Saturday, June 17, 2017

Rite-Aid This Week

Went up to Rite-Aid on Friday to refill an Rx so I did these transactions.

First on my card...........

2 x Liquid IV Hydration packs on sale $5.00 ea.=$10.00
2 x Suave shampoo on sale $2.50 ea.=$5.00
1 x GE lightbulb on sale=$7.99

Coupons Used
1 x $2/2 Suave Gold ManuQ=$2.00


But then Load2Card Qs came off--
1 x $5/1 GE lightbulb=$5.00
1 x $1.50/1 Suave gold shampoo=$1.50

$20.99-$6.50=$14.49 + .27¢tax=$14.76

I paid with Plenti Points and since I had the regular Plenti Point offers as well as some targeted Plenti Point offers on this card I earned back $21.50 in new Plenti Points(2 x $5 Liquid IV, $3.50 Suave-2 different PP offers, $8 GE-2 different PP offers) plus a "Get $3 in PPs when you use $10 in PPs on a transaction"(which gets credited up to 3 weeks later to your account).
In the end, I grew my PPs by $9.74 for buying these items.

I was surprised that they had any of the Liquid IV items left in stock as the sale started last Sunday and this sort of item is not well stocked.  Sometimes if signage is not on the shelf for an offer that's free after PPs there will be stock left, but in this case, there was signage.  Weird but I happily "bought" the two there anyway.  ;-)

Then I bought this stuff on my son's card.......

2 x Suave shampoo on sale=$5.00
1 x I-Caps vitamins on sale=$17.99
1 x GE lightbulbs on sale=$7.99

Coupons Used
1 x $10/1 I-Caps ManuQ=$10.00


Then Load2Card Qs came off--
$1.50/1 Suave=$1.50
$5.00/1 GE lightbulb=$5.00

$20.98-$6.50=$14.48 + .03¢tax=$14.51

I paid with Plenti Points and since I had the regular Plenti Point offers as well as some targeted Plenti Point offers on this card I earned back $13.50 in new Plenti Points($3.50 Suave-2 different PP offers, $3 GE, $7 I-Caps).
In the end, I "spent down" my PPs on this card by $1.01 or all 4 items cost me $1.01.

But......I sent for 2 x $1 cash rebates for buying the GE bulbs on Checkout51(limit of 2 for the GE rebate this week), so I am "up" a total of $10.73 for both transactions(+ $9.74, -$1.01, + $2=$10.73).

I am off today with the kids to take Hubs out for Father's Day since Sunday's weather here looks less than acceptable.



  1. Have a great time with the kids and the father!
    Again you leave me in your bargain dust__but I did go to Ollies for the first time ever and I joined the Army!

  2. Are you finding it harder to find bargains these days? The prices are up in Canada and deals so few and far between. I am just trying to eat/cook from scratch to counteract it but not succeeding.

  3. Oh Sluggy
    I still enjoy your shopping reports.
    thanks for doing them.

  4. I have recommended your blog to people in town. When I tell them how many people get free shampoo and stuff from you, they are astounded. I quote your percentages and eyes get big. Because you are so good at this and have been doing it for so many years, I am quite sure you can continue your savings even in retirement.


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