Sunday, April 8, 2018

Calling All My Canadian Readers for Travel Advise

While driving home from Virginia Hubs and I did some thinking/talking about where to head this Summer and/or Fall for a trip.

And Canada(Eastern)seemed to be the place that we circled back to.
I've been to Ontario four times and Hubs and I took the kids to New Brunswick one Summer, oh, and there was that spontaneous trip to Campobello Island on a coastal Maine excursion before we had kids.
And my family went to Montreal in 1967 to the Expo '67 shindig.

We'd really like to go to Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia and maybe even Newfoundland, all provinces we haven't seen yet.

Here's why you, my beloved readers come in with your advise. 
When is the best time to go to these places?
What are the "must see" things/places to go?
What are things/places to avoid?
Is the CAT ferry(Portland ME to Yarmouth NS) worth the money and is the St. Johns NB to Digby NS ferry worth the price too(rather than driving the whole way to NS)?
Where are the best places to stay overnight(good but frugal)?
And who wants to meet-up with us?

Either leave a comment on the blog or email me privately.

Now I am off to buy a new FUNCTIONING computer mouse.
Mine lived a good, but brief and hard life.  Well it did get a LOT of use! lolz



  1. You are picking a beautiful area of Canada to visit, one that is still on my list of places to travel so unfortunately I can't answer your questions - but - your dollar goes far here and the seafood is fabulous so I am sure you will have a fabulous time!

  2. I’m not Canadian but i’d like to be one. I’ll be looking for all the recommendations you get; i’d love to see that part of the world, too!

  3. Do you read the blog The Blessed Hearth? She post beautiful pictures and probably could give some great advise for where and how to go. Check out her blog.

  4. I think you'll find that Newfoundland is a bit too much to add to your trip if you're planning on seeing the Atlantic provinces. It's a 6hr ferry ride from North Sydney in Cape Breton to Port aux Basques, and then an 11hr drive across Nfld to the capital of St. John's, or an 18hr ferry ride from North Sydney to Argentia (which is 1.5hrs from St. John's). Newfoundland is a big province and in my opinion, a trip on it's own. It's totally different from the rest of Atlantic Canada, but in a good way. If you've got 3wks you could drive up and enter NB from Maine and take the Digby ferry across to NS. You could spend a week in NS driving around the province and end up in Cape Breton, take the ferry from there at Wood Islands to PEI. You could spend another week on the Island and then take Confederation bridge to NB. There's lots to see in NB, spend the a few days in northern NB which is mainly French, and a few days in southern NB which is mainly English. If you're planning on coming in the summer I would start booking my B&Bs now as they fill out quickly, especially on PEI. The weather in the Maritimes is great (can be hot & muggy), the food is great, and there's lots of festivals and things to see & do.

  5. A small hint if you are planning to go to PEI. You pay to get off the island and the bridge is cheaper than the ferry. We always take the ferry over and bring the bridge home.
    Depending on when you are going, the weather will be cooler than you might think. We have gone more than once in late August and it was often not short weather.

  6. Some other thoughts from one who is from the area but lives in Ontario now...I like the above suggestion to drive to New Brunswick and take the Digby Ferry over. The CAT ferry is pricy and we have always found the timing off. We can drive around just as easy as waiting for the boat to leave mid afternoon. It's a bit of a drive though Maine but lots of Marden's on the way:) Cross over at Houlton ME and then spend a day in Frederiction. Stop at the local brew place, Picaroons, and maybe do the farmers market and walk around the Old Solider's Barracks. Next day drive down to Saint Johns to catch the boat to Digby. In Digby have some of the famous scallops. Drive up through the Annapolis Valley and stop at the many, many breweries, wineries and ciderys. There is a store very like a Mardens in Berwick NS called Bargain Harley's. Have Lobster from the Lobster Pound in Halls Harbour and maybe spend the night in Wolfville, NS. It's a small university town. Next day head to Halifax. Spend some time here. Come in late June to see the Nova Scotia Tattoo which is pretty famous. Walk the water front. Maybe spend a day and go out to Peggy's Cove. After a few days head to Cape Breton via Truro and New Glasglow. The big things to see in Cape Breton are the Cabot Trail, Louisbourg,and the Alexander Graham Bell Museum. Love Louisbourg, it is rebuilt so of like they did at Williamburg VA but it is at the end of the world it feels. Alexander Graham Bell is museum is really interesting and Baddeck is a great place to stay. The Cabot Trail is pretty...trees and water and water and trees. From Cape Breton you decide if you are going to take the boat to Newfoundland or come back into mainland NS and go to PEI. The crossing to NFLD is as mentioned above, at least 6 hours. On the west side of the island you could visit Gros Morne National Park but the main city is way on the other side of the province. Depends on your timing if you want to include it. If you instead go to PEI cross over on the Pictou Ferry and head for Charlottetown. Stay there a night or two. Maybe head up to Cavendish if you don't mind crowds and know something about Anne of Green Gables. Or want to see the beaches up that way. Come back over the bridge as it is pretty amazing. Stop over in Moncton if you want to some shopping. I fear though that prices will discourage you. Food, lodgings and shopping all see to cost a lot compared to the US, though the exchange is currently pretty good for you! So come sometime between mid Jun and mid Sept for best weather. List of interesting museums is under Nova Scotia Museums. Everything information wise is under for that province. PEI is small but full of things to eat and drink. Lots of tourists in the summer. New Brunswick has some treasures to see and lots of history. If you have any ancestors from the area the Nova Scotia Genealogical Society has offices in the Halifax area. Anyway, some ideas for you.

  7. I live in beautiful Alberta so some day you'll have to visit Alberta & B.C. with our awesome rocky mountains.

  8. For timing, I'd recommend what we called the "shoulder season" when I worked in tourism in NS: from just after the Victoria Day weekend in May to the end of June, then from Labour Day weekend to the end of September. Everything's still open (although some places only operate 5 days a week) but school's in session so the crowds are greatly reduced.


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