Friday, February 24, 2017

A Little Bit of Friday Frugal

Not much to report this week really in the frugal arena.

* I was out running errands on Wednesday and I used a Subway gift card to get myself a sub for lunch, so no $ spent.

* Getting back in my car I spied this on the ground.....

A quarter somebody dropped in the parking lot.
Yay for found money, no matter the amount! 8-)

* I shared my free and cheap foods I got in yesterday's post.

* I sent College Boy a box of stuff since it was his birthday.  I didn't go out and buy anything for it, but used items I had already-a card, 2 boxes of facial tissue(he's been sick and had used all I'd given him to bring back after break), some mail for him that came here and lots of snacks(things I've gotten for free or cheap recently at the stores).  He loved it all.  The only cost was for shipping.  8-)

* I stopped myself while at Weis yesterday from buying pre-made macaroni salad.  I LOVE their mac salad but it was $6 a container!  When did potato and mac salads from the grocery stores get soooo expensive?!!
Anyway, I couldn't bring myself to spend the money for it so I bought an orange bell pepper on sale for $1 instead and using ingredients I already have at home I'll make my own and try to get the sauce to taste like the store's dish.

* I received a stack of catalogs in the mail this week(touting all the Spring styles).  I didn't even open them and dumped them into the trash can.  I don't need new/more clothes.  If I feel I do, I have stacks of fabric already here and I can make my own outfits.

* I added more dumplings to my homemade chicken and dumplings leftovers and Hubs and I had that for lunch instead of going out for a sandwich.  I've still got two bowls of it left so 1 lunch this weekend is covered.

* Even though today is Fantastic Friday at the grocery store there is nothing I need that is on awseom discount so I am staying home and not grocery shopping today.

Otherwise there is not much frugal to talk about this week.

What did you do this week to keep money in your own pocket?



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  2. I am in NYC so I am hemorrhaging money. Did I mention we need to have an after recital party we just found out about last night. Hemorrhaging!

  3. We ate all our meals at home this week. That's about it :)

  4. I found a dime in the parking lot of the gas station when I filled up this week.

    I'm like you. I throw those catalogs right into the garbage can. Half the time they don't even make it into the house. LOL

  5. I think supermarkets mage huge profits off of instant ready foods in their deli sections. Seriously, think about how much freaking macaroni salad you can make for $6, enough to serve up an entire Church full or family reunion! I am trying to change our diet to only eating whole foods (not the actual whole foods diet) so everything from scratch except dry pasta as I am so not going to make that. I need to clean out/eat up what instant foods we have to make this occur. It's all the chemicals in crap that make us sick and seem to be making hubby's IBS worse so things like honey instead of refined sugars will be used and we will still have cakes/cookies but I will make them. He has a weakness for potato chips, that will not get homemade either.

  6. we also had nothing exciting on sale this week in Southern Ontario

  7. Meals were cobbled together somehow, though hubs picked up subs one night as no one should have touched good. Two for $12 and fed us all dinner and a lunch for him. Sort of frugal.

  8. We went through ALL of our leftovers before Friday. (I cook on weekends, and we eat the leftovers all through the work week). First time that's ever happened. The boys are clearly growing! We cobbled together meals, didn't eat out, did tons of work on the house, & generally stayed frugal. I also got a discount on a flight I'd purchased for my long over due girls trip!

  9. It was a good week for you. I love found money. We will be eating all his week leftovers from entertaining family. Not much cooking involved so it's a win win - less natural gas being used.

  10. I dump all the catalogs right into the recycling bin too.


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