Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Random Stuff

* Do the grocery stores where you shop put out those ultra-smelly "decorative brooms" that are treated with cinnamon oil and smell like an overload of "Fall"?
You know.....the ones that have that overpowering cinnamon smell.
Weis(PMITA)Markets in my town puts them out in the "foyer" area of the entrance, which gets a lot of sunshine, and that extra warmth in an enclosed area that acts like a solar oven just adds to the release of the cinnamon aroma.

I do love me some cinnamon smells but it's quite disconcerting when it's September and the brooms are out since late August and we have a heat wave of temps in the 80's and as high as 90, and I walk into the foyer and am hit with a wall of hot cinnamon fragrance while I am dressed in Summer attire and sweating my brains out.
It just isn't a pleasant thang.......

* A reader left a comment about why I do giveaways.  Well, people like free stuff, right?  I make a teeny tiny bit of $ on my blog from advertisements(thanks to everyone who clicks on those)so I can afford to pay to ship a box now and again out of that income.  Plus I get stuff for cheap/free at Rite-Aid and occasionally at other places too.  And I like to give stuff away(and it gives me an excuse to buy things, the few things I do buy).
So, why not? 8-)))

* As of this past week I have passed the 1.7 million views threshold for my blog.  That's a whole lot of people stopping by to read since this here blog opened for business in January of 2009!

*  My computer updated Windows last week and when I opened up my mail program(OE)the update had done something strange to my inbox.  I was no longer able to delete emails in there.  Well, I could delete them but if I closed out and opened the mail program up again they were magically back.
WTF?!?!  By Wednesday, which was when everything righted itself(sort of), I had over 400 New emails in my inbox(most of those unwanted).  I tried to google a solution but everything I could find was at least from similar problems people had 2 years ago and didn't apply to my situation.
Everything is sort of back to normal now except that now I have two with all my old emails from before the Windows update that is now inactive and the other new inbox.  I guess once I get the new inbox cleaned out I'll migrate all the old inbox mail over to it.
This whole episode does point out that I really need to clean out my mail hoard however. lolz

* I already did a post about College Boy's concert that that's about it for things going on around here lately.

What's happening in your world?



  1. Every time my computer updates things, something does not work.

    I now have a little over 117,000 emails in one of my yahoo accounts. I am trying to keep the other yahoo account under 5,000.

    The latest thing to go wrong is that I can no longer use the url option to post on blogger, just my name.

  2. Computers rule our lives. My mom once gave me a broom with a vanilla scent. I loved it. Vanilla is my favorite smell. It's eighty-four degrees here, but it's pleasant outside with a bit of a breeze and low humidity.


  3. At my store they do not have smelly brooms (that sounds really silly to me) but they do have sachels, like acorns and pine cones and cinnamon sticks that you might put into a decorative dish. Those also were put out in August. But they're in the back of the ( very large) store by the candles and picture frames. Half the store definitely smells like cinnamon for a few weeks but the fragrance does die down.

    Honestly every year when the cinnamon smelly endcap gets set I crave red hot candies for a few weeks. I think those thing smell EXACTLY like red hots.

  4. I won one of Sluggy's giveaways and I am still using the stuff that came in that wonderful box!! Thanks again Denise.
    You rock!

  5. Publix has those smelly brooms front and center. I am like you, with the heat and the sun they are just too much. All I want when I get to Publix is a/c and stuff on the high shelf to be at the edge so I can still reach it

  6. I can't picture what you mean by a Smelly Broom, so now I'm curious. Yesterday I ahd one of those robo view blog days, where supposedly I ahd over 1,000 views. This time, no spike from Russia as it usually is, but the UK robots were busy. Today is back to normal again, with my handful of views. Maybe something was off in the cyber world.

    1. SAM,
      I had one of those days last week, over 1000 views and then back down to hundreds of views. It is weird.

    2. Ultra-smelly decorative brooms, pinecones, candles are scattered around suffocating me. I remember where they are so I can avoid them. But, noooo, they move them and catch me and suffocate me again. I am having some lung problems and suspect these noxious items are to blame.

      Nothing here. I am just cancelling doctor's appointments because I am too ill to drive there.

  7. I hate smelly brooms and computer updates. I still don't like my "new" email look and it's been a month.

  8. I like the cinnamon smell but in these parts, they store them outside. Perhaps that is why it isn't overwhelming.
    I love your giveaways!! And congrats on all the traffic and clickers!!!!

  9. my grocery store does the cinnamon scented pinecones - selling them in a bag similar to the open netted bags you buy onions in. I usually buy a bag and put the pinecones in a large wooden bowl


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