Friday, June 30, 2017

Frugal Friday....June 30th Edition

So what thrifty things got done around Chez Sluggy you ask?
Here's the list.........

*  I hit two more Rite-Aids yesterday for more water as I was out near both stores on errands.
Can you say FREE water?

8 bottles from each store, so I am up to 20 bottles.  If I can find 4 more bottles at my local store today when I am there picking up an Rx that will make 24 in total. These will be lovely to take on our road trip this Summer.

*  I made $1!

I used to be a Nielsen grocery scanner person years ago.  They sent me an offer to join some radio study along with a crisp, new dollar bill inside the envelope.
We will pass on being in the study/survey but yes, we will take and thank them for the FREE MONEY! 8-)))
This just shows that it does pay to open all the junk mail you get.  ;-)

*  We had a bag of apples that needed using up since it's been hanging around here for so long.  Daughter was suppose to use them while I was in VA but she didn't.

We've gotten some cool days so last Saturday I made a massive apple pie. I also made a carrot cake using ingredients I had on hand. The pie is gone now but we still have some cake left.  The cake is good without any frosting too(though Daughter made me frost it).

*  Bath & Body Works had a semi-annual 75% off Sale earlier in June plus I had a $10 off $40 coupon to use.  I decided to pick up some Xmas presents.

$5 for $13 lotion and body washes for someone on my shopping list.
This Aromatherapy line at BBW hardly ever goes on sale for so cheaply. It was awesome to pick up for that price.
I also treated myself to some body wash and a candle.
7 items in total for under $40 after shipping and tax.

*  Our deck swing's awning is a rough shape.  It's old and I've already repaired it a couple of years ago.  I need the shade of that awning in the Summer to sit on the swing to not get burned up.

And here's the After--

It's not a great looking repair but if it holds up for the season I'll be happy if we can get one more Summer out of this swing and awning.  I can't remember exactly but we bought the swing the year we had the deck put up so it's at least 10 years old?.....maybe older.  Glad we have gotten our monies worth out of it at any rate and happier still not to have to shell out money for a new one yet.

*  I've been picking up household/food items for College Boy's apartment needs when he goes back to school in August.  By fitting them into my weekly shopping money/budget it won't seem such the money stretch if I were to wait and buy all what he needs/wants the week before we pack him off.

So far in June I have..........
2 skillet dinner kits
2 dish soap
1 bottle bathroom cleaner
6 bags of coffee
2 bottles of ketchup
8 boxes of cereal
3 boxes of lotion tissues

This doesn't count the stuff I already have for him like; tp, detergent, reg. tissues, shampoo, deodorant, trash bags, paper towels, toothpaste, toothbrushes,etc.  You get the idea.
I should sit him down and make a needs list now and populate it with the stuff we still need to procure to take back to college with him so I have something to work off of once we return from our road trip in August.....if there is still anything we need to get at that point.

*  I sent away for this freebie.........

A coupon for a free bottle of iced tea.
We can always find a use for free iced tea here. ;-)

*  So glad I had the Hubs put in at least some of a garden while I was in VA.  It's been growing well(except for the green bean plants)and the maters and cukes have opened blossoms now.

Before--end of May

After--end of June

And some of the yellow squash plants I started in the half barrels at either end of the garden bed sprouted and are also growing now.  Free fresh home grown veggies are awesome, aren't they?

That's about it for here for frugal lately.
What's been going on around your house?



  1. Darn daughters... Making us do stuff...
    I've been thinking about Christmas presents and I think everyone on my list is getting leftover wedding items. A water pitcher with a salt/pepper shaker set, carefully folded inside some blush napkins... I'll wrap it! I'm not a barbarian!

  2. I love cake without icing as well - maybe just a tad bit of powdered sugar, but my daughter make me frost as well!

    For Christmas, I am getting everyone stadium blankets - my vendor just had a huge sale, so I got them for $5 each. I can embroider on them with my thread stash to make them nice.

    Good to know about Bath and Body Works - I had no idea they did sales like that! Thank you!

    1. They do that sale twice a year....usually in June and after Xmas. Get on their mailing list to receive notices but use an email other than your reg. one unless you like getting TONS of their notices. lol

  3. Good savings. I want some pie! I also have been craving carrot cake? Now I am hungry.

  4. Fresh vegetables are the best.
    Since you mentioned Rite Aid, did you see the the total takeover by Walgreen's is off the table. Instead Walgreen is buying 2100+ stores and rebranding them. Now I guess we will all sit and wait to see if any of our local stores were part of the purchase.

    1. Yes I saw that yesterday when it was announced. I doubt my town's R-A will be Wag-afied but there are so many R-As around here some are bound to have been part of the sale.

  5. How neat that you got a $1.00 in your junk mail. We shopped the Bath and Body Works and picked up a few things too. Your apple pie looks GREAT! It's been cooler here this summer as well. It's made for some nice weather while we are running to yard sales. Your garden is growing well!! I hope you have a great weekend. :)

  6. You're such a good and organized mom. I need thought that far ahead, but come two summers from now, DD2 is getting stocked up ahead of time.

  7. Bedrest and using good coupons--$2 ones--then more bedrest.


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