Sunday, February 5, 2017

Great Deal on Frozen Pizzas at Weis

I got two copies of the Sunday paper last week, thus 2 sets of coupon inserts.
One of the inserts had a Buy 2/Get 1 Free DiGiorno Pizza Q.
Weis(PMITA)Markets has select DiGiorno pizzas for $3.99 this sales week.

When the cashier scanned the pizza coupons they automatically deducted $6.70, the maximum price that was coded into the coupons.
So 6 x $3.99=$23.94-(2 pizzas at $6.70)$13.40=$10.54 OOP for 6 pizzas.

These came in handy this past week and some more of them will be eaten today while Hubs watches that football game(I don't do football.).

This made each pizza cost $1.76.
I can't even buy a bag of cheese for that price most weeks, let alone all the ingredients to make a whole pizza!
A total savings of 74% over regular retail price.

I hope you get a cashier who just scans the coupon too!  ;-)



  1. I only have one word for you: WOW
    You are simply amazing.
    Love it!

  2. Those pizzas were an awesome score. Kudos to you!


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