Thursday, December 22, 2016

Grocery Deals This Past Week

A few items I bought this past week.....all at Weis(PMITA)Markets.

Last Friday these were Buy One Get Two Free(reg. price $3.99).
I bought 6, paid for 2=$7.98
I used 2 x .55¢/1 ManuQs(doubled to $1 each)=$2.00 making the OOP $5.98 so less than $1 per bag.
I also earned $1 cash rebate in my SavingStar account so in the end, $4.98 paid for 6 bags.
(1 bag is missing as it is in a Christmas stocking.) 8-)

8 O'Clock Coffee was BOGO this past week.
At Weis even if an item is BOGO you can use 1 coupon for each item, even the one you are getting free.
So I got 8 bags(reg. price $5.49), paid for 4=$21.96
I used 8 x $1.50/1 IPQs so $12.00 off=$9.96.
I also have a $1.50/1 Weis Q which stacked so $9.96-$1.50=$8.46 or $1.06 per bag OOP.
(1 bag is missing here too since College Boy made coffee with one.)

Weis had/still has Angel Soft 12 packs of TP for $5.49 on sale.
I had a $1/1 IPQ making it $4.49.
I also had a $1/1 WeisQ that stacked making the final cost $3.49.

4 x Pepsi product sodas on sale for $11(must buy 4).
I used 2 x $2/2 Pepsi products 12-packs IPQs=$7
I unlocked and received a $4 Ibotta cash rebate for buying the 2 packs of new Mtn. Dew flavors, making my cost $3 for 4 12-packs, or .75¢ per 12-pack.
You will notice the "Mom's" notes on them all.  Not that I drink Mtn. Dew(I will drink a Dr. Pepper now and again)but in order to keep them from disappearing in a nanosecond permission has to be asked to have one otherwise these are not to be touched.  The things I have to do to monitor usage around here! ;-)

Select General Mills cereals were $1.88 per box in the ad that just finished at Weis(Must buy 4 to get this price.)
2 boxes of Chex(for making Muddy Buddies)and 2 boxes of Cheerios were purchased for $7.52.
I used a .50¢/1 Cheerios(doubled to $1 off)ManuQ and a $1/2 Chex ManuQ making this $5.52 for 4 boxes.  I'll receive $2($1 for buying 2 Chex, $1 for buying 2 Cheerios)cash rebates back in my SavingStar account and I also got $1 cash back in Ibotta for buying the Chex so these 4 boxes will end up costing $2.52 total, or .63¢ per box.

I also bought 3 Pillsbury crescent "whack" rolls for $6 total.
I used a $1/3 IPQ and will get back $1 in SavingStar, making these $4 total for 3 tubes.

I get the Cabot brand emailed newsletter and had printed off a $1/1 Cabot cheese IPQ last month. Weis had Cabot chunks for $2.50 on sale this past week so I got 2 chunks for $1.50 each with coupon/sale price.

That's the extent of my grocery deals this week and my shopping adventures.  No retail therapy around here as all the Christmas gifties were bought and paid for by early December.
Nothing much to do around here ltely except grocery shop, make cookies and cook meals.
Oh, and taking care of that invalid guy that showed up. 8-)



  1. Wow! Killer deal on the 8 o'clock coffee! I also see that the tp is lavender scented-something new? Haven't seen it here.

    1. I've been holding 8 $1.50/1 Qs for that coffee hoping there was a BOGO sale soon. Bingo! lolz

      the lavender scented Angel Soft has been out earlier this year but this is the first time my Weis has had it in stock. Anxious to try it finally.

  2. How could you forget the invalid guy? LOL!

    You seem to get great deals at Weis. My sister loves Weis. Unfortunately, we don't have one here.

  3. You get some much better deals at your grocery stores plus none here have the in house rebates or savings clubs. Bummer.

  4. The nuts price is nuts. But 1, 2 free? We just do not get deals like that here. Well done.

  5. Oh Sluggy. I put notes on everything too. We also hide food. Mainly because Gpa P forgets he has eaten or that there are other people who eat in the house.


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