Friday, February 9, 2018

Frugal Friday.....February 9th Edition

Not much to report in on this week, but here it goes.........

*  Hubs and I used a voucher for a local Mexican restaurant on Monday for lunch.  The tab came to $4.91 more than the voucher and adding in the tip the meal cost me $10 of my WAM.

Speaking of WAM.....This how much WAM I ended January with--$130.  Add in my $100 Feb. allotment and subtract the $10 I spent on Monday for lunch and I'm down to $220 to spend this month(as any leftovers are rolled into the next month.  Hubs however never has any leftovers.  I am sure Hubs is down to his last $50 for February by now. lolz

*  A trip to Rite-Aid on Wednesday which netted me $7.50 in cash rebates on this haul.

*  Other than grocery shopping(shopping loss leaders and a few needs)and lunch out on Monday no other spending happened.....if you don't count the 5 books I bought at Ollie's(the cost of which-$12.70-will come out of my WAM).  There were a few food items clearance priced at Ollie's I picked up too.....

2 boxes of Archer Farms(target brand)K-Cups for $1 each.  75% off
3 bags of Aunt Jemima cornmeal for .25¢ each.  75% off
The cornmeal will go into the freezer until needed and should yield quite a few pans of cornbread.

And I already showed the discontinued dish soap score at Weis.......

.62¢ a bottle.

*  We don't "do" Valentine's day here.  Having said that those Russell Stover chocolate hearts are 2 for $1 and there are $1/2 Load2CardQs valid until Saturday on our 3 cards.  I've gotten 2 hearts already on one card and will go back before the Qs expire to pick up 4 more chocolate hearts for free.  All my folks living here will get a couple of choccies from me.  8-))

*  We have no plans to go out anywhere this weekend.  Staying home saves money on gas for the car at the very least.  We'll find ways to have "fun" at home.   Maybe I'll pull some fabric from my stash and start work on that buffet topper/runner I want to make.  ;-)

What's been going on in your frugal world lately?



  1. Screaming deal on the AJ cornmeal-nice! My current focus as far as grocery spending has been about $20/less a week for must haves and then, depending upon my reduced monthly grocery alotment, picking up deals as I come across them. FL nat OJ was $1 out the door today, Hood sour cream $1.09 pint, Egglands best large eggs $1/dozen, Chicken of the sea ck lite tuna 69 cents. Great deals.

  2. Had a not-so-frugal week unfortunately. Vet bill for sweet Lily and new glasses pour moi! Oh well, there's always next week.

  3. Nothing is frugal with a teen in the house, but I'm doing no unnecessary shopping-wait, I splurged on a Subway salad on Wednesday as I got a $1 off coupon in my texts. So a frugal splurge?

  4. It could be a frugal weekend but with Valentines day coming up and Robb always looking for a chance to stay at a hotel sans kids, we're going on a date this evening and staying at the Embassy Suites. He got a deal... :) and the made to order breakfasts there are to die for!

  5. I got a few good bargains this week which always helps - $35 worth for free using a $20 survey voucher & 2 BBQ chooks for $6 each, less than half price. determined to get my bill down this month!

  6. Hi Sluggy, this is Chris. I had a great run at Meijer today. They were having the 10/10 get 11th item free, and this time there were several things that we use that were included in the sale. They also had pork chops for .99/lb, so I got a big package of those. My store is remodeling so I had also received a $10 off your $50 order coupon in the mail. I also had a store coupon for free eggs, and some other store q's also. I paid $49.16 and saved $59.84.

  7. Scored a 6 month supply of my Daiya cheese at 50 percent off.

    Planned to pay for a coworkers going away lunch at Chipotle with a gift card. Cashier overheard and gave her free lunch.

    Paid an extra 1k on the mortgage on the 7th so happy week for me!

    Jen G.

  8. Made a meal that lasted for one dinner and two lunches. Made a batch of quinoa, chicken and veggie for lunches next week. Food shopping is going to be minimal this week. Just need to get a few items.

  9. Neither TheHub or I spent any WAM cash for the last couple of weeks and we have done nothing that was not free. We went out to eat tonight at a Soul Food Caribbean Fusion Place. It was very good, but cost more than 4 bucks and change. We are not big Valentine's folks either. I will toss something on the grill and we will give each other cards (I got mine for 50 cents at Dollar Tree, but that 50 cents comes out of the gift budget. If I am feeling really kind I will snag him a box of Turtles, but only if I find them somewhere cheap. If not I will make him a batch of 6 minute rum brownies. He will get a V.D. chocolate fix either way.

  10. Valentine's isn't a big deal here either. Got some on sale candy. And everyone is getting a Valentine I cut off the Little Debbie box. Lol. I will mail my dad a .50 card from DT. He could use a little pick-me-up.

    My brother in law gave us his treadmill which is much appreciated and our biggest frugal win this week. Except now I have a blister. :(

  11. well done, very impressed with how much you save.


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