Saturday, October 8, 2016

Target Freebies!

Using some coupons that expire today and Cartwheel discounts that came out on Friday I had Hubs take me to Target this morning.

Here is what I brought home.....

2 x Head & Shoulders shampoo reg. $4.99=$9.98
2 x Bic Silky Touch razor packs reg. $2.97=$5.94

Used Spend $15 bath/body/shave/etc. toiletries Get $5 Target gift card Mobile Q
Used 1 x $4/2 Head & Shoulders ManuQ=$4.00
Used 2 x $2/1 Bic razor ManuQ=$4.00
Apply 30% off Head & Shoulders Cartwheel Discount=$3.00

Total Discounts=$11.00

I used a free Target $5 gift card to pay and it now has .08¢ remaining on that one.
Received a new free Target $5 gift card.

4 free items and this is a .08¢ moneymaker.

I'll tell y'all all about my second Rite-Aid trip tomorrow.  Oh boy, you won't want to miss that! lolz



  1. I just found out 5 off 20 meat and fish tomorrow coupon. Also 25% ground beef and oscar Meyer bacon in their cart app (those expire tomorrow)

  2. that must be a good feeling indeed.


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