Saturday, December 31, 2016

Last Rite-Aid Post of 2016

So Rite-Aid started their New Year/January Points Scheme early last Sunday(even though the new year wasn't arriving for another week).
Spend $50 on "Starting Points" designated items and earn $20 back in Plenti Points.  Basically this amounts to a 40% discount on purchased items.
A 40% discount unless you work it like I do! ;-)

As I traipsed up to Rite-Aid this past week to pick-up prescription refills I bought items to get me to $50 spent(the spending tracked and you could buy items in multiple transactions)....without spending $50 of course! lolz

The photo is a compilation of what I bought for this Deal but does not include some bulky things like 8 12-packs of Pepsi branded soda and 4 cases of Rite-Aid branded bottled water.

5 x Clear Care contact lens solution(not part of the Starting Points)=$39.95
2 x Progresso soup on sale=$3.00
8 x 12-packs of soda on sale=$26.64*not pictured*
4 x Big Win bottled water cases(rain check item)=$5.16*not pictured*
2 x Scott toilet tissue on sale=$13.98
3 x single serve Nabisco snacks on sale=$1.50
SubTotal.....$90.23($50.28 qualifies for Starting Points Deal)

Coupons Used
5 x $5/1 Clear Care In-AdQ=$25.00
4 x $5/1 Clear Care IPQ=$20.00
1 x $4/1 Clear Care CatalinaQ=$4.00
1 x .50¢/2 Progresso ManuQ=.50¢
4 x $2/2 Pepsi brand 12-packs IPQ=$8.00
2 x .70¢/1 Scott 12 pack tp IPQ=$1.40
Coupon Total.....$58.90

$90.23-$58.90=$31.33+$1.18 tax=$32.51

I paid with $32.51 of Plenti Points.
I earned back $26 in new Plenti Points($20 for buying $50 of Starting Points items, 2 x $3 wyb2 Clear Care items), thus making my total "spent" $6.51.
I also earned $1.50 in cash rebates($1 for buying 2 Progresso soups from SavingStar and .50¢ for buying 1 Diet Pepsi 12-pack soda from Checkout51), making my grand total for all the above $5.01.
No actual money was spent as I used Plenti Points to pay so I "spent down" my points by $6.51 and got $1.50 back in cash, making the "cost" $5.01.

Not only was the contact solution a moneymaker after my 20% Wellness discount and stacked coupons it also gave back $3 in Plenti Points when you bought 2.  Limit of 2 of this deal so I didn't get points back for the 5th bottle I purchased but that one still was a $1.01 moneymaker.
These items' $9.05 in overage I applied to the cost of the Starting Points items that were bought.

I could have saved another .60¢ on the toilet tissue had the store not been out of Cottonelle tp, which was also on sale for $6.99 and qualified as a Starting Points item.  I had $1/1 Qs for that brand but only .70¢/1 Qs for the Scott brand.

I had a rain check for the Big Win bottled water from this summer when it was on sale for $1.99 per case, which made it a better buy than this week's sale price of $2.50.  However when the cashier rang it up she somehow put it in for $1.29 a case and not $1.99 a case, which I didn't catch until I got home.
I should have been over $50 in purchases of SP items without those 3 packs of cookies.  These had to be bought the next day to get me over $50 spent and my $20 in Plenti Points credited to my account.

Since I try to only "buy" stuff that we can/will use and no one here wears contacts, that Clear Care solution will be sent to my eldest son's fiancee(if she can use it)or will be taken to the food bank and/or sold on the local FB yard sale site.
All the other items will be utilized by the household here.

My stats for 2016 are as follows......
* June and August saw no spending/shopping at Rite-Aid at all in 2016.
* 10 months I brought merchandise home from Rite-Aid, ranging from $19.29 worth in July to $717.24 worth in January.
* Total goods "bought" at Rite-Aid in 2016 was $3,390.29.
* Total out of pocket actual money spent at Rite-Aid in 2016 was $2.99.  Less than $3 spend for the year for $3390.29 worth of goods.  I managed to do this by rolling Plenti Points and using Plenti Points earned on prescription transfers or the purchase of gift cards for spending I was going to do, so why not use gift cards bought at Rite-Aid and get the Plenti Points benefit?
* Savings rate for the year of Rite-Aid shopping was 99.91%.  Not 100% but hey!, we aren't perfect.  ;-)

So ends a year of shopping at Rite-Aid.

Who knows what things we will "buy" in 2017 and if the Walgreen's merge will finally happen.



  1. I bow, then clap with total admiration.

  2. You crushed it!! I need to inventory my toiletries, so I can start staying on top of my plenti points. I'm trying to spend nothing for six months, outside of my points. cue Chicago's song "you're the inspiration". ;-)


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