Friday, June 9, 2017

Frugal Friday....the June 9th Edition

Let's see what got done around Chez Sluggy lately that was frugal.

*  I already talked about my trip to Rite-Aid for some freebies.........

We needed the plastic bags, the emery boards will be showing up in an upcoming Giveaway box(if I continue with those)and the gum goes into the Christmas gift giving stash.  This all "cost" me less than $2 in Plenti Points.

* I needed to wrap some coins up as the change jar was about to overflow.......

That's $17.50 to add to the rolled coins for 2017, making a grand total of $28 so far for the year.  It's well below what we have usually accumulated by this point in the year for two reasons really-1, Hubs was off from work on disability for a few months(or working from home)so he wasn't taking cash withdrawals for walking around money(WAM)to spend and generate change for the cup and 2, I've been using the credit card instead of cash withdrawal for grocery money most of this year so I am not generating anywhere near the change that method of payment did.
Less change just means more money is staying in the bank really so I am good with that.  ;-)

* Speaking of freebies..........

The first Wednesday of every month is Wellness Wednesday and they have samples and/or coupons + 1 Day only coupons available on that day.  Most of the samples are geared toward Senior Citizens(read denture tablets and adult diapers)but sometimes they have stuff I can use.  I got the lotion, 2 new Band-Aid products and 4 Callous cushion samples.  Both bandage and cushion packages have a Q inside too.  Yes!

* I had enough points in one of my hotel loyalty accounts to send for this........

A Choice Hotels $50 gift card.  I'll be using it on our 2017 Summer Road Trip™ to reduce one night of lodgings somewhere out West.  Have you seen what they charge for a motel room out there?!?  It isn't pretty......

* I pretty much stayed home this week, just going out in the car for the usual errands(groceries, drug store).  I tried to do electricity driven activities during the off-peak hours(vacuuming, washing, drying, dishwasher running).  I made a point to cut off the a/c window units in both the kids' rooms if they weren't home(as one of them is notorious for leaving it on)and making sure they were set to FAN and not COOL since it hasn't been hot enough here yet to use the a/c.

*  Before I got home from Virginia I asked Hubs to prepare the garden area and buy some plants and put them in for me, since I wasn't home to do it.
Hubs bought the plants(and also some beans seeds)and College Boy prepped the bed and planted it all.
This is what I saw when I got home.......

Hubs even had the fencing up.  They didn't plant or prep the half barrels flanking the bed so this week saw me dumping soil in and planting some squash seeds I found we hadn't used last year.  They "should" germinate aok but if not maybe I can pick up a pack or two at the Dollar Tree if there is still time to put something in(or maybe I'll pick up some discounted flowering plants at Home Depot or Weis Markets.

* I went with Hubs to the notary this week to sign/notarize papers for his annuity and then he faxed them in.  This makes sure payments start on time for our timeline and we don't have to wait weeks extra for the passive income to start rolling in(and cover that stretch with our non-retirement monies.

* Speaking of retirement, Hubs gave me the exact monthly annuity net figure(we are having federal taxes taken out of that money so it's not a headache at tax time).  I have been sitting down this week working on our real life budget starting July 1st.  This won't be hard for me(doing a budget, keeping inside it will be another story lolz) since I am so use to doing budgets and tweaking them.

That's about it here.
Did you do anything especially frugal lately?



  1. that was nice that they did some of the garden planting for you.

  2. That was so nice of your hubs & your son to do the planting for you.

    I will have to look into Wellness Wednesday as I didn't know about that program.

    Nice deal on the Hotel gift card.

    I wrote about my frugal week on the blog. We had a nice yard sale day yesterday.

  3. Despite our crazy week, I didn't go hog wild and do dumb things like order take out every night (though hubs brought daughter out for a last day of school lunch) though every night I was tempted. Otherwise-I have nothing.


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