Sunday, April 15, 2018

A Little More Rite-Aid on Saturday

So I went back to finish off a $5 wyb $25 Deal as I had $21.79 tracking toward that on daughter's card...........

5 x assorted candy bars Hershey on sale .69¢=$3.45
I  used 2 Qs($1/4 Hershey RA snail mail Q, $1/2 Hershey Gold ManuQ) so $1.45 Total.
A $1 Bonus Cash came off so I put the .45¢ OOP on my Rite-Aid gift card.
I earned a $5 wyb $25 BC as the tracking was then $25.24.

I also bought all this on my card(the candies were bought in a separate transaction but it's easier to blog about together)......

2 x R-A flonase BOGO sale=$19.99
2 x R-A claritin BOGO sale=$29.99
1 x Thermacare wraps 20% off=$6.07
2 x MandMs on sale(.49¢)=.98¢
2 x Hershey Gold on sale(.69¢)=$1.38
2 x Barlow's beard oil 20% off=$14.38
2 x R-A q-tips 30% off=$4.88

Coupons Used
$5/1 R-A flonase L2CardQ=$5.00
$2/1 Thermacare PeelieQ=$2.00
$3/1 Thermacare R-A snail mailQ=$3.00
BOGO MandM ManuQ(took off reg. retail)=$1.15
$1/4 Hershey candies R-A snail mailQ=$1.00
Coupon Total......$12.15

$77.67 + .43¢ tax=$78.10

$35 in Bonus Cash came off this card($20, $10, $5) so $30.95.
$30.74 in Plenti Points were used and .21¢ was put on my R-A gift card(for the candies as I bought those separately and couldn't use PPs for an amount under $2)to cover this total.

I earned back $28 in Bonus Cash(3 x $5 wyb $25, 2 x $5 Barlows, $3 wyb2 R-A q-tips)and I have $27.09 left in PPs on this card.

The only transaction I did on my son's card was this one......

2 x Hershey's layer bars on sale=$1.38
2 x Reese's cups on sale=$1.38

I used a $1/4 Hershey's bars R-A snail mailQ and a .50¢/2 Hershey's layers ManuQ so $1.50 off but a $1 Hershey's L2CardQ came off too so $2.50 off leaving me a total of .26¢ to pay which I put on my R-A gift card.

I didn't try to spend down PPs on this card or earn any $5 wyb $25 deals.  This card still have $66.76 worth of PPs on it.
After this coming week, when the BC system lets you elect whether or not to use Bonus Cash, I'll start spending down the PPs on this card.
Looking forward to seeing how R-A handles this choosing to use or not use your BC......



  1. Hershey's Gold make me drool. I think I quit eating chocolate and switch to those.

    1. I meant to say, "I think I could quit eating chocolate and switch to those--Hershey's Gold."

  2. I sometimes get confused are you trying to find things at the best prices possible or trying to get the month's budget in line? The sweets made me think just not buying any would be a better bargain?

    1. Lately I am trying to use up Plenti Points before they are no longer worth anything in July. Guidelines for buying things at Rite-Aid include....will it be free and can we use it? and will it give me points back for that particular purchase. Both these figure into what I buy.


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