Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Our Trip too Maine August 2016....Part 2

* Part One of our Summer Trip to Maine is HERE

We slept well(after the party next door broke up).  No a/c needed usually in Maine in August(except for a 2 week stretch that month from past experience)and the motel had no a/c anyway.  This motel is on a small island and the ocean bay breezes plus a room fan are enough to keep you cool most days/nights.

So what did we do on our first full day in Maine?

 Well we drove back over all those bridges back to the mainland to town to pick up some provisions.
The motel did not provide a free breakfast.  They had juice and coffee only.
We hit Dollar Tree and Walmart and picked up some snacks, fruit and drinks.

I did however leave this questionable item in the store.....Larry the Cable Guy endorsed frozen Biscuits & Sausage Gravy.
Ick.  Note the "open GRUB here" tab on the package. lolz

We saw a Goodwill store in town so we decided to wander around in there since we had time to kill before our big activity of the day.

This is one of the strangest items I've ever seen in a thrift store.  A handmade miniature replica of Stonehenge.

I also saw a really big teapot that declared that "one cup is never enough".
Truer words were never spoken.....

We decided to head back onto the island for an early lunch as we hadn't had breakfast.

 Some spare floating dock pieces along the side of the road.

 A cute little old fashioned schooner bobbing in the water.(More on that boat later.)

A big passenger ferry cruising through the bay.

 We decided to have lunch at Cook's Lobster House Restaurant in Garrison Cove on Bailey's Island.  It's been here since 1955.  It began life as a take-out shack like so many others that dot the coast of Maine, started by Maurice Cook.  By the time I spent Summers around these parts it was a full fledged restaurant.  New folks bought the place the year before our visit and renamed it Cook's Lobster & Ale House.  (Ale Houses are just so trendy now.)

 We sat in the "pub" aka the bar and ordered a seafood lunch.

 Of course, because it's now an "Ale House" Hubs had to get a flight of local brews.

Here's me and my new BFF.  I wonder what this fella weighed when he was caught? lol

So after eating we had to hurry down to the shore.  Hubs had to move the car and then we walked over to the wharf.

This was where we got on that schooner I showed you before.......

Because our activity for that day was to take a cruise on a old fashioned schooner sailing ship.
Pretty cool, huh?

I have been on a lobsterman's boat before(one of the local actors at the Summer theatre also was a lobsterman)but never a wooden schooner......well except for that time when I was little and they had a replica schooner in the Norfolk Botanical Gardens which was part of a pirate adventure deal for kids.

We booked a 2 hour cruise on Schooner ALERT.

I love this shot I took on board.

More on the schooner cruise next time.



  1. Sounds like a fun day...I would like to get to Maine some day..and Quebec just over the border. Maybe a combo trip

  2. I like the way you tell your story. :) Can't wait to see and hear more!

  3. I am glad this turned out better than the "three hour tour." It all looks interesting.

  4. I think Stonehenge is a school project. I would have bought that. Seeing Stonehenge is on my bucket list.


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