Tuesday, February 27, 2018

More New Cashier Fun at Rite-Aid....Yay!

I had to go out for a Sunday newspaper so I went up to Rite-Aid so I could get the cheapies/freebies and a paper in the same trip.

And New Cashier was on duty....again!

I picked up some items that are part of the "Food/Drink Spend $10/Get $3 Bonus Cash Deal".

I bought 2 x bottled water(Nestle)2/$6 and 2 frozen pizzas(DiGiorno)2/$10.
Except I tried to use a rain check I had for the pizzas and that's when the wheels flew off my bus. 8-P

The rain check was from the Plenti giving days when they were on sale $3.99 each and gave back $1 PPs, so should have been $2.99 each now.
The NC rang one up correctly at $2.99 and the other one incorrectly at $3.99. ugh.

So my subtotal was $12.98 and then after a $1/2 Nestle water Q it was $11.98 but it should have been $11.98 and $10.98 after the Q.

I also bought this stuff which was free or a moneymaker after sale/Qs/BC given back......

4 x Yardley soap BOGOFree=$3.38
1 x GE LED light bulb=$7.99
(add in the $11.98 from above)
Subtotal for all.....$23.35

I had a Load2CardQ for $5/1 GE light bulb so $23.35-$5=$18.35
I slew of older BC came off, including an $8 BC I wanted to use up before it expired, leaving me with a grand total of .35¢ due OOP.

I earned back $10 in new Bonus Cash(2 x $2 Yardley, $3 GE, $3 wys $10 Deal).

And I now have $2.98 tracking toward a second $3 wys $10 Food/Drink Deal.  I'll most probably pick up 2 more cases of water(I have another $1/2 Q)and 2 .69¢ candy bars to get me over $10 again.
After tracking/sale/Q/BC earned those 2 cases and 2 bars will "cost" me $3.38 total in PPs.

I then had to get $1 back for the overcharge on the pizza so they just handed me back a buck.
I am "down" $7.35 in BC/PPs for 2 cases of water, 2 pizzas, 4 bars of soap and a light bulb.

I also bought the soap and light bulb on Daughter's card too.  Rinse and repeat.

4 x Yardley soap BOGOFree=$3.38
1 x GE LED light bulb=$7.99

I used $5/1 GE light bulb L2CQ so $11.37-$5.00=$6.37.
$6 in Bonus Cash came off and I paid .37¢ left OOP on my R-A gift card.
I earned back $7 back in new Bonus Cash(2 x $2 Yardley, $3 GE)making this transaction a .63¢ moneymaker.

I used $35 in BC on my son's card when I bought 3 boxes of generic Mucinex for the household.  Didn't mean to use it but my brain isn't firing on all cylinders lately. ugh.
So no point in doing the Yardley soap freebie since I have no BC on that card to use/roll.  I could use some PPs though.....that may or may not tempt me to get 4 more bars of soap.

Tomorrow is another Wellness Wednesday at Rite-Aid.  I need to refill an Rx so I'll go take a look if there is anything free/moneymaker then with the one day Qs.

I'm off to go take another nap now.  Short bursts of activity and taking care of the dogs is about all I can muster right now.  This "ick" is a long slow slog back to health........



  1. Sometimes, you confuse me. I do think right now that my brain is not firing on all cylinders and needs a nap.

  2. Well, sick or not, you’re still pretty much on task when it comes to running the deals! So impressive!

  3. Oh the crud has lingered in your house-so sorrry. I'm glad you found Mucinex with a deal.

  4. hope you feel better soon. love reading about these deals - amazing!

  5. This crud that is going around is nasty and takes time to go away. I had it and it took me almost 3 weeks to feel better. The only thing that helped me was resting. Hope you feel better soon. Teddie


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