Friday, October 7, 2016

Garden & Yard Update......Still Producing!

Even though it's a week into October with our unseasonably warm weather so far this Fall, my garden is still in production mode.
The plants are looking long in the tooth now and things are winding down but I've still got tomatoes growing out there......

You can see some pops of red and there are quite a few green fruits still on the plants.

Next week won't climb out of the 60's and Monday night we will be flirting with temps in the 30's so I think we'll be taking down the netting and pulling up the plants on Sunday.  I'll either pick all the maters or hang the plants upside down on our front porch until the last of the green ones ripen.

I made my first fried green tomatoes this past week and for some reason they just didn't seem sweet enough.  Maybe it's the variety of tomatoes I grew or something in the soil but they just aren't that awesome to be prepared that way.  

I could always buy more peppers and use the green maters left in a small batch of my pepper relish but I don't think I am up to that ordeal again.  Pickled green tomatoes instead?......maybe.  Or I can just wait them out until they turn red and eat them fresh.
So many decisions........lolz

The progression of tomato color. (And no, that Keurig on the counter does NOT belong to me!)

Anyway, since my last update on September 22nd I've picked 46.40 more ounces(2.9 lbs.)of tomatoes for use in meals here.
This brings my Total Harvest to 682.80 ounces or 42.675 pounds of produce for 2016.

Not bad for a haphazard effort and we've still got tomatoes left to pick and use.

As for my Morning Glories..........

Still blooming as of this morning but the plants are looking a bit rattier.  I'd give them another week and they'll be dying back and by US Thanksgiving I'll be able to harvest a butt ton of seed pods.
Let me know if you want some free morning glory seeds.  8-)

And this is laying in the backyard too since Sunday evening, when some moderate wind passed through the area........

A view from an upstairs window before Hubs moved if off of our fire ring.....

That baby's 20+ feet long and had we been having a fire that night it might have fallen on us!

We need to go out this weekend and inspect all our trees and see if there are any other dead branches that we need to pay someone to have taken down before Winter sets in.
Kaching goes the money out my wallet again........sigh

In other yard news, these flowers/plants I planted in the front flower bed the last Summer before the current one reseeded themselves and we still have colorful stuff going on there.

I don't know what they are called but if you don't disturb/pull out the dead plants in the Fall and don't remulch the following growing season they will reseed.
Yes, we never got around to remulching and making the flower bed pretty this growing season.  Heck I stopped weeding it by the end of July so it's just a hot mess.
Hey, don't judge.......

Another free plant next to the retaining wall.

So what's happening in your yard/garden now?



  1. We just had 2 more trees ( huge ponderosas) go from bark beetle. a real problem here in California. Talk about chaching , ours are going to be $1500. ouch again. last year it was $3000. No wonder we can't get a head.

  2. I love free plants. I am really hoping that our Morning Glories come back next year. I think if we keep the tiger lilies under control maybe they will do better faster.
    I say let them go red and enjoy the last bit of summer goodness.

  3. My landscaping is in dire need of weeding also... It'll happen, OR I'll just buy more mulch to dump over the top of it! :)

  4. I have weeds tons of weeds, when will I get that done? Uh never!

  5. All of a sudden our late summer drought and high temps have turned my yard into a dry brittle wasteland. Oh well at least we are not having to mow the lawn anymore, but everything pretty is pretty much fried!

  6. I picked up 5 lemons that dropped off our tree today, plus two tomatoes. We're at the end of our garden, but still have some tomatoes coming through. I'm hoping the avocados will ripen before the squirrels get to them. Last year they left me with zero!

  7. I would love to get some morning glory seeds especially since they would come from such an nice established, and prolific plant. They would look beautiful growing on our arbor in front of our gazebo. Ranee (MN)

  8. I think the flowers are astilbe.

    I have a recipe for a green tomato cake if you're interested. Very moist and tasty!

  9. Are the red and yellow plants Coleus? Maybe
    Your morning glories are amazing.

    Our garden has a lot if jalapeños, a few okra and bell peppers.

  10. Wait, they are Celosia. I looked it up.


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