Saturday, December 10, 2016

Frugal Finds Despite The Week's Events

On Wednesday, while we waited on Hubs to go to surgery, I did a little shop at Rite-Aid..........

1 x Centrum gummies vitamins on sale...$6.99
2 x Progresso soups on sale....$2.50
2 x Russel Stover sugar-free candies on sale....$4.00

Coupons Used
1 x $4/1 Centrum gummies ManuQ(from Parade magazine)=$4.00
1 x $1/2 Progresso soup IPQ=$1.00
2 x $1.50/1 RS sugar-free candy R-AQ from Wellness Wednesday flyer=$3.00
Coupon Total.....$8.00

$13.49-$8.00=$5.49 OOP
I used $5.99 in Plenti Points to pay.
I earned $4.00 in SavingStar cash rebates($3 Centrum, $1 Progresso)so I am "down" $1.49 in Plenti Points.
In the end, the soup "cost me"(on points) .25¢ per can, the candy .50¢ per bag and the gummy vitamins were a .01¢ moneymaker.  8-)

On Thursday, after visiting Hubs, I hit Macy's.

I had bought this online before Black Friday.....

2 pack of Burt's Bees lip balm....$5.80 + .35¢tax=$6.15 with Free Shipping.
I used Plenti Points to pay so nothing OOP.

This purchase earned me $10 in Macy's Money which was valid this week.
I was in need of a new 2 cup measuring cup as the markings on mine had worn off from use over the years.

I found one for $5 and change on sale so I bought 2 coffee cups to give for presents to finish using the free $10 chit........

The coffee mugs are large 2 cuppers and made by Pfaltzgraff so they are good quality.
All this with the lip balms too cost me $3.49 including tax OOP in real cash.

A need met and bonus gifties too for $3.49.

I also hit Kohl's on Thursday to use $20 in Kohl's Cash to get my eldest son a present.  After KCash the present cost me $7.50 OOP.

The shopping here is now complete.  I am just waiting on something to arrive in the mail so I can send Eldest son and the Finacee their Christmas gifts.
Since we are home bound for the Holidays now I am having to mail gifts.  Since some of them are heavy(and would cost more in postage than I spent on them!)I'll just keep those for next year or hand carry them to them the next time we get down to VA and we'll have Christmas in March or June. lolz

Now I get to go add up all the receipts and see how bad the presents damage is to our finances.  I am figuring it's not too bad but I don't know exactly how much I'v'e spent at the moment.

Now I am off to clean up my invalid and feed him lunch so he AND ME can take a nap this afternoon.

What good deals have you found this week?



  1. Using Kohls cash the other night I stumbled on Izod polo style shirts for $8.80 With 25% of so one for California boy DS and one for Hubs to use next spring only $6.60 each, orig. Retail $44 which no one ever pays at Kohls, so I figure real savings is off $22 per shirt (50%) and these are really Good quality.

  2. Sluggy,

    You are am amazing woman doing all of that with Hubby so down and out. Great shops!

    I do have a great deal that I will be posting on Monday. It is probably something you could use right about now. Till then....

    I sure hope your Hubby is healing every day. Enjoy your naps!

  3. Proud of you Sluggy - I should have known you'd still manage to find some bargains in spite of everything :)

  4. lol
    this week I am not about deals but getting things bought ASAP for peace of mind.
    I did buy some outragouesly expensive read sugar plums.


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