Wednesday, December 14, 2016

December Grocery Budget Update & Grocery Deals This Week

After receiving another $7.50 in my SavingStar account, $1 in my Checkout51 account and $2 more in my Ibotta account, here is the updated December Grocery Budget.....

Gift Cards.....$64.36
Cash Rebates--
Rolled Coins...$87.50
Other Cash(post coupons)...$42.00


After spending $149.14 the last 2 weeks on groceries I have $262.50 left to spend on food in December, coming into this week.

Here are some of the good Deals I got this past week......

Snapple and Ortega were part of the Mix & Match 6/Get $3 off Deal.
4 x Ortega shells=$5.96($1.49 ea.)
2 x Snapple 64 oz.=$3.98
I used 2 x $1/2 Ortega items IPQ($2 off)and 1 x $1/2 Snapple 64 oz. Weis QBookQ($1 off)...$9.94-$3=$6.94-$3 for buying 6 qualifying items for the Deal=$4.94 for all 6 items.

I also bought Marcal napkins.....

2 x $2 on sale=$4.00- 2 x .50¢/1 IPQs that doubled to $1 each($2 off)=$2.00.
I also earned .50¢ in my SavingStar account for buying 1 pack of napkins so $1.50 OOP for both packs.

Weis also had Fiora towels and toilet paper half price last Friday ($3.49 each).
I printed off 4 more .50¢/1 FB Qs that doubled to $1 off each to use.
I also earned $2 in Ibotta cash rebates($1 for buying 1 paper towel pack and $1 for buying 1 toilet paper pack) so $7.96 OOP for all 4 packs or $1.99 per pack.
A great price for paper goods.

All the above was bought in the same shopping trip on Friday and I earned a 61% savings rate over regular retail before the $2.50 in cash rebates also earned from buying these products.
The savings rate goes up to 67.30% once you figure in the rebates too.  8-)))

The only notable Deal this week so far has been this one.......

4 x Finlandia butter at Weis(PMITA)Markets bought over the course of 2 weeks(3 packs this week, 1 pack last week).

These are regularly $3 per 7 oz. package but are on sale for $2.50.
There are $1/1 Finlandia products Qs on coupons dotcom making each package $1.50.
4 x $2.50=$10.00-$4 Qs=$6.00 OOP

By buying 4, I spent $10 before Qs, thus fulfilling a Spend $10/Get $3 Cash Rebate in my SavingStar account.

$6-$3 rebate=$3 OOP

There is a $1 cash rebate on Checkout51 too for the butter.  I bought one of these the week before(on sale and using a $1 off coupon)so I could apply for the rebate last week and also again this week.  
$3-$2 rebates=$1.00 OOP

In the end, I "spent" $1 on 4 packs of butter totaling 28 ounces.
Not bad, huh?

I never would have spent $3 or even $2.50 and probably not even $1.50 on a 7 oz. pack of butter.
But throw in the $5 in rebates and I am all over this deal. lolz

I'll be back tomorrow with what I got at Rite-Aid this week.



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