Thursday, December 1, 2016

Rite-Aid 4 Day Sale Freebies

Be sure to get up to Rite-Aid by Saturday for the 4 Day Sale running Wednesday through Saturday.

Here are the freebies you can score......

Regular sized Kit-Kat and Reese's candy are on sale 3 for $2.00 and they give back $2 in Plenti Points=free chocolate!!!

Plus while you are there ask a cashier for a Friends & Family Sale coupon.....

Saturday is the F&F sale day and with this coupon you get 30% off everything(exclusions apply)unless the sale price is lower than 30% off.

If anyone needs Fragrance Gift Sets for gifts this Christmas this is the week to buy them at Rite-Aid.

Select $15.99 and over ones qualify for a Spend $50/Get $10 back in Plenti Points.

If you purchase them on Saturday you get 30% off each set but that's just the beginning.

Here's what the deal looks like--

Buy 2 x $15.99=$31.98
Buy 2 x $21.99=$43.98

30% F&F discount off on Saturday=$53.17 + tax

Use 4 x $2/1 IPQs from coupons dotcom(Stetson, Nautica, Vera Wang, Addidas, Beyonce, etc.)
$53.17-$8 Qs=$45.17 + tax

Then you get $10 back in PPs so $35.17 + tax OOP

Submit for $8 in Ibotta cash rebates(make sure you only buy 1 of each qualifying fragrance set as there is a limit of 1 rebate per fragrance brand), so $35.17-$8 rebates=$27.17+ tax.

Plus if you have your Rite-Aid card linked to SavingStar there is a $5 Refund when you buy $30 of select Coty fragrance sets(some of these are the ones that qualify as part of the Spend $50/Get $10 in PPs at Rite-Aid Deal), so if you buy the right sets you could get another $5 off making this $22.17 + tax OOP or $5.54 + tax per gift set.

That's an amazing price if you need fragrance sets!



  1. Wow! That is a good price for that!

  2. I don't need fragrance I need a nap.

  3. Sadly no Rite Aid. I wish someone with a better brain than me could figure out CVS or Walgreens.


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