Wednesday, June 7, 2017

More Shopping on Vacation

So here are some more things I bought while in Virginia........

Boiled Peanuts for $1 a can.

When I picked up groceries at Walmart for me to eat I found they had my fav mayo there and it was on rollback so I bought 2 jars.......

The second week I went to Aldi's as they sell beer and wine at the ones in VA, not so here in draconian PA........

I picked up a total of 7 6-packs of house brand beer between Aldis and Trader Joe's and another 2 6-packs at Total Wine & More store(though that craft beer was name brands Bell's and Sierra Nevada).

Also at Aldi's I picked up their private label mayo w/olive oil.......

For $1.98(more than $1 less than the name brands)it just seemed like the proper thing to do.
Anybody ever tried Aldi's mayo and how did you like it(or not)?

Then at another Walmart I found huge cans of cherry pie filling on clearance for $2 each so some of those came home with me........

I make a Cherry Cheesecake Pie in the Summer(usually for July 4th)and 1 can of this will do for the topping on two of those pies.

I also picked up a case of wine at Trader Joe's, that being my big outlay of cash......

3 Buck Chuck($3.29 to be exact), 4 bottles each of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot and 2 bottles each of Chardonnay and Pinot Grigio.
I use this for cooking purposes like in pasta sauce, beef stew, french onion soup, etc.  I also bought 2 bottles of Marsala wine in Fredericksburg at the Total Wine store.

On the way home after the Fredericksburg stop I always stop in at the Food Lion just North of town on Route 17.  Well with Weis Markets buying out some Food Lion stores in that region my favorite Food Lion to hunt marked down meats was now a Weis. Ugh.

So I stopped at the next Food Lion I passed going up 17 and got a couple of small hunks of brisket on markdown......

I also bought 4 rolls of Gwaltney pork sausage while there, as we can't get it up here anymore, and the Bob Evans and Jimmy Dean brands available here are at least $1 more a roll, and that's when it's on sale!

Of course, all groceries bought while on vacation are counted into my food budget(the beer-for drinking-doesn't, it's another line item in the spending).



  1. Wow! I also keep the 2 buck Chuck for cooking. I will never use the good stuff again for sauces and stews.
    I still like Dukes mayo best but the Burman's brand is not bad at all!
    I keep both on hand and use Burman's for all recipes (except pimento cheese) and Dukes for spreading.
    Finally Alabama is not last__I can buy Aldi's beers here, and I thought we had the most difficult liquor laws in the country.

    1. Must have been awhile since you bought 2 buck as it's now 3 Buck. lol
      I grew up with Duke's and it's my #2 fav now(Blue Plate #1 but I can't get it here).I figure Duke's hasn't been on sale for awhile here so I'd try the Aldi's private label.
      Honey, you don't know Draconian liquor laws until you come to PA. TN is like AL with wet/dry counties too. The Geo. Dickel distillery is in a dry county but they have a special exemption in TN to sell liquor there.

  2. My mama always used Blue Plate when I was growing up in Louisiana. I didn't know that there was any other brand until I married! My husband is a Kraft's man, so that is what we use at our house. But absolutely no salad spread, only mayonnaise! Penny S.

  3. I have bought Aldi's mayo in the past. I thought it was fine. Hubby didn't like it- said it tasted off. But he is also a brand snob when he can be, so that was probably it ;)

  4. I now but tons of Aldi products including mayo and I like it fine. I love that even on vacation your in bargain hunting mode.

  5. Been dying to try the Aldi beers. But I'm working my way through a mixed case gift of Guinness - savouring it too

  6. Nice shopping, The manager at my Aldi's told me that Burmans mayo is Hellmans mayo. Hubby who is a mayo snob ate a jar without even realizing that it wasn't his Hellmans jar.


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