  1. It never occurred to me to "regift" gift cards!! What a great idea - I'm going to empty out my wallet! Thanks Slug!

  2. Left WM with two roma tomatoes after returning an item. I allowed nothing to tempt me.

  3. My favorite store had a wonderful deal on spare ribs and avocados. I make my own BBQ and rubs. I also got $3.00 credited on my iBotta account. Today I will be going thru the pantry and fridge to make a meal plan so that I can cut down on the grocery budget this week.

  4. The small ways of saving definitely add up, Sluggy. What a great bday gift for your hubs, I love it! Good job on the ebay sales. :)

  5. It was one of the hardest things I had to do but I walked out of Hobby Lobby with ONLY the 4 skeins of embroidery floss I went in steps, baby steps....

  6. I used coupons ( a few) on today's shopping trip. It has been a while since I have incorporated coupons both store and manufacturer, into my shopping trips.

  7. I only found three pennies this week. After spending a small fortune on car repairs, and needing more work when the right part comes in, i’ll take the three cents! (We have a car fund but jeeeze!)
    Our local credit union also takes a few statements in lieu of mailing. I take advantage every month!

  8. Returned a shirt that I decided I didn't love or need. $13 back.
    Went to a large kids consignment sale, free ticket to get in, sil drove, only spent $4 on a pair of $$ Hollister shorts.
    Combined coupons/ibotta/shopkicks for a couple moneymakers.
    Had so much Easter leftovers that I skipped a regular grocery shop.
    Babysat for some pocket money.
    Pretty good week! :)

  9. You know every little bit helps. I did not always believe this but I am starting to see this now.

  10. Happy belated birthday to your husband. Sounds like you had a good week. We went to visit our oldest daughter in Maryland. We did manage to save some $ by staying with her and going to the Aquarium that she works at. The rest of my list is here:


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